the adventures of jack stills

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Dorian Belmont
recently i had a major brain fart ( dont worry i sprayed Fabreeze >.< )I'd like to create a new super hero

here is his super cool stat card

name : jack stills
secret identity :N/A
weight:250 pounds normally though his weight does sometimes increase or decrease during battles
day job :singer in a band known as rodenttherodent,pizza guy
powers:enhanced agility,super strength, increased cellular regeneration (fast healing, and to answer the next question nothing close to wolverines regenerative abilities 1/4 of that )
the ability to absorb and reuse kinetic energy
eye color: blue
hair color: black
hair type : rocker/ jew fro (you heard me )

kooky catch phrase : haven't thought of one yet

personality:somewhat of a wise ass ....and apt to sometimes do the wrong thing but usually cops to it in the end

and without further guilding the lily

the adventures of jack stills

issue number 1

( also mind you I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed there might be spelling errors
and what not I"M open to criticism long as its constructive .also open to input)

It all began when...Jack Stills your average joe trying to make it as a rockstar overslept one day ."ah SHIT I'm late!" he falls out of bed and bumps his head on the night table as he scrambles to get "ow! that's gonna leave a mark."he quickly showers, throws on his favorite shirt and jeans and runs out the door and into his car "comeon!comeon!"he yells at his car as it refuses to start .five minutes later after some very colorful profanity the car starts and he peels out of the drive way and speeds down the the quiet suburban street into down town and is imeddiately caught in traffic "Oh for the love of god....MOVE YOUR ASS!"he yells out his window which is when he notices the military humvees escorting a large truck with a bio-hazzard symbol on the side "great .....thanks again government .well might as well turn on the radio "he turns the knob and gets nothing but static ."damn piece of shit car ...doesn't anything work "he quickly flicks through all the presets only to find more white noise .Suddenly a deafening screech comes from over head as a giant shadow passes over the car and goes towards the truck at the center of the convoy "this definitely isn't gonna end well "Jack quips as he stares in disbelief out his windshield and watches as a giant flying creature with an insect-like head and powerful tallons circles overhead ,the body of the creature appears to have stiff hairs and large spines across its back are generating large arcs of electricity .The creature screeches again and lobs a bolt of energy at the lead humvee reducing it to a smoking pile of metal then dives straight at the bio-hazzard truck ripping the top off like paper ,as people begin screaming and panicking. Jack just stares and thinks to himself "Idiots...all it wants is the nuclear waste if you stay put there probably won't be any fatalities" just then the creature and the truck explode .the last thing jack sees before losing conciousness is a large barrel that was hurled from the truck whistling through the air ,and breaking open upon impact with the windshield ...2 days later

"should we start looking for a new singer ?"

"dude! what the $%#@ !" its not like he's dead"

as Jack"s head clears and fog leaves his vision "he also isn't deaf you idiots. "
he looks around the room and spots his friends , Chris "magic fingers " daltry, an inch shorter than Jack, in his usual jean shorts and black tank top his long blond locks draping his shoulders which has always been something Jack has busted his chops about , and Cody Judd who has been Jack's friends since he can remember "Didn't think some over grown cockroach would be be the end of me did ya goldie locks ?"
jack sits up "how long was i out? "
"two days "Cody replies "how do you feel ?"
"not bad considering ... "jack swings his legs over the side of the bed and slides onto the floor as his feet hit the floor the tiling craters in "huh ?"
"dude are you like a super hero or something now ? not fair i want super powers too " Chris says sarcastically ."go get doused in radioactive goo and you will " jack says as he walks to the wall and punches the section of wall out the other side of the building as his friends stare in disbelief "all
right guys time to finds me some baddies to beat up . "

to be continued

Dorian Belmont
drinks coffee*

Dorian Belmont
read it .like it . love it .

Dorian Belmont
wow .....myspace this has over 100 views not so much

Dorian Belmont
what no comments !? i know people were in here i can see the empty beer cans stashed in the corner like you thought i wouldnt look there

Dorian Belmont
superhero WOOSH!

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