Respect John Constantine, you buch of tossers

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Endless Mike

First appearing in Swamp Thing v2 #37 in 1985, John Constantine is a streetwise British magician, detective, and former punk rocker. Eventually he became popular enough to star in his own Vertigo series, Hellblazer, which they made a shitty movie out of starring Keanu Reeves (don't watch the movie, it sucks). Hellblazer is Vertigo's longest - running title, and the only one from its launch that has been continuously published. I've recently read the entire run of it, and I have some scans here for this respect thread.

(Note: As this is a Vertigo comic, many of these scans involve explicit scenes, such as foul language, adult situations, and nudity. I've used MSPaint to censor the nudity when possible, so don't complain bout scans being edited, I only did it in order to observe the forum rules).

I'll divide this respect thread into sections based on different types of abilities/scans.

Hypnosis/mind control One of John's most commonly used powers. - Plants a hypnotic suggestion in a woman's mind and erases part of her memory
- Has hypnotized bank managers for money - Narrates how he hypnotized a mugger that attacked him - Mix of hypnosis/illusion. Claims he's not using actual magic here. - Hypnotizes a guy to forget him - Hypnotic suggestions - Hypnotizes a guy who beat him at roulette to think he had lost - The old Jedi mind trick - Another Jedi mind trick - Talks about how in the past he had hypnotized this guy to accept a crooked deal - Leaves a hypnotic message in a letter he wrote - Erases an old lady's memory - Erased a guy's memory - Makes a guy give him his wallet, also talks about how easily he can forge signatures - Explains how he hypnotized the hotel staff to give him a free room - Says how he could put a spell on one of his girlfriends to stop her from leaving him - Threatens Epiphany, an alchemist, by saying he could force her to help him and she admits he could but says she would get revenge - Makes a dog choke on its own tongue

Illusions Another of his most commonly used powers. - Uses an illusion to convince a casino that he won a roulette (he uses the money to buy the casino). - Makes a guy think his penis turned into a snake - Makes someone else think that another person was him - While in prison, casts an illusion over another inmate, causing the other prisoners to see him as a naked woman - Makes two people in a car think he is riding in the backseat - Puts an illusion on a copy of the yellow pages so others will see it as a rare book that he is trying to steal (he replaces the real one with the yellow pages) - Uses an illusion to sneak past cops - Creates an illusion that he's dead, smell and all - Makes a cat talk (ventriloquism?) - Summons a vision of an angel to a group of magicians, showing them all their own deaths. - Uses a spell known as "The Ward of Stolen Light" to switch the image in one window with the image in another

Senses John has a variety of supernatural senses. - ESP/telepathy - He often uses his supernatural senses to succeed at gambling, in fact he has been banned from many places for winning too much. - He can see ghosts - Some kind of subconscious danger sense - Sees a spiritual aura - Due to having Nergal's blood in him, he can sense evil around him - Senses magic in a deck of cards - Sees a ghost house that noone else can see - Can see the aboriginal dreamtime - When on the phone with his girlfriend, he can somehow see that someone is trying to sneak out of the restaurant she works in without paying - Sees what is first assumed to be a ghost, but later revealed to be a psychic projection created by a man's subconscious - Instances of telepathy

Endless Mike
Summoning/Manipulating demons and spirits These spells usually take some sort of prep, but can be very effective. - A binding sigil which can contain demons - Using a binding spell on a powerful demon, the first time he underestimates it, but it would have worked the second time except the demon had gotten stronger. However, it does hold off the demon for a few minutes. - Explains how he was forced to summon a demon - Exorcises the Hindu goddess Kali - Got rid of a ghost just by telling it to piss off - Releases ghosts to possess and kill a woman who was keeping their souls trapped for nourishment - Draws (from memory) a sigil that will send a spirit to either heaven or hell, depending on which one they would be going to eventually anyway, and tricks a ghost into going to hell through it - De-animates a golem - Creates a sigil that will send anyone who steps over a certain line to hell - While his soul is outside of his body, he is pursued by demons known as Lukhavim. He cleverly lures them into a trap. - Binds a spirit into a tree - Exorcises spirits possessing people who are attacking him - Summons a bunch of ghosts - Summons a spirit to gain information - Summons a spirit and then banishes her - Tricks a murderer into letting him summon zombies of his victims - While in another dimension where urban legends are real (being fueled by belief), he defeats them with his knowledge and intelligence - One of his artifacts, the Grimorium Verum, which has information on demons, including their true names and how to exorcise them. - Explains how he could summon the demon Belial

