China, Russia, Europe, And 2010

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Well guys, it is finally here. 2010 is here. And I must tell all of you who are reading this, I am VERY worried about this year and what it will mean for the entire World. Especially Europe.

I can not stress this enough. I have said for many years on this board that if World War 3 was to take place, that it would most likely take place either in or very close to the year 2010. There are many reasons that I believe this, and I have stated them in my other threads already, so I won't go into the reasons why I think this is, but I will state that I have never been more serious when I say that Russia and Europe could be in for one of the toughest years they have ever had to experience.

Now I would also like to point out that right now, as we speak, Russia is experiencing a spiritual renewal like perhaps it has never experienced before. It is a country that is in the process of turning over a brand leaf leaf, and it is a very GOOD leaf, that will bare many good fruits. But as with any transformation, there are always birthing pains before something new is born.

Also, The United States, and anyone who lives in the United States, MUST understand, that Russia is going to be the most important country that will be tied into the destiny and future of the United States if we expect our country to survive the coming years. There will be no other country that will be more important to keep as a friend than will be Russia during the year 2010. And this works both ways. If anyone who is Russian is reading this text, please understand that no matter how many problems the United States and Russia have had with each other in the past, at no other time in Russia's history is it going to be important to keep the United States as a close ally in the coming year. Simply put, our two countries are going to have to increase our friendship with each other more so than we have ever before. We absolutely, positively, beyond the shadow of a doubt, need to see each others countries as two arms of the same body, both working together for the benefit of the entire body as a whole. We must not allow ANY tensions to break us further apart from each other, because if we do it will only result in the possible destruction of each of our countries by themselves, and it is very likely that we could lose the possible war that I can see taking place with China this coming year if we do not work together as a team.

Russia deserves it's credit for World War 2. We have to, as a nation (the United States that is) give much of the credit to Russia for helping us win the war against that insane creature we refer to as Hitler. If not for Russia beating Hitler's army during the battles they faced in World War 2 on Russian territory, it is absolutely possible that Hitler and his minions would have taken total control of Russia and would therefore in turn have been successful in their campaign against the World. It is very important for the American people to understand that Russia during World War 2 was just as crucial as America was against the Japanese when it came to the final outcome of the success of the allies vs axis during that dangerous time in our modern day history. So for all the people of Russia, you should be extremely proud, because it was your country who defeated Hitler's army, and you played an extremely important role in that war, and helped all of us here in the United States of America turn the tide for the better sake of Humanity, and I for one salute you. And I appreciate your help in that war.

I'm going to get into my feelings about China during the year 2010 in my next post (which should be a little bit later tonight), but once again I can not stress the importance for the United States Government of forming an extremely tight bond with Russia and it's leaders, because more than ever before in our countries destiny's I believe they will be intertwined during the coming year, and it will be a year of extreme aggression between nations, and we will need each other to survive it, and to come out of it at the end in one piece. So I will leave it at that for now, and come back later to talk about the role that I believe China will play during 2010, which is only a month away from beginning. I will say that all of Eastern and even parts of Western Europe are going to be in extreme danger this year (2010), and that if the people in that part of the World thought they were going through rough times at the moment, then hold onto your seats my friends because you haven't seen anything yet.

China. A country with a secret. A country which keeps many secrets. A country which currently has leaders who are hungry for something. Very hungry and very eager for something indeed. And what is that something? Power. China's leaders know that the window for their opportunity for achieving dominance in the World is not going to last forever, and that they have a limited chance for making their move onto the World stage and to attempt to become the number one supreme superpower in the World. This is the goal that China's leaders are currently focusing on. Regardless of what the mainstream media is currently reporting about them.

China has been rapidly building up it's forces for one purpose and one purpose only. For an invasion. They have not been building up their forces for defensive purposes at all. And they are focusing nearly all of their attention and resources on planning for the invasion of their neighbor, Russia, whom as I said before is literally going to be the decisive factor during World War 3 if China chooses to use it's muscle to attempt to take control during the very tumultuous year that lies ahead of us. If China plans to take it's place as the dominant country in the World, as the United States had become in the past, then it knows that Russia stands in the way of it's success, and it is imperative to the Chinese leaders that Russia be subdued in order for their plans to work.

