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Fantasy Zero

Faced with the plaugue of the century,Otherlima, most the inhabitants of the world have been infected turning them into ravaging monsters. Only a few have not been affected and are immune to the plague. Even animals are ravaging beasts. The world is swallowed in peril and there is only a few warriors left to try to end the disease.

Zero a mad scientist once named Doctor Zero until he wanted power to take over life as we know it. Although his experiment lead to Otherlima. He hisself would have been affected but falling into vials of different potions he mixed with the plague with the different chemicals turning him into an imperfect beast. Unlike the other beasts he still has his mind.

Zero now with different abilities and powers has found out there are others that weren't effected this enraged him to certain extents. Zero was stuck with his hideous feature and hated it, so being a mad scientist he plans to absorb the others to reclaim his regular body.

Zero has found 7 others that haven't been affected, but instead of absorbing them he turned them into powerful allies that worked for him to find the others. They are also imperfect beasts. Names are 7,6,5,4,3,2, and of course 1. They are named accorded to power with 1 being the strongest.

There is but one way to stop all of the beasts in the world. Defeat Zero. If the few warriors left can defeat Zero they can end the chaos and peril. Though the warriors are not together, one warrior has sent out a letter to the other warriors telling them to meet. That one warrior is Lycan.

Lycan a navy blue haired 18 year old was sleep in his college dorm whenhe awoke to a loud boom. He looked outside and saw a huge red beast rampaging around. It had jagged teeth and long claws. It killed bypassers
and destroyed buildings. This was the first time he ever saw such a beast. The Elite Warriors of America(EWA) tried to stop these monsters but were defeated or infected with Otherlima.

Lucan survived eventually reealizing if he was immune there had to be others. Using an ancient magic he sent out urgent distress letters that only were programmer to be revived by anyone without the disease. The letter says to meet in Toronto since it is the most unpopulated place on earth.

Lycan had to teach himself self defense if he wanted to stay alive. He found the secret EWA organization in Washington. Using books found he taught himself ancient arts of fighting with swords and using different magicks. With that information he hopes to find and kill Zero with the help of others.


1. No powerplaying or godmodding.

2. If you have arguments take it to pm please and thank you.

3. If you quit the rp please tell me and make a ending post so if your interacting with other players you won't just leave them hanging.



Name: Lycan Night
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Oreintation: Straight
Alignment: Good
Appearance: ttp://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3Aj92fRr-o3otwuM%3A%3As998.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Faf107%2FBeta- Maxis%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3DAnimeGuySword
Weapon: Noctis Blade
Abilities: Elite Magicks-
Can use strong thunder spells
Strong healing spells
Trap spells
Race: Human
Bio: (above)

Name: Seryth ( aka Shade as he likes to be called)
Age: 18
Sex: M
Oreintation: Straight
Alignment: Good
Weapon: GunBlade
Abilities: Fire and water attacks
Race: Human
Bio: I will add later or into the actual rp for definite if thats okay.

for some reason my img wont show sad
but i shall post my char l8r

Name: Seigfreid Justice
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Oreintation: straight
Alignment: good
Appearance: http://idrawgirls.com/images/2009Q4/how-to-draw-manga-anime-hero.jpg
Weapon: Tyranny Linked- can divide into different swords
Abilities: dark magicks
Race: Human
Bio(optional): shall post later

here's his weapon-http://thedarkblade.com/wp-content/uploads/adventchildrenbustersword_5401.jpg

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