Physical feats Constantine isn't a very effective physical fighter and he prefers not to mix it up, but he does have some feats in this area. - Beats two guys in hand - to - hand combat - Jumps off a bridge through the roof of a boat and isn't any worse for wear - John Constantine's signature move - Kills two demons with a magic knife - The signature move again

Endless Mike
Trickery and Intelligence This is where Constantine truly shines. His abilities of deception and intelligence are legendary. - He has escaped from Hell itself - Easily lost some people attempting to follow him - Tricks a guy by putting a fake spell on him - The First of the Fallen, who is basically the Devil (different character from Lucifer Morningstar, though) admits that John Constantine is his most formidable adversary. - This is why. Or, at least, the first time Constantine tricked FotF, when he was coming to take the soul of his recently deceased friend. - One of Constantine's most famous feats. He is dying of lung cancer, and The FotF has already laid claim to his soul, so what does he do? He sells his soul to two other lords of Hell, and since they are each obliged to take it, it would force them to war against each other, which would weaken the forces of Hell enough to make Heaven's victory certain. So the only option is to keep him alive, as the FotF cures his cancer. - Tricks FotF yet again - Threatens an agent of Heaven with his reputation for trickery - While in prison, other inmates attempt to kill him by putting shards of glass in his food, but he doesn't fall for it and switches it with another one of the prisoners - While fighting "The Beast that Adam never Named" who has taken over the entire human subconscious, he manages to get a message out to his niece without it noticing. - Tricks the demon Buer - Continuation of the previous section. Constantine tricks Buer and the First of the Fallen. - Constantine refuses to be tempted by the First of the Fallen - Can recognize the sound of both barrels of a shotgun being cocked - Recognizes the signs of a werewolf attack - Uncovers the plot of the demon Nergal that was meant to trick him - He also forces Nergal's daughter, Rosacarnis, to go along with his schemes

Endless Mike
Trickery and Intelligence (Continued) - Talks a serial killer into killing himself - Even after having a memory erasing spell put on him, he can recognize the magic and knows how to reverse it. Also it wasn't completely effective in the first place. - A mage named Burnham knows he is going to hell when he dies, so he is trying to create a "soul cage", an artificial heaven, for his soul to inhabit after he dies. However he needs a powerful mage to build it for him, so he makes a deal with Mako, an African mage who kills other mages and steals their power. In return for Mako helping with the soul cage, he gives him access to a mirror with a portal to Hell that Mako can draw power from. John owns both of them. - Outsmarts two demons - Shows foresight as he tricked the Succubus Chantinelle (aka Ellie) - Tricks the Archangel Gabriel (this is a being of Lucifer Morningstar/Michael Demiurgos level, keep in mind) - Tricks Merlin (yes, the Merlin) - Has a fake battle with Ellie (although he does seem to be using real magic here), it's all part of a ruse to steal a book from the Vatican. - When John is captured and set to be executed by the mafia, he drives them all to madness and death merely with the power of persuasion. - "There is no subtler man on Earth than John Constantine, and for Hell to rule over Earth, it needs must rule over him." - The Lord of Vampires (who is older than the human race, and also implied to be Dracula) says that Constantine is "One of the most intelligent, able, and daring occult figures that's ever lived." He would know.

