CDB vs smurph--Pool A--Match 3

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BF is mammoth cave. 8 posts max. judges tba


good luck to both. winner here faces second place finisher in the other pool.

apologies for being tardy--both sides start 1km apart in the center of the cave system.

Original Smurph
Smurph, Post 1


Charlotte's plan perfectly anticipated.


The breakdown:

She thought we'd utilize a direct attack, so we used the environment.

She didn't think we'd risk a cave-in, so we went ahead and caused one; knowing that we're the best equipped in the tourney to survive, thanks to Pred's healing factor, the Blackbird (it's weaponry, durability and months of rations), the ludicrous power of Scott's beams, our l33t skills, the power of Pred's chi-fists, the claws that can dig through anything...

She thought I would stick to the old amalgam, so I isolated the hunters from the ranged support.

She would naturally try to flee the destruction, so I blasted not only the ceiling, but the floor as well, leaving them no ground to escape on as they're buried in rubble.

She would rely on her sonic scream, so I ensured that the disturbance I would create would leave her without that weapon, and then showed that she wouldn't be able to locate us well enough to use it anyways.

She predictably overextended Canary and M's abilities, so I created an environment in which they were functionally useless.

Meanwhile, every attempt that she made to counter my plan, and everything that she believed I would predictably do, was a complete waste of space in her post, and actually detrimental to her team.

So, on that happy note, let's get this party started:

I suppose here I'll break down any edges that Charlotte falsely believes she holds:


Whew, where to start?

Firstly, Predator's mind is armored against psionics:

That just bounced off.

Predator's mind also possesses level 9 psi shielding:

This is what that same guy was doing psionically to Luke Cage and Spider-Man a page prior:

So, not only did he not realize Wolverine was there until he heard Logan's claws pop, he also couldn't even identify anything about Wolverine other than that he had heavy mind shields.


Wolverine ninja-vanishes on Psylocke (as well as the japanese military surrounding the plane), and she doesn't notice the lack of his mental presence, has to look to see him. Note that Psylock is a psychic ninja warrior, so pretty much the hardest character to vanish from, ever.

Here we see some more talk about level 9 psi-shielding

Note that Emma is a level 10 telepath. Logan can definitely block out all level 9s and below, and his added psychic shielding (first scans under the 'telepathy' section) blocks out Emma herself, leading us to believe that he alone actually possesses level 10 shielding.

Now, can I see some feats from M where she manages to pinpoint the location of a character with level 9 psi-shielding and mental psi-armor?

Like, actually pinpoint our location. As we see here:

the Canary cry needs to be pretty dead-on to KO, meaning Bird of Prey will need to know our exact location, in this dank, dark, smoke-and-dust filled cave in order to KO us.

Also note that, despite having Wonder Woman's super hearing (which far outshines Wolverine's, naturally), the attack still had to hit with precision, which is certainly never going to happen here. Predator is fighting via guerilla warfare, and is by far the stealthiest character in this tourney, far overqualified for this actual match.

They will never be able to detect us, more than realizing that there is a mental presence somewhere in the vicinity around them (if Charlotte can even provide proof of that).

Canary Cry

This is an attack that certainly won't be usable for the first few minutes of the match. Predator needs far less time to stalk and kill two foes.

Even if it was though, it wouldn't do much. I mean, Logan alone has withstood a multitude of every type of attack known to comicdom, and Charlotte is relying on an attack (an ultrasonic scream) that has only worked on base humans. Logan is not a human. He's not even a regular mutant. His senses rely on completely inhuman physiology, and he's resisted every form of mental shutdown that there is.

His reaction speed, clocked at 0.038 seconds, is over 6x better than most humans. All that this attack requires is plugging your ears for a solid defense.

So, Predator, having that reaction speed multiplied by reaction speeds that allow this:

(about 50 flechettes from a few feet away)

would make Wolverine look like an idiot child. But he couldn't either plug his ears or simply step to the side far enough to make the attack useless?

(again, note that the canary cry requires precision- also, even in the vaunted 'ultrasonic scream' scans, it was ineffectual if you were standing even slightly to the side of Dinah. this is not exactly a widespread offense).

Lambs to the slaughter.

We completely control the pace and terms of this fight. This is our territory- it's not an open field where Dinah can plan out a canary cry while keeping eyes on our movement. They'll have absolutely no idea where we are, while we'll be capable of hearing/smelling/sensing them the entire time, and even keeping them monitored technologically. Wolverine could win this on his own, and Predator would destroy multiple Wolverine's at once. This is easy.

judges for this match are as follows: bada, newjak and whitewitchking

Charlotte DeBel
Charlotte's post #1

Blackbird? In the cave? ROLF

Darling, we're in the center of the LONGEST cave system in the world. But I don't think there are any halls 1 km long with no obstacles, turns etc in the center. In short- we're not staring at each other.

