Spider-Man Runs the Rogues Gauntlet

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Scenario: Spider-Man must face a series of opponents in 1 v. 1 matches. Everyone is in character, no PIS, victory by death, KO, or incapacitation. Characters start .5 miles apart in view of each other.
- 1 hour rest between each Match.
- Spider-Man is told who he is facing 15 minutes before each match, but no knowledge of the character.
- Spidey knows he will be going into a number of 1 v. 1's.
- All characters begin match alert and ready.
- Rogues don't know who they will be facing.

Setting: Coney Island. Nightitme.

1. Chillbaine
2. Trickster (Axel)
3. Heat Wave
4. Captain Boomerang (Owen)
5. Top
6. Captain Cold
7. Weather Wizard
8. Pied Piper
9. Mirror Master (McCulloch)
10. Inertia

How far can he make it?

No one?

Well, i think he could make it to #5 if he is at his best.

Johnny Sorrow
Definitely stopped at #6.

Definately at 6....possibly before.

Johnny Sorrow
Originally posted by Lunacyde
Definately at 6....possibly before.

I've never seen the Top in action. Does he have hypnotism powers or something similar?

that was his girlfriend iirc, altho she might have taught him.

He can spin at incredible speeds allowing him to ricochet objects and travel quickly. He also has increased intelligence, TK and TP abilities, he can induce vertigo and disorientation, and has gimmick tops with glue, explosives, etc. though he hasn't used those much since the Silver Age from what I've seen.

Wild Shadow
no one really wanted to answer this thread for various reasons..

a) spidey fans dont like to post in threads where it is overly one sided and they cant argue for spidey..

b) spidey isnt making it past 6 if he gets past 5 no point to argue it further since it is obvious.

c) some might see this as just a bait thread against spidey..

Tha C-Master
Not so much that, there have been several one sided threads on Spiderman where his general supporters have said he loses. I think it has more to do with the familiarity of the characters. People might not be up on these characters as much, he loses against Captain Cold though.

I honestly dont remember/have no idea who most of these guys are.

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