Endless Mike
Misc. Abilities Other spells, skills, etc. he has demonstrated. - Uses a spell to prevent being possessed - Some of the artifacts Constantine has (BTW that's Swamp Thing manifesting at the end there) - Astral projection/controlling his astral form - Casts a spell to cloak himself from magical detection - Puts a curse on some guy. (At the end you can see its effects being to manifest as his TV breaks) - Disappears from cops who are tracking him - Divination spell - Dowsing - His soul is trapped in an astral dimension and he escapes. The mages that put him there are amazed that he was able to do so. - Escapes Hell again - Intimidates a detective with his presence - Does the same thing to a security guard - Steals a guy's car keys, possibly using magic - Uses a spell to open a lock - Some kind of illusion/teleporation, also knocks out the lights in the room - Somehow switches the contents of an urn containing a person's ashes and the powder someone is smoking - Mnemonic Divination: He can track the location of a person by scanning for who has a specific memory - Only dazed after a mental attack - This spirit had been driving people mad and making them kill each other, John easily resists it - Apparently immune to the Empathy Engine, which was causing the population of an entire city to go mad and kill themselves. - Uses a spell to open a locked gate. - The Lord of Vampires tries to drink his blood, but due to the demon blood he has from an infusion by Nergal, it serves as poison to him, allowing the sun to come up and kill him - Uses meditation to suppress the pain from sticking his arm in a vat of boiling water - The FotF admits that Constantine has power - Casts a spell to preserve a dead body and keep it from decaying - Recognizes a curse and uses a chant to counter it - A spell forcing spirits to reveal themselves - Uses a spell to perform a sacrifice to stop a group of spirits from making a town go mad - Divines the combination to open a safe - John has saved the world on multiple occasions - More dowsing - He also knows stage magic, aka Sleight - of - Hand - Demonstrates either great speed or teleportation - Survived for 2 weeks buried underground - Turns a piece of cloth into a feather

That's all I have, however if I'm missing anything, feel free to contribute your own scans.

Great thread.

Endless Mike
FotF = First of the Fallen, I explained who he was in the thread

For more info, apparently when Lucifer was cast down to Hell, this guy was already there. You can say he was one of the Presence's earlier creations, possibly. Although Lucifer is stronger than he is he is still incredibly powerful.

Thank you for this. I usually don't look in Respect Threads, but I was lucky to find this. Thanks for this.

Just a couple of cool things I thought to upload after reading most the Hellblazer and some of the other Constantine stuff-

Goes to show how impressive John's standing in the magical world is and how magical people/creatures view him, considering they were all willing to take on Zatanna to get to Tim yet stopped dead when Constantine showed up.

Once John knows where the guy is he's able to disrupt his TV, explode a light bulb and speak telepathically to the guy in his flat whilst from the centre of London.

Does John have any current feats? From the past 2 years?

^^ good point! anything new?

Heavenly king
this is going to be a long ass thread. good job mike about time you use that omniscient mind of yours to make a great thread

I was hunting for reasons why Constantine could trump Dr Doom in a fight with a month prep...
Thank you.

Figured I may as well post this stuff...

DCnU Constantine

Destroys a member of 'The Cult of the Cold Flame'(Mr. E's organization) with a spell:

Teleports out of Mr. E's lair:

Manifests 'turnabout' and 'shivering ward' charms:
They appear to be protective spells.

Usurps the power of Shazam from Billy:

Owns Blight with a spell, and prepares yet another spell that could have killed Blight outright had Swamp Thing and Nightmare Nurse been able to hold him/it a little longer:

Owns one of the Seven Deadly Sins:

Owns a Vampire:

Owns a horde of Vampires(inc. Andrew Bennett):

Binds/imprisons Andrew Bennett:

Summons Amethyst against her will:

Summons Swamp Thing against his will:

Summons Phantom Stranger against his will, and banishes him away just as easily:

Enters a room in the House of Mystery and bars the door with 'Seven Seals'. Evidently this spell is powerful enough for John to boast: "God himself couldn't have gotten in." Aside from that, John was able to force-summon(and imprison) every member of the Trinity of Sin with 12 hours of prep:
Evidently some wacky f*cking rituals were involved in the above.

