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Snafu the Great
Harry Hamlin (left) and Sam Worthington (right) as Perseus.

With the revamped version of the cult classic Clash of the Titans coming out, I feel kinda morally obligated to give the killer of Medusa his due.

Anybody who's anybody has seen the classic version with a pre L.A. Law Harry Hamilin as Perseus. Given what I've seen of the remake (Liam Neeson as Zeus!), me likey very much.

Also, it was pretty amusing to have Hamlin reprise his role in God of War 2. Too bad he got pwned. Very, very badly.

Either way, this new Clash of the Titans looks very, very promising.

Sam Worthington really needs to let make-up give him a different haircut for his various roles, so far he's had the same hairstyle in Terminatormessedalvation, Avatar and Clash Of the Titans.

Rogue Jedi
Shouldn't it be "slayer" of Medusa?

Davis Bloome
I love the character, and am very much looking forward to Sam Worthington being in the role.

And yes, it sucks he got pwned so bad in GOW II. Funny you bring it up, I beat him in under five minutes earlier today.

Originally posted by Rogue Jedi
Shouldn't it be "slayer" of Medusa?

It would be of complete awesomeness if they played Slayer during that scene in the new movie.

Have the intro to Raining Blood playing as Perseus and team enters the snake-****'s lair.

I loved the orignal... Looking forward to the remake

Snafu the Great
Kratos beats the crap out of his half-brother. I guess he hated the original Clash of the Titans. It still amazes me that the designers got Harry Hamlin to do the voice. That was awesome.



The trailer for the remake. You gotta have Hamlin in this in a cameo role.


Why does Perseus have his helmet of invisibilty? That was lost in the swamp...even the God who gave it to him said it was lost forever


Perseus has considerable strength and durability showings in Wrath of Titans, which makes it even more impressive how Ares totally dominated him in their fights
Perseus vs Chimera
As you can see in the second video at 0:10, the Chimera is durable fall from great heights, creating respectably deep pit, its tail easily and swiftly knocking people in,
strong enough to dig through the ground at high speeds as seen at 0:47,
strong enough to smash through brick walls as seen at 1:27, 2:31, 2:36, 2:50, 3:14 and 3:55 (doubles as a durability feat)
is able to shrug of being stabbed multiple times as seen at 1:59
and carry off Perseus while charging as if he's an insect at 3:12 and smash through another wall with him
pull out hammered in pitons at 3:45 and drag Perseus like nothing at 3:49 along with smashing through another wall while dragging him.
Yet Perseus shrugs of being smashed through a brick wall like nothing at 3:14, has no serious damage after being dragged along the ground at high speed and getting smashed through another wall, hurts the creature along with driving his sword deep into the ground with a double-axe handle at 4:08, and holding it down long enough using chains and his strength while lying on his back till it is angry enough to breath fire on him and burn itself from 4:15 till the end of the video

Perseus vs Cyclops
As you can see in the third video, The Cyclopses are nearly 40 feet tall giants,
strong enough to casually carry large trees in their hands as staffs as seen at 0:22,
and destroy other trees by smacking them with their tree-staffs, as seen at 0:53-0:56 and 1:08,
one-hit ko/kill normal humans at 0:42,
smash stone blocks at 0:48,
crush trees by stomping on them as seen at 0:58
wield a comparatively large hammer at 2:04
and yet at 2:06 and 2:17 Perseus temporarily holds his own against one of them in strength, neither getting crushed nor letting him get away by impaling and pinning the giant's hands with his sword to himself. He may have got help from two normal humans at 2:19, but its still impressive, and he did hold him there own his own till the others could come to help, and while they were helping he still managed to hold the giant two hands with one of his for some time. And the while giant overpowered them eventually, it is worth to note that the giant first overpowered one of the other humans before lifting Perseus who had lost his leverage.
Perseus's own weight played no part in this, and to hammer that point home we can see an aged and thin Cyclops holding up Agenor easily in one hand, who is a demi-god like Perseus and is similar in size. And even if you wan't to argue they are not the same giants, a guy who can lift trees one-handed would have no problem lifting a human body's weight

Perseus vs Minotaur

As it is clear from the fourth video, this creature is pretty fast and stealthy, and larger than Perseus,
and easily carries him off while charging/bull-rushing at him,
knocks him high into the air and as seen at 0:25 hoists him easily
before throwing him with one-hand to a respectable distance also cracking the stone pillar that Perseus smashes onto,
and its horns impale the ground at 0:34 with just the force of bending down fast at Perseus.
At 1:05, when Perseus directs his charge his horns actually go deep into the pillar and get stuck.
A clearly superhuman creature, atleast in strength, Perseus takes several hits from him. And when he has it where he wants it to be at 1:07, Perseus punches him five times, breaking off its horn (which was durable enough to impale the ground and go deep within rock), before pulling it out the horn (something which the creature couldn't do), something which Perseus does casually, and stabbing it to death with it

Perseus vs Zeus bindings

At 3:20 in the fifth video, he tries to pry open a heated rock at Zeus's feet, and some fiery material jumps out. Perseus is hurt but there is no serious damage or burns.
And at 3:24 Andromeda tries to break Zeus's bindings but striking at it with her sword's sharp side with no effect (remember she later decapitated both heads of a Makahi with one swing each with the same sword) but Perseus smashes them in one hit with the retracted trident handle

