Poetry for the nation

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A Poem

Your Heart
Your Soul
Your Feeling
Your Love
your Hate
Your Anger
Your Passion
Your Trust

The things you need
to make dreams
come true
The words that
Explode inside
Of you
It's how you feel and
Noone else

Your Friend
Your Buddy
Your Enemy

It's right there next to

A poem is something
That Shows the
Real You.


A Special Friend
A Special Kiss
Tears of Love and Bliss
A bond of Trust A Special touch
That's Shard between
The one you love

A Pair of Lips
that's that defines
A relationship
A caring friend
With no
Tragic End

A loving Embrace
For every Race
Be loved
And don't
Love End.

The One
Someone Special
Someone Unique in
Every way
A golden Soul
A Blessed one
That You love to
See and Hear
The Person that
Fate keeps
Throwing in Your

That Makes your
Eyes Stop and
That makes you
Feel Their the
One in every
Single Way

Your Heart
Your Soul
All feel like
Cause their the one
That Makes you
Stop Crying.

The Creature

A sphere of Darkness
All locked up
Guarded by a god of
Disappointing Luck
An air tight prison
With no escape
Yet still air try's to

A evil vice trying
To Manipulate You
So that you feel confused
A shadowy figure that tells you
to set it free
But all you do is

A Blood thirsty thought that goes
Through your head
That you start to wish
Was dead

You find the courage to lock
Him back up
Guarded by
The god of Disappointing Luck
You keep him forever sealed away
So he can never come out and play

(My poem's are all made up by me I don't bite copy or any of that with my Poems and i have to find inspiration to be able to write one)


People I know and
People I see Slowly
Start to drift from me Yet no one
Really Seems to care as they
Walk off with their
Diswanting stares

The people cry and yell while
Im left alone in
Endless Hell

The pain runs threw my veins
As they all say the same thang
My eyes roll back
all pale and Empty
Disapproving Failure is Plenty

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