Chaos (Primal Rage)

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Snafu the Great

Trying to play God tends not to work out as well.

Gendou Ikari (of Evangelion infamy) tried and he got his head bitten off by Unit One. So much for reuniting with Yui.

Someone should have told Chaos that playing God to further human evolution can be very, very bad. He went from being a mighty witch doctor/scientist to a bastardized son of Kong. How the mighty have fallen.

Chaos' Bio

Designation: God of Decay
Nicknames: The Mighty Techno Witch Doctor, Bodily Function Man
Height: 17'
Weight: 1.1 tons
Rage Factor: 181.4%
Consumption Rate: 634 lbs. per day

In his quest for control and domination over the world, Chaos has become his own worst nightmare. Right after the Cataclysms, he existed as a renegade scientist who wanted to take control of the new Urth. But his desire to dictate the process of human evolution proved to be his undoing when he conducted a genetic experiment that went horribly wrong. Instead, he was turned into a hideously disgusting beast.


Chaos was the mightiest witch doctor on the first continent. His greatest wish was to control the evolution of humanity. In his quest for power, he cast a mighty spell which backfired and turned him into a disgusting beast, forced to wallow in his own excrement for eons. During the Cataclysm, Chaos praised Throshti, God of Carrion, for release. However, to restore his greatness, he had to defeat all of his enemies.

Now, his task completed, he regains control of his life and leads his tribe to greatness. One day, though, his people will be threatened and he will have to pursue power again...

That girl is kinda hot.

They really need to make a PR2. no expression Loved the first one when I was young.

There was going to be a PR2 but it got canned. Hopefully the MAME emulation will be completed sometime.

Chaos'es Golden Shower is the greatest fatality ever.

Why was PR2 cancelled?

Snafu the Great
Originally posted by Ridley_Prime
Why was PR2 cancelled?

Nobody knows for sure why it was cancelled. Rage 1 was a big hit, so a sequel was to follow. But then, they pulled the plug.

this is what?
the 5th chaos with a thread? 10th?
just how many chaos' are there in videogames?

anyways, agreed with everyone about rage1 - epic big grin

I've read that the Golden Shower fatality actually incensed an over protective parent so much that she started a grassroots campaign that was successful in pulling PR off the shelves from many stores!

Snafu the Great
Chaos' moves and finishers.


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