To the Russian people: China has been closely keeping tabs on your country and it's weaknesses for a few years now. They have run military exercises with your military because they have been looking for holes in your countries defenses, and trust me when I tell you that they have already found some, and are going to try and exploit them if they do indeed decide to launch there campaign in 2010. So to Russia, I have one word that your country and it's leaders need to focus on (and they are already beginning to realize this), DEFENSE. DEFENSE. DEFENSE. Your government should right now be putting nearly all of it's finances towards the buildup of your countries defenses, and your military focus should be at least 80% on defending the borders of your country, because if China chooses to do the unthinkable, it will decide to invade your nation. And it will attempt to crush your military capabilities, just as Hitler did not too long ago.

Russia is a thorn in China's side for dominance. The Chinese leaders do NOT wish to share control with Russia in any way shape or form. They may pretend to want to work with your country, but in fact behind the scenes they are planning to do the exact opposite, and Russia does not fit into the Chinese leader's plans for taking center stage.

And the Chinese leaders have two countries in mind for increasing their troop size. Mongolia and North Korea. This is where China will obtain a large percentage of it's troops from. Those two countries are going to be playing a very large role in China's plans during 2010 if China does choose to start World War 3. And you can bet that the North Korean and Mongolian leaders are already aware of this. It is no coincidence that the North Korean leaders seem to be getting braver and braver as the days pass, and it's not because of their plans to obtain nuclear weapons (as they would like us to believe), but it is instead because of the fact that they know that China has included them in it's plans for domination. And they truly do believe that they are going to be receiving a large piece of the pie in the event that China is successful.

And what about the Muslim nations that are currently causing trouble in certain parts of the World? What about them? They too have already been discussing things with various Chinese leaders, and they too are making plans to join the Chinese in their crusade if they do indeed push forward with their agenda. Some of the Muslim countries that are going to join sides with the Chinese are nations like Libya, Iran, and Syria. Those are some of the main countries to keep an eye on, because they have been working very closely with the Chinese behind the scenes. They are all waiting very patiently for China to make it's move....and they will continue to try and keep the focus of America on their part of the World, all while China sits back and prepares for it's major attack.

China, and all of it's allies, look for much of Europe to be their prize. They know that if they can take all of Eastern and some of Western Europe, that they can build an empire of epic proportions, and one that will dominate the World for hundreds of years to come.

This is the true reality of our situation. This is what has been taking place for quite awhile now. And if Russia does not prepare itself for the possible impending attacks, then it will be taken by storm and along with much if not all of Eastern Europe as well. Only Russia has the capability to protect it's close neighbors in the event of an attack from China. The American forces will be waging battle in the Middle East during that time and will not have the same capability that Russia will have to strategically use it's troops in that part of the World. The United States will in fact be pre-occupied with fighting it's battles in the Middle East, and will not be able to help Italy or any of it's close neighbors when the Chinese and Muslims attack it. So it will all depend on Russia, who will be waging it's own battles within it's own borders, and which will need all of the resources it can muster if it expects to hold off the Chinese army during the invasion.

The Chinese leaders know their history very well. And the one thing they learned from Hitler's failure in it's campaign against Russia is that the German leaders did not take the time to look at all the weaknesses that Russia had in it's defenses when Hitler decided to attack it. If the German forces had prepared themselves better, China knows that they would have had a better chance of defeating Russia's army, but Hitler was not a very patient man, and he was very arrogant, and his arrogance is what cost him the battle and eventually the entire war.

This is where China is different. The Chinese leaders have been very patient, and they are currently finishing up with the last of their plans for their attack. They are literally on the verge of implementing one of the largest military campaigns the World has ever known, and if they do indeed put their plans into action, then their attacks will lead to the sparking off of an all out World War 3.

