Blizzard (Primal Rage)

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Snafu the Great
What happens when you take Subzero, Balrog, and King Kong and combine them together?

This is the result.

Primal Rage came out back in 1994 (dang, it came out back when I was starting middle school), and it was quite the rage (pun intended) in the arcades. It was also the same game (along with Mortal Kombat) which pissed off soccer moms plenty with its violence and crude antics.

In short, the story is this: big-ass meteor crashes into earth, kicking off a devestating catalclysm that would made Roland Emmerich proud and wiping techonology and most of humanity out. The continents fuse together, creating Urth, and seven beasts awake to wage war and take control of the planet.

On one side, you got the Virtuous Beasts, and on the other, you got the Destructive Beasts. Blizzard is the leader of the good guys.

I gotta give props for Atari for creating this game. It was pretty fun to play back in the day, and Blizzard was my favorite character.

Blizzard's Bio

Desigantion: God of Good and Virtue
Nicknames: The Noble Protector of Evolution, Faranheit -451
Height: 20'
Weight: 1.8 tons
Rage Factor: +153%
Consumption Rate: 715 pounds per day

In order for life to continue its natural progression, a delicate balance must be struck. This is the atmosphere that Blizzard has fought for millions of years to maintain. Enraged by the massive destruction he saw when he emerged from his primal slumber, Blizzard has embarked on a relentless execution mission. As guardian of natural evolution, Blizzard is determined to return Urth to its former state. As leader of the Virtuous Beasts (Armadon, Blizzard, Sauron, & Talon) Blizzard battles to return the balance to the Urth, even if it means destroying each and every dino-beast in the process!


Blizzard is a noble god, the essence of the animal spirit. Frozen for a millennia at the heart of an immense glacier in the Himalayas, Blizzard was released when the Urth met the great meteor. He lived high in the mountains, descending only when threatened. With his animal power and age-old wisdom, he was unstoppable.

With no threats remaining, he returns to his mountain retreat. One day, though, a new force will invade his land from across the endless ocean...

Ah, Primal Rage. Such RAGE is this game, and this Blizzard character! gay_rage

My favorite character in the game was probably the T-Rex-like character though (forgot its name now), but I remember Blizzard being pretty cool too (no pun intended).

My favorite was the Allosaurus I think it was that breathed fire.

I first thought it was funny seeing the two ape gods in PR (I only cared about dinosaurs at that time and mocked all that was simian) but Blizzard grew on me. He packs a mean punch and freeze to boot.

Diablo, the fire breathing allosaurus, was cool too. So was Sauron who had a Godzilla-like energy breath.

Man I used to love this game. Freain' Blizzard's puke attacks and Armadon's spiky back attack were great. Hell yes.

I had an action figure of this guy back in my younger days. I never played as him though(my favorite, as was for many here apparently, was Diablo).

The later collections of Primal Rage figures also seemed to have a couple of monsters that weren't even in the game, and they usually seemed pretty awesome too. One of my favorite ones I had I think was called Slashfang, and he was like, a beefy bipedal sabertooth tiger...

You know what, I'm gonna go check out some boxes in my garage and get an ebay account.

I used to own a figure of the raptor, forgot its name though.

I still have the action figures of Talon the raptor, Blizzard the Ape, and Chaos, the other ape laughing

thumb up Good job, Snafu, I'm hoping you'll respect the rest of the PR cast.

Someone should make a Chaos thread to contrast this one. Hell, I'm inclined to make a Diablo one myself.

Awesome thread. The yellow T.Rex pwnt all though.

Snafu the Great

AH, 1 of the only 2 characters I used aside from Mr. T-Rex. smile

I was about 5 when I played this, I liked apes and T-Rexes.

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