Although the ToS were able to break free of their imprisonment, the fact that Constantine was able to do this at all is remarkable:

Can sense mystical protection placed around others:

Can sense magical disturbances on a creation-spanning level:

Conjures a doorway to the afterlife:

Constantine 'claims' he won the House of Mystery in a poker game with Father Time and Doctor Occult:

Owns Faust:

Pandora's Box has no effect on Constantine's(already corrupted) soul:

Constantine(along with Nightmare Nurse and Swamp Thing) examine the collective unconscious of every soul that has ever existed:

Helped invoke a 'Mark of Dun-Kon-Wen' spell that was potent enough to fool Blight into thinking the JLD had all been killed by his hand:

Enchants Pandora's knife with a 'breath spell' potent enough to kill Sea King(despite the fact that he was merged with ALL the magics of the Nan Madol at the time.) John then removes the last remnants of Sea King's consciousness and imprisons Deadman's essence in his body:

It would later be revealed that John actually saved the fragment of Sea King's consciousness so that he could study it for clues:

Imprisons a Fire Troll in a 'Fairy Prison':

Unmakes Swamp Thing by severing his connection to The Green:

Good god, THOSE are some beastly feats.

Yeah, DCnU Constantine is currently the best at using magic these days. He's an absolute BEAST.

You should also post that Deadman couldn't possess Constantine. In one of the earlier issues of Justice League Dark.

Originally posted by Golgo13
You should also post that Deadman couldn't possess Constantine. In one of the earlier issues of Justice League Dark. thumb up I had it saved, but somehow it slipped through the cracks...

Deadman is unable to possess Constantine:
Frankly, it is astounding that Deadman was unable to affect John at all, given the laundry list of uber beings he's possessed in the DCnU thus far.

Originally posted by Galan007
thumb up I had it saved, but somehow it slipped through the cracks...

Deadman is unable to possess Constantine:
Frankly, it is astounding that Deadman was unable to affect John at all, given the laundry list of uber beings he's possessed in the DCnU thus far.

Thinking back at those old stories, why do they have Enchantress as a member of JLD? Wasn't she the big villain? lol


After traveling to Heaven, John avoids a physical punch from Spectre with a teleportation spell:

After mocking The Voice(of God), it was stated by Spectre that Constantine was able to 'fight' The Voice's wisdom:

John states that he could trap Spectre with a 'Vortex of Kellemore' incantation if he wanted to:

This gives credence to his previous claim that the earth's most powerful mages were capable of 'neutralizing' Spectre(to which Spectre agreed):

John states he can 'handle' Phantom Stranger(which he's already done a few times):

Teleports out of Heaven, and is able to outrun Zauriel long enough to reach the House of Mystery and invoke a 'Celestial Circle' imprisonment spell that is strong enough to trap Zauriel in the material world:

Remember, Zauriel was powerful enough to erase Phantom Stranger entirely from existence-- in fact, it took The Voice itself to resurrect PS from this doom:

Don't want to mislead anyone who doesn't read the issue...

The spell Constantine used to imprison Zauriel(see above) was short-lived. A few pages later, Zauriel was able to casually walk out of the Celestial Circle and *seemed* immune to one of Constantine's prepless spells:

This, however, doesn't change the fact that a spell John invoked on the fly was still powerful enough to initially contain Zauriel AND shield Constantine from one of his rage-fueled attacks. So yeah, it's still an uber feat either way.

**** it, John is a BEAST.

thumb up

Was he like that before the reboot?

His beastliness is undoubtedly more....pronounced.... in the DCnU. He is the most powerful mage, and DC is going out of their way to make that clear.

Dunno why I haven't posted this little humdinger yet...

Mr. E removes John's soul from his body with a cheap-shot attack. This, however, still doesn't stop John from owning him...
John: "Unlike most people, I know how to fight outside my body."
Mr. E: "You're more disciplined than ah thought, Constantine. It's not an easy thing, to leap out of your body like that. With no preparation whatsoever. The more ah deal with you, the more ah respect you.":

Constantine battles Mr. E, before ultimately destroying him with the Moonblade:

It would later be revealed that after a little magical 'tweaking', Constantine was able to imprison Mr. E's essence within the Moonblade for as long as he chooses:


Now, what makes the above feat SOOOO much more impressive is that Mr. E was massively amped by 1/3 the power of ALL the relics Constantine kept locked up-- relics that were ALL stolen by Mr. E's Cult and sapped of their energies:

Sargon further confirms this:

The magic in these relics was potent enough to make the likes of Faust, Papa Midnite, Etrigan, and even Spectre himself pause in concern:

And like Sargon stated above: Mr. E was further amped by the magics he'd stolen from other mages(3 were shown on panel):



In fact, Mr. E was so powerful at this point that after Constantine 'killed' him, Sargon absorbed 1/2 of his latent magics(the other 1/2 went to Tannarak), and became God-like:

And remember: per Constantine, Mr. E was already a "Grade-A Wizard" before he absorbed any magic:

....Yet good ol' Johnny beat him in the space of a few pages. Lol, RESPEK!