The African nations that will join with the Chinese will be smaller in number than the Middle-Eastern nations that will join the side of China, but they are none of the less significant in China's strategy because of the fact that they will only increase the numbers of troops that China will have at it's disposal. And will therefore increase China's chances for ultimate victory. it possible that 2010 could pass without World War 3 taking place. Yes. And the only way I see this happening is if the Chinese people are successful at keeping their government from pushing ahead with the campaign that they have been so furiously planning for quite some time now. If the Chinese people can be successful in stopping their government from going to war, and even going so far as to topple communism within their nations borders, it is very possible that World War 3 will be avoided. And that will be one of the greatest gifts the World has ever received. And if not, then we (the people of the World) are in for some very troublesome times. The War (if it does take place) will last for only a few years, but during those few years, more people will be killed as a result of the war than at any other time in history. And 2010 is the year that I can see all of this begin to take shape.

However, the good news is, that if World War 3 does not begin in 2010, then I can tell you whole heartedly that I do not think it will begin at all, and that the World would have then avoided one of the most costly wars in it's existance, and that the people of the World will then breath an enormous sigh of relief. But it will all depend upon certain circumstances taking place, and we can only pray that the Chinese leaders for whatever reason are not able to put their current plans into action. If China does indeed make it's move on the World, then it will be almost impossible for the people of the World to fathom the exact amount of destruction that will take place, and to comprehend the Human death toll that will occur as a result of it all.



What about the 1st Anti-Christ (Napoleon Bonaparte)? What was his feelings about China again?

Early in the 19th century, Napoleon Bonaparte warned the West to "let China sleep": "There lies a sleeping giant", began his famous phrase, "let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world."

Well folks, China is awake! And we are partly responsible for awaking her after making her our most favored trading partner for the past 20 years. So all I have to say about the matter is, get ready people, because the Worlds about to shake.


Our President would have to be an utter moron to threaten China in any way shape or form at the moment. A war with China would surely cause the United States economy to totally disintegrate, and at the same time would destabilize the entire World. He can make threats towards Iran all day long, because he knows that Iran isn't going to make a move on it's own (without allies), but China is not Iran, and has many pieces on the chessboard to play with at the moment, and to call out China and Iran at the very same time, is just stupidity on the part of the President.

Now, with that said, World War 3 does not need to happen. It can be avoided, but it would take the will of the American people to help ensure that. We can't let our President and Congress make stupid decisions that will inevitably lead us into a World War 3. We can't, however, let China make any aggressive movements towards Russia either (we need to protect Russia at all costs), or any of it's neighbors. So we are in a bit of a pickle. I have been saying for awhile now that if it happens it would happen this year. And I still believe that. But if we can somehow manage to avoid conflict this year, and if China keeps it's military within it's own borders for the entire year, without attacking a single country, than I believe we can avoid catastrophe, and that we will have dodged World War 3. Next year it shouldn't even be on the menu for any country, with all the Earth changes that will be taking place, so all we have to do I believe is make it through the entire year without conflict, and we will have no problems in that area. If we can't than I fear that World War 3 will be an unavoidable situation.


If the British/American government would work side by side to start yet another war, then the only thing strong enough to prevent that from happening would be if the British/American people worked side by side to oppose it. After all, the people outnumber their governments do they not? Peaceful protest is what liberated the people of India. Peaceful protest in massive numbers can prevent any campaign from being launched. But it has to be done in more massive numbers than was the original opposition against the war in Iraq. It would have to be double that, if not triple that, and achieving those kind of numbers is entirely possible to obtain.

Riots and violence breaking out all over the World solves nothing. It is like a baby who has just been given a fresh bowl of food, and who refuses to eat it and spills it's contents all over the ground. For the time, the baby feels joy from it's actions, and finds comfort in it's ability to create destruction, but sooner or later that baby is going to cry out for more food.

All of the great Spiritual teachers of the World knew that violence was like a parasite that infects the minds of men and women. If not done away with, it will continue to feed off of people's emotions in the same way that a tick feeds off the blood of it's host.




