Talon (Primal Rage)

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Snafu the Great

Everyone loves an underdog. David vs Goliath...Appalachian State vs Michigan...Little Mac vs Mr. Sandman, Daigo vs Justin Wong, just to name a few.

Talon is no exception.

He is the smallest of the Virtuous Dinos, but that little bastard can hold his own with the rest of the beasties in Primal Rage. That and he was one of my cousin's favorite characters.

Talon's Bio

Designation: God of Survival
Nicknames: Protector of the Innocent, The Little Bastard
Measurements: 16 feet tall, 30 feet in length
Weight: 0.9 tons
Rage Factor: +109.77%
Consumption Rate: 408 lbs. per day


Talon is in his most vicious state when it comes to the defense of his raptor clan. Before the Cataclysms, Talon's home was peaceful and harmonious; but now Talon and his followers have been thrust into an unfamiliar life of power struggles, battling between tribes and dino-beasts


For eons, Talon was a great chief of a raptor clan on a hidden South Pacific island. When the great meteor rearranged the continents, Talon's island was brought in contact with the mainland. Wanting to ensure the safety of his wives and children, he set off to eliminate all dangers of the clans welfare.

Now raptors live a life of luxury, and humans are kept as cattle or hunted as sport while raptors lounge about in the sunshine. His clan is
completely safe and Talon will be happy until the newcomers arrive...



Awesome. Talon is underrated.

Do Armadon and Sauron next!

Talon was one of my three mains back in the day. Great fun. Do want to use him in a thread.

Can't go wrong with Talon. His ending is also the best out of them all. A raptor catching a human with a giant net!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.