Constantine's origin in the DCnU:

Constantine kills Nick Necro(pre-resurrection), and steals his trench coat:

A brief scuffle between Constantine and Nick(post-resurrection):
As you can see, Nick was still pissed about the whole trench coat thing...

John is able to conjure a magical portal of sorts, which allows him to watch any ongoing event of his choosing, from anywhere on earth-- like flipping on the TV news:

Tells Doctor Mist that his magical protection seals are complete shit:

...Yet these 'shitty seals' were responsible for safeguarding 'The Black Room'(ARGUS' compendium of ridiculously powerful supernatural artifacts):
(They should've hired Constantine as head of security, lol.)

John is able to utilize some of Zatanna's backwards magic... Enough to snap her out of a mental spell, at least:

Negates the spell Nick Necro used to bind Zatanna, with a gesture:

Negates the spell Nick Necro used to freeze Deadman, with a gesture:

And just for a point of reference, Necro was not only Constantine's original teacher of magic(see above), but after his demonic resurrection his powers were amplified, and he became powerful enough to stomp most of the magical big dogs in DC. More examples:

John and Nightmare Nurse invoke a 'Blackmare Curse'--one of the more complex spells in existence. It transforms its user into a literal demon and releases all of their inner darkness. After this curse was activated, the duo did extremely well against Blight, but NN pulled John away and negated the spell before he killed Blight's innocent host:

John's magic is such that Zauriel states he possesses "mastery of the material world.":

Easily shreds through several layers of Faust's magical defenses:

Can see through Nick Necro's illusion spell, thanks to the 'Tag and Track' charms he cast on his real teammates:

John owns Nick Necro with some kind of on-the-fly strangulation spell, before getting blindsided by the dickless b*tch Faust himself:
Either way, defeating Nick so casually is remarkable, given that he was shown to be more powerful than pretty much any other mage in DC(see above.)

Constantine shields himself, and a group of heroes, from Orko's mind-control spell:

This same spell mind-phucked every other metahuman on earth:

Originally posted by Galan007
Constantine shields himself, and a group of heroes, from Orko's mind-control spell:

This same spell mind-phucked every other metahuman on earth:
Interesting. Would be cool if we see another Superman/Orion fight.

A weakened Constantine tanks a punch from Sea King(possessed by Nick Necro), before expelling Deadman from Sea King's body:

John once again proves that he is un-possessable:

Necro then possesses Swamp Thing and uses him to pull Constantine into the The Green. But unbeknownst to Necro, Constantine has Druid blood in him(evidently he won a pint of it in "a very enjoyable game of chance" lol), and is able to utilize a 'Wood Walk' spell enabling him to expertly navigate through The Green:

Necro uses a cheap shot to get Constantine into a magic circle that begins dragging he(and Swamp Thing) to Hell. Before being dragged down, however, Constantine appears to kill Necro by skewering him with a magical blade he manifested on the fly:

That comic have really manifested into "lets make sure Constantine does something crazy in every issue"


Constantine uses a spell that enables him to use demon blood to "fuel his escape" from Hell:

Constantine KO's Faust(with a baton, lol) and usurps his plan to remove all Gods, Demons, and Syndicates from earth:

Constantine whips up a dimensional portal and BFRs Dark Orko and Skeletor(after He-Man had harmed/weakened them):

A fraction of Constantine's consciousness(one of his inner demons made manifest) takes human form and is able to usurp the power of every mage on earth from Faust before discharging it to help save Zatanna:

Constantine's haxxness cannot be overstated.

John once again displays his ridiculously uber resistance to mental/mystical tampering--this time against Spellbinder:

John not only endures Spellbinder's attempts at mind-phuckery, but goes on to shatter his spells and cast him out:
Spellbinder: "You pushed me out. Nobody. Nobody has ever broken free of my spells... Your strength. It's unprecedented."