Also, a friggin' TEAM VEHICLE intended for 6 people and roughly a little bit bigger than Raptor fighter jet in 20*20 meters space? Cyclops is a great pilot, I give him that. But to think he can pull off something other that cause cave in on himself, damaging Black Bird for the self KO.... is asinine.

And given the same speed, large ass fighter jet in pursuit of human sized target *my plan for cave in is to move away from the zone as fast as possible* is going to stuck sooner or later.

SINCE WE'RE IN THE CENTER OF THE SYSTEM 200+ km long, I have 100 km to run from your zone of cave in without commiting any BFR. Flying up to the surface for attempted pursuit, however, WILL count as BFR.

While let's see what your immediate battle plan accomplishes.
1. You cut down any maneure possibility for Blackbird. It was little enough space before and was after.
2. Predator is using his claws and chi blasts to get rid of a bunch of rocks crushing him courtesy of his own teammate (while Cyclops is a kick ass pilot and sharpshooter, he can't do shit with rockets and beams without seeing a target). Collapsing stuff blindly won't do you any good.
3. You aren't able to pinpoint my character instantly.

Monet St Croix has superhearing

And can fly at Mach 1

She's also got superhuman thinking\reaction speed

Catches bullets and missles in midair for the lulz

In short. Your team's actions are slow-mo for Bird of Prey. Charcoal is not of much use but has good enough damage soak to occupy the pursuing Predator for a while. You made Cyke sitting duck causing cave in on his lame ass by bringing Blackbird into the fight. You should have changed schemes for the matches and use Black Bird for Omega- this way you'd have looked confident.

Charcoal's damage soak vs Thunderbolts

In short. You attempt your self-defeating cave in, I fly away at the first sound of crumbling celling (best speed in the tourney by feats, and not by exagerrations), and then make sure you'll get buried a bit more.
My plan B with flying away (and I got 100+ km for tactical maneuring, you got shit cause of Blackbird (which is hugest vehicle in the tourney so far) and making sure to make the grave you dig for yourself deeper works wonders, darling.

Also, nice misleading scans of rather close range concussive force blasts. Thing is, I don't need to do it loud and large (and using the same strategy I can make judges believe Scott is worthless further than 10 meters from his target).
Here you see ultrasonics. Those are nice, subtile, have good range, ignore obstacles (White House walls weren't much of it)... and affect inner ear which luckily is the organ that is present in every team member of yours. And it messes with it in the way which makes healing largely useless.
OK, it needs deep breath. But while you're dealing with your suicidal cave- in, I can fly 500 metres away, take deep breath and send a few pulses to your area.

Also. Wolverine might have unreadable mind, but I won't be reading his thoughts. I will be listening to their echo- and you didn't show me non-plot device affected Wolverine who was blank space to the telepaths. Unless his thought waves are scrambled by tech into blank space (Deathverine, Enemy of the State), it's still possible to confirm his present. It's simply difficult\impossible to scan his mind for everyone who's not from top 5 MU psis.
But I bet without special tech he still registers as having brain waves.
People all the time sneak up on Stark and Reed as plot demands. SHIELD telepaths also suck and weren't trained by Emma Frostsmile

nice match. no expression

all judges have agreed to have their votes in by monday midnight.

4 posts total... erm

Well, there wasn't much to go on for this match. My decision will reflect how short the match turned out.

Mammoth cave is huge. Hundreds of miles/kilometers of tunnels.

Smurph's cave in really seemed to hurt his team. I doubt Char's team was within the vicinity of any cave in. Her last post also wasn't refuted by Smurph. So I'll have to assume that she was correct.

On that assumption, his cave in will give away his position. Char has an amalgamated brick with flight, speed, healing, endurance, tp, IQ, etc. plus a ranged sonic attack which has brought down high level metas. Not to mention a character who can turn diamond hard.

Smurph never replied to Char's post and it hurt his chances.

My vote goes to Char.

Alright so this match wasn't very long.

Umm a lot of what Bada says applies to me as well. Also in Smuprh's post he seems confirm that Char's ultrasonic attack could KO Predator. It does seem thinks to flight Char's character will also have a maneuverability advantage being able to quickly go from one spot to the next.

Vote: Charlotte DeBel

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