Hitosu's Nightmare Trilogy

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Hitosu Moriko
These are where my poem are based on the 11 day nightmares i had they will all be distinguished on each day when i finish the trilogy im might just write more poems or lyrics to new songs

Hitosu Moriko
Day I: Awakened to death

I awaken dazed
Showing I still live on life
But im in darkness

No light no exit
Just darkness no path nothing
Feeling Isolated

I walk a few steps
To no avail still nothing
Until I feel weak

No Ventilation
Slowly dying of no air
Feeling really weak

My eyes rolling back
My lungs shriveling like prunes
I faint and its gone

Darkness disappears
I shroud in the brightest light
Everything disappears

-I Awaken-

(There in Haiku and End when i say I Awaken a way of saying the nightmare is over)

Hitosu Moriko
Day II: Blue Death

In the deep water
Feeling drenched with H2O
I go up for air

I drift in the sea
In who knows what direction
Disappearing at sea

The water feels warm
It turns crimson weird color
For the sea's Color

Body parts about
Arms,legs,torso's all over
It seems I am next

A whirlpool opens
Sucking me in a hole
Grasping for dear life

I feel slowly faint
Water entering my lungs
As my eyes roll back

-I Awaken-

Hitosu Moriko
Day III: Burning Pride

Im burning in heat
Sweating alot in my pride
It Excelled my strength

The flames engulfed me
The flames of my pride growing
Swallowing my life

I feel embarassed
My pride i kept in a door
The door is broken

Burnt by my prides flames
To think one man can hold so much
Pride has much power

The flames burn my flesh
My bones melting with my flesh
I burn to a crisp

I singe in my pride
Pride has its ups and downs huh
Too bad its too late

-I Awaken-

Hitosu Moriko
Day IV: Escape from darkness

Another dark dream
Me running away again
From shrouding darkness

It consumes alot
Going in but no way out
Sucked up in darkness

I trip and get caught
Couldn't see couldn't focus
Just spooked from this room

Nothing to see,hear,say
Knowing death was around her
Just praying for life

Time has passed on by
Still nothing was happening
Waiting in darkness

The fear traced my spine
Followed me until my death
I began falling

A pit swallows me
I fall in oblivion
Never ending life

-I Awaken-

Hitosu Moriko
Day V: Protection

The awakening
I see someone very close
Being attacked at

I can't protect her
Im trapped trying to break free
Stuck in a prison

I see her get smacked
And i try to ignore it
But i must save her

I snap and break free
And attack her assaulter
Saving her from pain

I come to comfort
She convinces me she's fine
And i am happy

The assaulter's friend
Jumped out and assaulted me
Stabbing with a knife

I bleed more and more
With my vision getting fogged
Slightly feeling sick

I see one thing though
The tears of the girl I like
She cried and screamed out

"Help he's killing him"
But no one turned here just looked
She cried into tears

I fall flat dying
I see her and grasp her hand
And Said "I like you"

She gives me a look
A look of sorrow she cried
"You waited this long"

"I was scared to say"
"I didn't know what you'd say"
"I didn't know why"

"I was timid to know"
"What you might have done to me"
"Would you turned me down"

"Again i'm sorry"
"But this is where it all ends"
I just disappear

-I Awaken-

Hitosu Moriko
Day VI: Fading Away

Its another day
Normal things same old, same old
Nothing but boredom
I see all my friends
I try to talk to them but.........
No one can hear me

I wave around them
Still nothing not one small "Hi"
What is going on?

I try to greet them
but nothing ,Hug, Pound nothing
Like im not in sight

I feel like a ghost
Then I hear them talking weird
Saying i have died

I don't remember
How did i die and since when
But i am lucky

My best friend saw me
And acted as i were new
But its not the truth

I wait the whole night
And the next day it was worse
A saddening sight

My best friend can't see
Im invisible to him
Like the rest of them

It got more than worse
He remembered me but then
The others were stuck

Like i didn't lived
Im wiped from there memories
I just didn't die

I died from there brains
Not a scrap of memory
No one remembered

So in a small way
I died not physically
But mentally died

I guess im erased
Erased from the world just gone
I then walk away

I then get shrouded
As I walk I disappear
I just don't exist

-I Awaken-

Hitosu Moriko
Day VII: Betrayal

Im running away
From something so saddening
I am trouble-filled

As I run surprise
I see another person
Running in my way

He continues on
Following me in my path
But I see something

He holds a small knife
He intends to strike at me
But I still go on

He won't leave me be
Still just going to strike me
Until i feel struck

The knife is in me
In my chest close to my lung
I Then look at who

And it was my friend
Someone i trusted a lot
Who has stabbed my back

Literally too
Ironic how it was there
It had to be there

Thats why its called that
A backstabber I see why
It makes so much sense

I shed a small tear
Knowing how stupid I was
But now its over

I bleed on the floor
Sobbing my eyes out knowing.....
Knowing its over

Our kick ass friendship
It was all just for nothing
Just a sight to see

-I Awaken-

Hitosu Moriko
Day VIII: Attack From The Past

I just Awaken
3 years ago in Mid school
But how I don't know

I see the bullies
The assholes who made me this
A non trusting man

A man who can't trust
Someone who was bullied on
Till he got stressed out

Stress to a strong point
Sickness had struck my stomach
I vomit in stress

I feel feverish
Sort of dizzy and so sick
I then faint in stress

I wake up to see......
Me in the hospital bed
Prepping for I don't know

They don't use morphine
Or anesthesia woah
They start the cutting

I Shrill in strong pains
Suffering from the blood loss
I slowly feel weak

I see my organs
The sight of it all was wrong
Me thirteen slashed up

I then felt a pull
I then see a weird bright light
My heart then just stops

-I Awaken-

Hitosu Moriko
Day IX: Pit of Darkness

In a normal room
A hole just opens under
I fall inside it

Nothing but darkness
There's No sight whatsoever
Nothing but Darkness

I start to hit things
Tumbling on nothing but stones
My bones just breaking

I feel this slow pain
I hear sounds of broken bones
My body just broken

I then fall deeper
In the Eons darkness
I slowly feel light

Light like a small breeze
Blowing me into the wind
I am now bone dust

I then disappear
In the winds of Afterlife
Nowhere to be found

-I Awaken-

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