The Big Sister

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Nemesis X

What do you get when you mix a Big Daddy with a Little Sister? You get a force not to be reckoned with, the Big Sister.

The Big Sister is a grown up Little Sister, who now wears a diver suit, added with a big syringe and some plasmids to make it a deadly foe. The Big Sister can use telekinese, can teleport, can conjure up fire barrages and has massively good reflexes. The syringe on her arm is used to collect ADAM from corpses and can use it to impale her enemies. Before the Big Sister arrives to deal with someone, she makes a shrieking noise that can make your ears ring.

In Bioshock 2, she served an important role in the game. Since Rapture lacked a bunch of Little Sisters, Sofia Lamb ordered the Big Sisters to capture girls so she can turn them into Little Sisters. Around the world, there have been reports of little girls being abducted at night and before each abduction, a red light appears unerwater near the beaches (the red light came from the Big Sister's helmet). In Rapture, Subject Delta awakens and whenever he takes all the Little Sisters on each level, the Big Sister comes to attack and when he rescues Eleanor, she too turns into a Big Sister after Delta collected pieces of the BS suit for her.

There is is actually more than one Big Sister. It would make sense because there's no way one being could be abducting a bunch of kids around the world in just a couple days. When she was first announced, people suspected that she could've been the main antagonist because in the Bioshock 2 trailer, an older Little Sister is shown staring at the ocean while telepathicaly making a sand sculpture that looks like Rapture but her being the main antagonist wasn't true since 2K announced she wasn't.

Hell yeah, the Big Sistah! I heard she was going to make life miserable for Bioshock players. This true? sad

Yeah, the Big Sister pissed me off to no end, but their easy if you know how to fight them. As for the Big Sister being the main antagonist, no, their not, but their is one Big Sister that's the leader of the others, and she did single-handedly kidnap the girls to turn them into little/big sisters, she has a pretty powerful teleportation ability.

I kicked her ass with only the drill each time. no expression

Brute Splicers are more difficult.

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