Top Stephen King Short Stories

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As i am a fan of the short story i thought i would post a list to give others an idea of the good king short stories that are worth reading!

So, whats your favorite?

Mine would be - in no particular order

1: - Survivor type - A man gets stranded on a small island with nothing to eat except himself!
This one stayed with me for a while, extremely disturbing

2: Boogyman - One man explains to his psychiatrist that he didn't kill his kids, but it was in fact the boogyman who lurked in there closet
I know this sounds familiar but its how this story was told that makes it a top read..Extremely creepy

3: Suffer the little children - We all know children can be little monsters, but the teacher in this story finds out to her horror, that some of them are indeed literally monsters!
Very creepy, and you feel for the poor teacher who can see, or thinks she is seeing the monsters lurking within these young children

4: Crouch End - Two police officers, Farnham and Vetter, are working the night shift in the London neighborhood of Crouch End. They are discussing the case of a young American woman who came in to report the disappearance of her husband. Nearly hysterical, her story involves monsters and other supernatural incidents. Farnham dismisses the story as rubbish, but Vetter, who has worked in Crouch End for years, is not so sure. ( This story is very creepy..nods to HP Lovecraft in this one)
If you love stories about otherworldly beings and dimensions then you will love this.

5: Quitters Inc - In this story, Richard finds an organization that guarantees he will quit smoking, and he better had, for his family sake...
Class little story, one of Kings best

6: 'N' - A story about patient 'N', who is diagnosed by Dr. John Bonsaint as suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder and paranoid delusions related to "keeping balance." N. has become convinced that a circle of stones in a field on the outskirts of town contains a doorway to another reality, where a terrifying entity, repeatedly said to be a "helmet-headed" being named Cthun, is trying to break through. N's obsession eventually leads to his death by suicide, despite Johnny's best efforts. When Johnny goes out to the field to see the stones for himself, he begins to suspect that N. might not have been delusional after all when he suffers from the same symptoms as his patient.
Similar to Crouch End. Eerie

7: The Langoliers - Passengers take a flight from LA to Boston into a most unfriendly sky. Only ten passengers survive but landing in an eerily empty world makes them with they hadn't. Somethings waiting for them you see....
A cracking read!

8: The Jaunt - An interesting idea from a professor leads to the development of teleportation on a mass scale 350 years in our future. There is one drawback though - people must be unconscious in order to teleport, or else they turn insane. Insane because, even though the body is transported instantly, the consciousness takes a long long time to pass through

12 year old Ricky Oates holds his breath and stays awake during the Jaunt procedure. On arriving at the other end he is insane and tears his eyes out.

The thing that had been Ricky bounced and writhed on its jaunts couch, a twelve year old boy with a snow white fall of hair and eyes that were incredibly ancient, the corneas gone a sickly yellow. Here was a creature older than time masquerading as a boy...''It was longer than you think Dad'' it cackled...LONGER THAN YOU THINK!

I really love reading King's short stories.

f I had to pick out an absolute favorite:

"Jerusalem's Lot". Reasons:

a) I am a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan, how that relates to "Jerusalem's Lot" should be self-explanatory

b) I loved Salem's Lot, and "Jerusalem's Lot" was it's prequel.

haven't read all of them, but so far, I loved 1408. The one that crepped me out the most was Road Virus Heads North and The Man in the Black Suit.

the man in the black suit was very creepy. i enjoyed it alot

Deano your sig and Avy are nothing short of glorious. Good to see another Lovecraft fan.

thank you. he is brilliant.

what are your favorite Lovecraft stories?


Good choices! I haven't read 'The Outsider' or 'The case of Charles Dexter Ward' yet but will get around to it soon.

I'm only about halfway through his work but if i have to pick my favorites so far....

The Dunwich Horror - Like you said..classic! How close was Wilbur from opening the gates for those elder gods!

The Whisperer in the Darkness - This one creeped me out, i felt the protagonists sense of dread as he made his way to finally meet Akeley. I felt something was not quite right! The sense of foreboding was extreme.

Dreams in the Witch house - Very bizarre story. Expertly written!

The colour out of space - Goes without saying. Terrific story.

Call of Cthulhu - Again a classic.

At the moment i am reading 'At the Mountains of Madness' and i reckon that will soon be a top favorite of mine.

Other little gems i like..

The Statement of Randolph Carter - Loved it for its simplicity.
The Outsider - Brilliant.
The Music of Erich Zann

I pretty much love all his work! He was a master of conjuring up bizarre imagery in ones mind.

Originally posted by Deano
the man in the black suit was very creepy. i enjoyed it alot

Definitely agree, King did a good job of giving "Man in the Black Suit" that old-timey folk-tale feel.

For me, King's best short stories (or in this case, novellas) were in his Bachman books.

My favourite is the one where the kid holds everybody hostage in the classroom. Great story about stress, identity and the classroom.

Another is The Long Walk, also in the Bachman books. A hundred kids start walking, and only one can survive...

Although, I have to admit, a fun short story was Popsy, about the little kid that gets kidnapped and then his 'Popsy' comes to rescue him!

The only one I had read is "Children of the Corn" which is not only creepy but very well written.

Ow man, King is at his most creative and surprising with short stories. The collections are must-haves!
My favorites;

Umney's Last Case
Quitters, Inc.
Mrs. Todd's Shortcut
Dolan's Cadillac
The Moving Finger
Survivor Type
The Jaunt
The Mist

To be frank, I love most of his books. Everything you named is awesome...however I think my favorite he ever wrote is "Bag Of Bones". It's a great book. I don't know if you've read it or not, but you can't put it down until your done.

Also, I love "The Girl that Loved Tom Gordon". Most of his books are great. I didn't like Dreamcatcher, though.

Shawshank beats The Body on my list, however on my list it would be Bag Of Bones and The Stand.

I have to say this though..for his books to be so great....the movies don't do them justice at all. The only movie that did was "Secret Window". Have you seen the short movies for "Everything's Eventual"? They did the Autopsy Room Four..and I was so disappointed.

Love the books way better.

This is a great book! What are you guys talking about?
"Iffy" for age 13? Off for under that? You've got to be kidding me. Annoying Overprotective Parent (AOP): Isn't Ponyboy in a gang? I don't want my darling little -insert name here- reading that. Me: Yes, he's part of a gang, but it even says in the book that it's not an organized gang. The only fighting they do is self defense against the Socs, a group of vicious rich kids who jump Greasers for fun. AOP: So the Socs are bad, then? That's still setting a bad example! Me: They're villains; they're supposed to be bad. Isn't the big bad wolf a bad example, too? AOP: I heard that they smoke and drink a lot in the book. Me: This was written a long time ago. Everyone smoked. Adults even smoked with little babies in the room. And for drinking: Ponyboy says he tried some once, but when Darry (his older brother) found out, he got in big trouble. AOP: What about violence? And death? Me: Like I said before, violence is mostly self defense. And death? That's life. Get used to it. AOP: I'll think about it. So yeah, this is a really great book. If you parents out there prevent your child from reading this, I hope you know it's the worst mistake you'll ever make.

Stealth Agent
I have only read 3 short stories by King but i'd have to say "The Body"

Get any short story collection by King, there are blanks in there but absolutely most of them are very entertaining.

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