Perseus vs Ares

In the first video, Ares throws Perseus through a stone pillar at 2:16 quite some distance, but Perseus manages to retain consciousness
In the sixth video at 1:40, after which Ares twists his arms, he knees Perseus in the abdomen, grabs him by the throat and suplexes him
Perseus still managaes to remain conscious
A left hook that makes Perseus head hit against a nearby stone pillar, breaking pieces off it at 1:54. Perseus is still conscious and fighting
Perseus stuns Ares by striking his face with two rocks twice, and tries to take Zeus thunderbolt from his belt, but Ares twists his arm and easily smashes Perseus through atleast 3 massive stone pillars, causing them to collapse at 2:11. Perseus is still conscious, though too stunned/in pain to fight
Ares drags Perseus at 2:24 before laying his head on the corner of a stone tablet, then hitting his head so hard that the corner breaks off Perseus still doesn't lose consciousness
Ares kicks Perseus so hard that it cracked the stone tablet behind him at 2:58. Perseus is still conscious, though the fight is out of him
The few seconds his son bought him are more than enough for Perseus to recover at 3:29, enough to charge Ares at 3:34, stab Ares with one off his own knives, tank Ares smashing himnto i several pillars with enough force to damage him and sleeper hold him enough to get him down for few seconds, roe than enough time for Perseus to take the thunderbolt from Ares's belt and kill him with it

That's the feats from Wrath Of The Titans, now for those from Clash of the Titans
Clash of the Titans 2010 - Hades first appearance
Perseus survived that attack at the end of the video and was still conscious. Also shows off the super strong harpies

"I am Hades" Clash of the Titans (2010) Clip (1/7)
At 1:38, Hades telekinetically smashes Perseus with shield with enough force to send him flying across the room and hit hard onto a wall with enough force to damage it, but is still conscious and is ready to attack Hades if not for Io's insistence. Rememebrthataweaker Hadesthan in thismovie was ableto telekintically annihilate the Makhai and kncokaway Cronos meteors

Clash of the Titans #3 Movie CLIP - There's a God in You (2010) HD
As you can see Perseus is a talented fighter and a quick study, and easily picks up skills
Starting from 0:41, despite having no previous fighting experience Perseus holds his own against the experienced commander who definitely was not going easy on him even if not trying his best
At 0:57 Perseus disarms Draco with such force that the sword flies across the clearing and is embedded into a tree

We're nearing Medusa's Lair" Clash of the Titans (2010) Clip (7/7)
Another instance where Perseus picks up skills quickly

The Stygian Witches Clash of the Titans (2010) Clip
Perseus shows some quick thinking skills here and well as reflexes at 1:56

Acrisius hit with lightning
Just to show how tough he was even when he was normal, he gets hit by lightning and is burned severely, but is still very much alive and then hoists the casket containing the body of his wife and her child over his head and throws it

Perseus get shield:
Note that the hunters say the shield is lighter and stronger than any metal (well obviously, any metal would be a no limits fallacy and hyperbole, but it would be safe to assume that it was stronger than any metal available at that time)

Acrisius becomes Calibos
And Hades empowers him to become far more powerful

Calibos Attacks! Clash of the Titans (2010) Clip (3/7)
At 0:27 Calibos is shown to be strong enough to literally rip someone in half, and at 1:09 he takes a full force thrust kick from one soldier unharmed without budging and then kicks away the soldier, and at 1:12 easily hold down and restrain a soldier with one hand and at 1:18 shown to crumple his metal helmet with just his fingers
Yet at 0:36 Perseus takes a full force kick from him and rolls down a hill and isn't hurt much, at at 1:26 when his head gets squeezed by him Perseus just glares back

Scorpion Fight Clash of the Titans (2010) Clip (4/7)
at 0:27 Calibos takes suprise a full force hit from a sledgehammer that knocks him off his feet and is barely hurt
At 1:19 Perseus blocks a blow from the giant scorpion, smacked at 2:15 and he is literally swallowed at 4;7 but is still fighting
This fight is a good durability showing for everyone who gets smacked around and still alive, let alone conscious, since at the scorpions easily smash through stone structures at 1:30, 2:40, 3:53 and 4:07 and at 2:10 throws a soldier several feet away high into the air

Clash of the Titans (2010) - Perseus and Calibos Fight; Io's Death
At 0:15 Calibos easily stabs and hoists up Io and then throws her away easily, casually break Perseus's sword at 0:34 with a flcik of his wrist, punch Perseus shield hard enough to shatter it and send Perseus flying at 0:46
And yet at 0:28 Perseus takes a kick from him and is sent flying and is still fighting, hurt him with a punch at 0:44 (when he's shown to be pretty immune to normal human strength), tanks another punch which breaks his shield and sends him flying (again), shows some nice agility at 0:58, 1:03 and 1:11, hurts Calibos with another kick at 1:06, and hurts him again with a punch at 1:09, sends Calibos flying with a sword swing at 1:14, smacks him with a nice backflip kick at 1:22, before finishing him with the magic sword

Fight scene of Medusa
Starting from 1:30, Perseus thoroughly outpaces Medusa who is shown to be pretty fast, and at 2:40 gets caught in the Jinn's suicide explosion but still isn't down, and at 3:46 shows great precision by calculating her movements and slicing her head off with his eyes closed
Draco shows a nice strength feat at 3:08, breaking a massive stalacite larger than him with small knives, making Perseus getting the better of him previously even better

The Kraken - Clash of the Titans (2010)
At 1:46 Perseus takes a jump from off Pegasus onto a harpy, and then both fall several hundred feet, trough a glass dome and into a fire pit but Perseus is barely hurt while the harpy is toast
From 2:10 onwards several guys from the mob tries to stop Perseus but he plows through them easily


I remember this

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