Constantine owns Frankenstein, Nightmare Nurse, Deadman, and Black Orchid with an omnidirectional blast:

John displaces Frankenstein's sword into a pocket dimension, before downing him with a single word:

KO's Nightmare Nurse by deflecting her own attack right back at her, via Frankenstein's sword. He then owns Black Orchid by 'peeling away the layers of lies' around her identity:

Deadman tries to possess John. He fails:

John is truly unreal.

Dr. Matthew
constantine master race!


Constantine is able to see magical enchantments, and puts a security guard in a stasis field:

John beats 'The Secret Queen of Hong Kong'--an immensely powerful mage amped by the fortune of every being in Hong Kong(nearly 7.2M people)--in her own place of power, with a few well-placed/uber spells:
(Note that he negated/removed her power, as well as the power of her entire magical fortress, in the last scan.)

Is able to peer into the future:

John to be introduced in Injustice.

Constantine keeps 'The Blade of Baphomet' on his person--a mystical artifact that can evidently kill extremely powerful demons, like Asa.

Can whip up a portal to The Between:

John was able to expel the sentient consciousness/essence of The Between(an entire dimension) from Swamp Thing:

Combines his power with Zatanna's and escapes The Between:

Constantine conjures a concealment spell to mask his scent and dull any sound he might make, in order to hide from Werewolf hybrids(of whom obviously have enhanced senses):

John once again demonstrates the ability to manipulate The Green:

Uses another concealment spell to hide from Werewolves, and also kills one of them with 'enchanted silver':

Tannarak, with his heavily amplified power, still fears Constantine more than ANY other mage, so he activates the 'kill switch', which *appears* to destroy John:

...But if Constantine has proven one thing, it's that death is never a permanency for him.

Continued from above...

As expected, Constantine survives Tannarak's 'kill switch' relatively unharmed--although he was displaced in time:

John implanted a 'subliminal' inside Sargon. This prevents her from aiming any kill-spells toward Julia:

John states the power of Tannarak and Sargon MIGHT be enough to overwhelm Spellbinder:
Remember, this is the same Spellbinder who John beat solo--the same Spellbinder who was awestruck by John's power(posted on the previous page.)

Bypasses the magical defenses of Doctor Occult:

Manipulates/alters Occult's artifact-empowered attack to his whim(which was stated to have universal influence):
Constantine also notes that Occult is the best mage he's ever met.

Sargon and Tannarak can sense the disturbance this caused...
Tannarak: "Somebody's done something very reckless. Torn through the structure of ALL things.":

Constantine ends up in the Futures End-verse:

John is undeniably DC's top mage.

Constantine 'acquires' the Helmet of Fate and goes on a bit of a journey:

Constantine vs. Wotan:

Constantine is amazing. DC is doing a great job with him. Hope this remains. Nice scans Galan.

Constantine manifests a complex spell that will enable him to invade Apokolips and deceive Darkseid himself...

"This thing that's hit your world--it's a roving planet called "Apokolips". It's some kind of extra-dimensional monster generator... Fueled by destruction... And ruled by a dark God of cruelty and degradation. But he's not a machine. He's a being. And anything that thinks, feels, and perceives... Can be tricked.":

*Enter Doctor Fate*

Constantine mainfests a projection spell capable of fooling even true-form Darkseid and his "eighteen divine senses" into thinking the universe they were in was dead:

That is absolutely incredible. thumb up

Originally posted by Galan007
Constantine mainfests a projection spell capable of fooling even true-form Darkseid and his "eighteen divine senses" into thinking the universe they were in was dead:

That is absolutely incredible. thumb up

You don't think that's Doom level shit right there?

Originally posted by Golgo13
You don't think that's Doom level shit right there?


Constantine was buttphucking god and the devil when Doom was tinkering on his first vibrator.

Yeah that's pretty crazy. I'm def going to be buying the new Constantine (Tyne) coming out. thumb up

Originally posted by krisblaze

Constantine was buttphucking god and the devil when Doom was tinkering on his first vibrator.

Originally posted by Galan007
Constantine mainfests a projection spell capable of fooling even true-form Darkseid and his "eighteen divine senses" into thinking the universe they were in was dead:

That is absolutely incredible. thumb up


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