The Majini

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Snafu the Great

And you thought the Ganados were bad.

The term 'Majini' is Swahili for 'Evil Spirit.' Shortly before Chris and Sheva's arrival, the Kijuju Autonomous Zone was infected through Ricardo Irving via Type 2 Plagas.

Unlike the original Plagas, Type 2 is forced in through the mouth and takes about 5 seconds for the parasite to control its victims (I also think that given the state of decomposition seen in the Wetlands Majini, the body is dead, but the Plaga is still alive)

According to the files on the Majini in Resident Evil 5, it states: "The parasite attaches itself to a human host and is assimilated by the central nervous system. Infected humans lose all rational thinking facilities and are wholly subject to control by another type of Plaga known as control Plaga (usually another infected human). Hosts may lack rational thought function, but they still retain human-level intelligence such as the ability to understand and communicate with each other. They can use tools and are surprisingly crafty when working in groups against an enemy, also they are able to operate motor vehicles and heavy firearms."

Unlike the Las Plagas discovered in Europe that was injected into humans during the egg phase, waiting to reach maturity within the host's body, Type 2's infection occurs from a mature parasite. This requires it to enter the host orally, usually by being forced directly into the potential host's mouth.

Like the Spanish "Ganado," the plaga within the Majini are able to control the mind of the host via the nervous system. They inhabit the spinal column similar to the Ganado Plaga and enter the host's body through the throat.

There are three types of Majini seen in RE5.

1. Town Majini

The locals of Kijuju seen in town and at the Tricell Oil Refinery.

The notable Town Majini are The Agitator (dude with the megaphone and Johnny Knoxville-style shades), Allyson (the hot blonde who transforms into a Cephalo upon death), the Executioner Majini and the (ugh!) Chainsaw Majini.

2. Wetlands Majini

The infected Ndipaya tribe. As mentioned earlier, I think that Plaga exposure could lead to death, but the Plaga itself is still alive.

Notable Wetlands Majini: The Giant Majini (who had been exposed to Type 3 Plagas, hence his height)

3. Base Majini

The deadliest of the bunch. Armed with Stun Rods, grenades, assault rifles and even RPGs, these mofos are indeed tough.

The Gatling Gun Majini is the more recognizable of the Base Majini.

Oh, I done some digging around, and I found someone who had translated the Agitator's lines. Check it out:

"People, think of what awaits us! The paradise! It, Uroboros, is a gift - we are lucky presentees!"

(Regarding Fisher) "He here is an infidel, a fiend. So we now will make an example of him."

(Upon seeing Chris and Sheva in the house) "Intruders! There in the house! No one shall find out what happened here! They shall die! GET THEM!"

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