Liu Siu-jian (Kiss of the Dragon)

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Snafu the Great
Jet Li as Inspector Liu Siu-jian.

Liu Siu-jian's job was simple. Go to Paris, help the locals in apprehending a Chinese mob boss for heroin smuggling, then go home.

However, someone, mainly the corrupt police detective Jean-Pierre Richard decides to set him up by killing the mob boss and a hooker with Liu's sidearm. A Chinese liaison who was investigating the shooting is also killed, and Liu loses a key videotape which would have cleared his name.

That shit does not fly with Liu Siu-jian.

His only help is a prostitute named Jessica who could clear his name since she was there at the hotel, but only if he helps her retrieve her daughter, who was kidnapped by Richard in order to force her to work as a hooker.

While Jessica steals back the videotape from Richard, Liu retrieves Jessica's daughter, Isabel from an orphanage. However, in the chaos that ensues, Jessica is shot and the kid is taken to Richard. Liu drops her off at the hospital to be treated of her gunshot wound and takes the fight to Richard and his crooked co-workers.

After pwning about 30 baton-wielding officers and the Twins, Liu rescues Isabel, but not before getting shot by Richard. Liu retaliates by using his needles to deliver the 'kiss of the dragon,' a lethal pressure point which causes Richard to die painfully from an brain aneurysm, the end result of all of his blood rusing to his brain.

Liu returns Isabel to Jessica, who recovers from her gunshot wound.

Trivia: Wire work was also added to one of the last fight sequences between Jet Li and Cyril Raffaelli (who played one of The Twins), only to add clarity to Raffaelli's kicks, as he was moving too fast for the camera. Nahon was also required to slow down this fight scene, as both Li and Raffaelli moved too quickly to be captured clearly at normal recording speed.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.