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"The mighty leader of the Gods, Zeus!"


Zeus, son of Chronus and Rhea, is a mighty ruler of the gods. He sits upon Mt. Olympus looking down on his creation, man. Long ago the gods grew lonely and needed to feel more powerful. Zeus used his extrodinary power to make man to worship the gods. The more man worships the gods the more they grow in power. The gods were once immortal, but man began to doubt the gods. Many a day go by where man prays for help, but many do not recieve. This angered man to a point were they had not respect for the gods. While the gods loath in their power they start to become lazy. They don't realize they are losing power until it's almost too late. They belive if the rebellion against them continues any longer than a year they will be mortal and are vunerable to death. Feared for there lives the gods find a loyal blacksmith. The god Zeus asks for the blacksmith to craft an armor for the gods that will make them plenty powerful. All of the gods put together their mighty power to create a metal, anthromitallion. In return, the blacksmith shall recieve powers of a god and help with his poor family. Zeus tells the blacksmith of a horrid plan to rid the world of all people and start over be ause of their unfaithfullness. He promises to give the blacksmiths family wealth and make him an immortal Demi god. The blacksmith accepts and recieives the anthromittalion. Being a wise man the blacksmith asks for more than needed for he knew a god would recieve you in a minute. The black smith made the armor for the gods, but sure enough Zeus didn't keep his side of the deal. Angered the blacksmith gathers up fine young warriors. Men, and women. All that were worthy enough for the armor. The blacksmith tells the warriors what the gods plan to do and all of them have enough reason to hate the gods already. With the left over anthromittalion the blacksmith makes armor for all the young warriors he has gathered so that they can take on the power of the gods. Still he had leftover anthromittalion so out of it he crafted 10 weapons fit for gods, weapons the warriors would wear, for they were the only weapon that could take a gods life away.

Hades Horns: Twin swords armed with the power of fire.

Athro: Sword with the power of thunder.

Geo: Greatsword with the power of earth.

Helios: Whip with the will of ice.

Stratos: Longsword with the power of dark

Harmony: Bow equiped with light.

Pyoneices: Axe with sharpness of no other.

Creon: Chains with sharp daggers on the end to make fighting varied.

Odeapus: Mighty guantlets only Hercules could match.

Ismene: Beatiful crystal that gives usern infinity sharp discs to throw.

Eteocles: Trident infused with poisonous abilities.

Antigone: Knives filled with shame and sorrow.

Passion: One blade that splits into 8.


1.You can make your own weapon you do not havE to pick one from the list.

2. Arguing to pm.

3. Announce you quit

4.don't kill someone without permission.

Also this game will be somewhat graphic, so to speak, so if you don't want to hear about gore, blood, sex, and more this is not for you!

Rated M for Mature(you don't have to be 17)

Yes using rated R cuss word is permitted!




Name: Nefarius Punitor
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Orientation: Hetero
Appearance: http://img.war-europe.com/syndic_img/conceptart/de/31-07-08/CA0807_05.jpg
Alignment: (More info please)
Weapon: Stratos
Bio: Nefarius was always against the gods, he didn't need any encouragment to hate them. He often stood at the door of the secret churches he and his sister had founded, only letting in who had permition and killing anyone who insisted on entering.

Hitosu Moriko
Name: Kiyoshi Ketsuka

Age: 8

Sex: M

Oreintation: Straight

Appearance: http://th04.deviantart.net/fs43/300W/f/2009/142/e/e/eea65ce88b32f6bbf306d7a81d120ef4.jpg

Alignment: Good

Weapon: Geo

Bio: Kiyoshi is apart of the Ketsuka clan he wishes to become the new emperor to save his clan from an evil emperor that rules it his uncle Jurikotsu is the emperor, rule has it the one who defeats the emperor is the new emperor Kiyoshi is not only a master at martial arts but his first attempt at his uncle led him almost to his death the boy now travels the world looking to get stronger to save his clan

Name: Haron Gekas
Oreintation: Straite
Appearance: (see pic)
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Weapon:Harmony, Shoots lightining arrows
Bio:Haron became the apprentice to a Bow-crafter at the age of 9, and ever since, he has been learning from his master. He practices with the bows he crafts, day and night.