Right well the American people better keep Obama (which I heard stands for "One big ass mistake in America"wink under control otherwise he just might drag our country straight into World War 3.

It is no joke when I say that Obama can make a HUGE mistake by going to war with Iran which could set off a nuclear war Worldwide. So going to war with Iran could have unforseen consequences which could trigger a type of nuclear Armageddon which would cause massive widespread death, disease, and famine.

Here's an interesting video for people to watch:

YouTube - Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran

By the way that doesn't even include the economic effects of a war with Iran. That type of a war depending on the amount of destruction it causes could truly cause the economic destabilization of every major economy in the World, including the United States and all of it's allies. It would also cause problems for the many countries that don't have very good relations with the United States as well, which would only infuriate them further, possibly pushing them over the edge and into a full scale war with America.

This scenario, by definition, would be World War 3. And World War 3 would make every other war we've had look like a "small bonfire" according to people like Jean Dixon.

And to make it simple for all the American people who haven't quite grasped the concept of this yet, let me put it into the most basic words you can understand.

1. World War 3 would change your life forever. Not for the better. It would be for the worst.

2. It would not be cool. It would be very uncool.

3. It would not end quickly, even if you decided you didn't want to see any more of it. There is no off switch.

4. It would not be like a video game. You could die FOR REAL, your friends could die FOR REAL, and your country could LOSE the war.

Ok? So to the people of America - Stop Obama from ever making such a horrendous decision. The same goes for the people of the UK, for Israel, and for all people of all other nations which are allies of The U.S.

You would live and breath World War 3 if it started. It would be on the news every single day. Every single news channel you turned to would be covering it. The Draft would be reinstated, and ALL able bodied men who could be drafted into the war would be drafted into the war. Most people would lose their jobs if they weren't directly connected to the war. There would be massive food and gas shortages, there would be no time for worrying about what sports team won what competition. Instead you would be focused on survival. Everything would be chaotic, you would not be talking about the same things as you used to. Almost nothing would be operating as it used to be. Classrooms would be running drills on how to escape bombings, etc. It would be panick. Martial law would be declared. Curfews would be put into place. It would be hell on Earth.


I just want to say that I have been closely listening to and watching the current tension unfolding with North Korea and South Korea right now and I will say with 100% confidence that we (the World) have never been more close to World War 3 than we currently are at the moment.

All signs are pointing to the fact that at the moment if nothing is done to avert this disaster than I do believe even this year that we could enter into World War 3. The bloodiest, deadliest, most damaging war ever waged on the surface of our planet.

Jeane Dixon said that North Korea would eventually pull us into a battle with China. And Nostradamus and his predictions are literally unfolding before my eyes. Many Arab nations are to side with the Red Chinese as well as certain factions of the African nations. We are literally on the brink of this catastrophe. And it is one catastrophe that need not take place, for Humanity has within it the power to prevent it from happening.
"To ignore factual reality by believing it to be otherwise does not mean that a person is removed from that reality. It only means that they suffer it ignorantly."


There are some major events that Jeane Dixon listed as happening right before World War 3 Begins and some that will take place as the War continues.

1. The first one that she listed is that North Korea will provoke the United States into a war with Red China.

2. The second is that Red China will invade Russian territory.

3. The third is that after those two events have taken place, that eventually Red China will invade the entire Middle Eastern continent.

4. The fourth is that there will be a massive Earthquake that will strike the city of Jerusalem. An Earthquake so powerful, that it will cause all tensions between the Arabs and the Israelis to finally cease.

All of these things she stated would happen in exactly that order. I can tell you right now that the first thing on that list is extremely close to happening.

It's the son of NuclearWinter!

But honestly, world war 3? I don't think that will ever occur, and not because the Governments aren't in power to do it, I just think people are beginning to realise they're being cheated.

Shey Tapani
Cleansing posted:

3. The third is that after those two events have taken place, that eventually Red China will invade the entire Middle Eastern continent. "

Good luck with the occupation.

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