Graphics cards questions [merged]

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I iz buying a laptop and have trouble choosing between, the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD and the 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 for the laptop.

Apparently, the second one is better, even though "4500" is bigger than "4330"...obviously though that doesn't mean anything, since the second one is proven to be better.

I just want to know what the 360's almost equivalent to and which is it closer to out of the two mentioned computer video cards above, since I want my gaming system and laptop to have similar graphics capabilities. Thanks.

Please put your threads in the proper forum. Again, this one goes in the computer help forum.

The Intel one is simply a standard integrated card. Of course the Radeon is going to be better than this. Do some research on various graphics cards, and keep in mind that the numbers across various brands do not correspond to each other at all.

Most computers will be able to outperform the 360, as far as graphics go. Computers can always outstrip a console. Laptops with a dedicated card tend to be more expensive, though, and laptop cards are usually not quite as high-end as a card you can get in a desktop. Laptops also are difficult to upgrade. So keep that in mind.

Well I guess...since the other forum was about games. I thought it meant Computers and/or video games, not Computer Games and/or Video games, as Bardock already pointed out (if he's right).

Would you think the integrated intel one outperforms the 360's graphics? Just wondering.

The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD, and the 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330, for the Dell Inspiron 1545?

And I mean not when I'm watching movies, or using photoshop, or playing games, as I don't use my laptop for those...well at least, not blu-ray movies. I watch DVDs only on this thing.

I'm talking about just Windows 7 itself...the file icons, the taskbar, chat windows, and just the operating system in general. Reason I'm asking is, I have Vista Home Premium now and I have the basic, integrated graphics solution, and I just can't imagine how it would look any better if I had chosen the radeon before, which is why I am asking, is the difference only noticeable ONCE you start viewing hi-def content like blu-ray movies?

Or is the difference between the two options make EVERY SINGLE THING look obvioiusly worse, or obviously better, on your monitor?

It's about video games.

I don't know, why don't you go look up the benchmarks for the card? I mean, do a little research on your own before asking everyone else to do it for you.

Also, do not make two threads that are identical. One will suffice.

There you go again assuming the inquirer did not do prior researching of the subject and just posted a random question...I mentioned before (more than once) that I google my stuff. Maybe you missed it in my tech question thread.

As usual you're not helpful. If you don't know, why not ignore/leave the thread for someone who knows to answer my concern?

Sorry for making a similar thread.

To answer your question above,
the ATI Radeon graphics chip is better than the integrated Intel Media Accelerator chip. Not sure if the graphics would be on par with the 360, more or less I guess it is. Though 256MB is quite small in today's standard.
Get yourself a 512MB or if you still have money to spare, get a 1GB or higher. And I recommend NVidia GeForce series. The 8000+ or above is OK.
Personally, I recommend desktops as gaming rigs instead of laptops. But that's just me.

Well yeah. A gaming laptop is pretty much a portable super hi res gaming machine, which will rofldrain your battery. It would also have to be loud as shit.

Desktops are more for gaming, but since there are gaming consoles, why not just leave that to for gaming and computers for everything else. Except mugen, mugen can only work on compy.

forget about it, those are very old cards and wont let u play the games u find on the 360 with any reasonable settings.

o for the the new asusg3. 1200 bucks. comes with a radeon hd 5870 mobility. the fastest mobility card ont he planet{behind the upcoming gtx40m fermi}. u can even play crysis on all enthusiast with playable framerates.

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