Vertigo (Primal Rage)

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Snafu the Great

Given how crazy Vertigo is, I'm surprised she didn't take a shot at Diablo's title for leadership of the Destructive Beasts. Of course, she is just waiting for the right moment to screw Big D over.

She is the only female character in Primal Rage, and as mentioned above, is part of the bad guys. In an interesting sidenote, she does have some degree of respect for Blizzard, which is why she sees him as her next statue in her lair.

Vertigo's Bio

Designation: Goddess of Insanity
Nicknames: The Mesmerizing Sorceress, I am Woman, hear me Hiss
Measurements: 18 feet tall, 48 feet in length
Weight: 1.3 tons
Rage Factor: +120.37%
Consumption Rate: 587 lbs per day

Total insanity governs Vertigo's every action. With her mesmerizing powers of mind control and mastery of the unknown, she has attained mythical proportions among her followers. Vertigo's followers are loyal and their devotion is complete, fanatical and blind. She believes the defeat of all other dino-beasts can only be accomplished by utilizing her sorcery and the power of her devout followers... if she doesn't destroy their minds first.


Long ago a sorceress named Vertigo appeared from another dimension. Then in a great magical battle during the Mesozoic Wars, Vertigo was banished to the moon by the arch mage Balsa Fas. The meteor crash, however, has weakened the old shields enough for her to return and enslave the planet once again.

Reveling in her victory, Vertigo has enslaved hordes of humans, having them build her an insane palace in multiple dimensions. Few minds can endure the torture, but there are plenty of humans. One day while practicing her arcane arts, she discovers a land where she is not queen...


And with that, so concludes the respect threads for Primal Rage.

Snafu the Great
I guess no one likes the psycho snake b!itch, huh?

I like Vertigo, just as I do all Primal Rage characters, but I'm not really sure what to say/contribute as far as this thread goes. >.>

I have the four Primal Rage comics and they made Vertigo's eyes really bug-eyed in the last two.

That's not good. sad

The first one is really the only one worth buying. It has a good premise and the art is good but the issues that follow suffer from really awkward artistic license. It's like Sirius were trying to bait the fans for some quick cash. The only one that won't hurt your vision is Sauron since all that's really done to him is that his skin looks metallic. But all the others - holy hell! Blizzard is a greek god reject, Armadon's been taking steroids, Talon has the skull structure of a chihuahua, Vertigo has the aforementioned bug eyes, and Chaos is just a watered down clone of the greek god reject Blizzard. It's really insulting to intelligence.

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