Name: Emeocles Jess
Age: 17
Sex: F
Oreintation: Straight
Appearance: http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm125/Strawberry_Snow/Anime%20Girls/AnimeGirl197.jpg
Alignment: Good
Weapon: Athro
Bio: Emeocles' father was filled with a sickness only the gods could cause and cure. She prayed for a year but they failed to deliver. Emeocles wants revenge on what happened to her father by killing the gods.

Name: Hermess Sekkiom
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Oreintation: straight
Appearance: http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/142474/link-anime-warrior-prince-31000.jpg take away sword replace chained daggers
Alignment: good
Weapon: Creon
Bio: Hermess hates the gods and everything they are. He belives them as selfish and greedy. He doesn't associate with anyone who worships the gods. Be has a reason. 10 years ago his best friends, Hercules found out he was a Demi-god. After that he refused to play with Hermess at all. Hercules soon enslaved the village with his power killing the whole village and only sparring Hermess life so they could fight once again.

Name: Hercules
Powers: Incredible strength.

Name: Posiedon
Powers: Controls the sea.

Name: Hermes
Powers: Speed demon. Close range fighting, arrows.

Will post alot more later

they look scary ._.

More Gods
Name: Hades
Powers: Controls the underworld
Name: Ares
Powers: Master weaponist, god of war.

Name: Athena
Powers: Contorls the sea, guardian of poisiedon.

Name: Medusa
Powers: Can turn anyone to stone if looked upon in her eyes. Not a god but her head is a well needed weapon.

more to come

Ill start l8r.

Name: Krist Marotu
Age: 20
Sex: male
Oreintation: Straight
Alignment: BAD ( you wont know right away )
Weapon: Scythe
Bio: Skills of vast majority he rids himself with dead. He has no trust in anyone and often stabs people in the back in hopes he is never caught. He pretends to be ones friend till the end, when things take a turn for the worst. He acts like a good person and wields his mighty scythe

This is himhttp://img263.imageshack.us/img263/967/70940656.th.jpg

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Cool we have enough I'll post the rp when I'm back from the mall.

yay smile

Wow nearly all of those villain pics are from God Of War!!!


And Kratos is the main char of the series isn't he? By the way I was thinking of this RP while eating breakfast and suddenly it just sprang into my mind: "Apocalypse, not even the gods are truly immortal" How does that sound?

Hmmmmm. That sounds really good...

^^ Thanks.

Yea. So lets go kick some gods ass!

So who would like to control Hermes?

Wait who are you gonna take then?

No i'm just saying that other people can control the different gods when we fight them.

Now I get it. Thanks!
I'm thinking about Hermes. Anything I have to take notice of when playing him?

Just make sure he talks alot of s***

Alright then. But be warned: I like immobilizing and/or wounding the heroes before I go down.


Prepre heroes! Your hardest fight has yet to come. big grin

Im sorry i keep forgetting to post. Been playing too much Monster Hunter...

Remind me what game was that again?

The game you get either a sword, great sword, bowgun, bow, dual swords, or long sword(and now a switch axe) and kill huge monsters. Good hardcore gaming for thewii finally. I was tired of mario.../i was thinking of making an RP from it.

Now I remember! I was thinking of buying it. But then I bought NHL 2K10. stick out tongue

You should really consider buying it. Capcom went all oout with this game. Good fighting, graphics, upgrades. And the new monsters are crazy! This is not for someone who plays super mario galaxy 2

offtopic Completely.
I'll PM you so we can continue this discussion.

Back on topic: would it be incorrect to say this RP is dead/dying?

The whole KMC is dying...


Project Termina
Name: Raansik (pronunciation: Ron-sick)

Age: I forget. I stopped counting at 300

Gender: Male

Appearance: No one really knows...

Weapon: Antigone

Bio: A dark figure, wearing black, who only comes out of his home at night.

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