R.I.P. Paul Gray

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Omnislash Kid
I'm going to keep this short because words cannot express my feelings towards this loss. Paul Gray, despite what many people think was an amazing musician, crazy guy, and inspiration to me in more ways than just music.
Slipknot will never be the same without him, and I hope they continue to make music and not replace Paul. I dont know if I can bear to listen to any of their music now, but I will go to the rest of their concerts to support my favorite band. They have widened my gaze of music. I can only hope that he is in a better place, despite me being Atheist, and that Slipknot, his friends and family, and all of his fans will get through this ok.
I'm truly devastated by his death. Please, pay tribute to him.


I'm gonna miss him, I still wanted to go to one of their future shows. Still may, though it won't be the same.

RIP Paul.
Just saw Slipknot back in 2008 at Mayhem Tour. sad

The Pict
I was shocked when I heard this yesterday. 2010 has seen us lose proper metal stars fairly quickly.
I was lucky enough to see Paul play live when I saw Slipknot a few years ago. Incredible performance it was.

So what, now the have 19 members and still suck?

How did Paul die? I can't find any sources.

Omnislash Kid
Ax3l is a douche-bag.
And police will be doing an autopsy on Tuesday. Slipknot and family think it was probably drug related since he's been doing drugs. If you know anything about him you'd know he's had a tough life.
Man, when I watched the press conference I cried.

Darth Jello
Not really a fan so I wouldn't know, but based on his personal appearance, was he in anyway related to the legendary Craig Gray from Negative Trend and Toiling Midgets?

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