Episode 40 - The Zilo Beast

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Overall: Positive

Wow. This episode surprised me.

First off, we finally see a WAR! There are more than 5 battle droids...there is an ARMY and I actually feel like someone is under attack. We have AATs and dwarf spiders and things MARCHING! This was so refreshing to see.

Secondly...Malastare. This is what this show should be doing, expanding on new planets and species from the prequels. Its great to see Malastare (whcih was named by Qui-Gon) and to see Sebulba's race. Even better than their inverted walking, is that the other beasts on the planet do it too, really creating a syntehsized environemnt. The little electro-staffs were cool too and fun to see in action.

Oh look....Anakin is back. *headdesk* Seriously...he hasn't been in only 4 episodes this entire season. If hes in any of the remaining episodes, he will be in this season more than last.

Fish-scientist-lady....just wut.

I hat the Zilo beast's design...why is it all flexible and why it has 3 arms (one on its back...), but only 2 legs, and no real relationship to the dugs. I will just ignore how it can hibernate underground for thousands of years and not be found or just die.

Didn't we just HAVE a new secre weapon episode? Now another?! My same criticisms apply...I hate that the Republic has a new, partially effective superweapon that is simply a plot device. At least this device was pretty when it exploed.

THey're running out of idea.

But we do finally see som Jedi traits on defending innocent life. Haven't seen that in a long time.

But on the other hand: doubts about Palpy's integrity should rise with such incidents. But it seems not only does the dark side cloud the Jedi's visions, but also their common sense.

Thats what I dont get at all. It makes perfect sense to perserve the creature from the scientific stnadpoint of inpenitrable lightsaber scales, but why Coruscant? It makes no sense...not even from a security standpoint.

It would be nice to have an episode explaining why, despite anger and doubts about the Jedi, why Palps survived those criticisms.

Like the episode where he sent Padme straight to the Malevolence....no one got suspicious?



the Zilo beast, huh?

wasn't that Jabba's uncle? 131

Something like that... a distant cousin I think.


Apparently Lucas is running out of letters.

laughing out loud

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