Describe Metal.

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Obviously there are alot of diffrent types of metal.

Now, what bands do you classify as metal, metalcore, hardcore, hair metal, thrash..... yada yada.

Metal as I understand it is basically descended from rock, and is similar to rock only more aggressive, heavier, and more technically complex. I don't know much about sub-genres, I usually just describe bands as simply "metal." Occasionally I'll use the terms progressive or alternative Metal for bands like Between the Buried and Me or System of a Down. And I use the word metalcore to describe some bands but lately I've been feeling like a lot of bands that get called metalcore could just as easily fit under the broader description of metal.


Two words:

Blue Cheer.

Dr. Leg Kick
Not really a fan of the genre, but Opeth will always have rotation value.


Metal is generally seen to originate with early 70s bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple who pioneered a heavier style of Rock with Blues elements. It is Judas Priest who were the first to remove most of the Blues elements in the genre and create a completely distinct sound, in this way they can be argued as being the originators of what would be called Heavy Metal, though this is subjective. Thrash Metal is generally seen to have been created with the Big Four of the genre, Metallica, Megadeth (Lead by former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine), Slayer, and Anthrax, and is known for aggression, and complex guitar riffs and fast, shredding solos. Hair Metal is basically the diet coke of Metal, it is soft Metal. Dun't really know much about Hardcore, but Metalcore is a combination of both it and Metal, other than that cannot really say much about it. Just what I can recall off the top of my head.

Those are just t3h genres you asked for.

As for bands that would be considered Metal, well, Black Sabbath obviously, Led Zeppelin are often considered to be, Judas Priest in my honest opinion is the definition of Metal, and Metallica is pretty much the poster-boy for Thrash. Motley Cru is prolly the definitive Hair/Glam Metal band. Metalcore is stuff like Hatebreed I guess.

I always figured metalcore was just a more melodic form of hardcore incorporating double-bass drums tot their sound. I don't think Hatebreed are metalcore. More like Unearth or early Caliban.

Hatebreed is purely Post-Hardcore.

Metalcore is a lot more melodic than hardcore.

As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, current Killswitch Engage, and Heaven Shall Burn are good examples of bands in the Metalcore genre.

1 word gay enough said actually i wanna say more but i think what i said in the eminem suck thread is enough for a lifetime i could quote it or copy n paste or watever but it doesnt really matter to me

I find these sub genres, etc hard to fathom so I just find a good rule of thumb is to just listen to what you like and don't worry about labelling it, then you can't go wrong!!

Thee smit
Out of interest what would dream theater or tool be labelled under?

Eon Blue
Loud guitars, fast drums, annoying vocals.

Originally posted by Thee smit
Out of interest what would dream theater or tool be labelled under?

Dream Theater's pretty much the quintessential progressive metal band and whatever Tool can be labelled is a matter of contention. Some say prog metal, others say prog rock, or just "alternative". They have a lot of genre bending so there is no solid answer.

Originally posted by AsbestosFlaygon
current Killswitch Engage

Why not old KsE? They've been considered metalcore for as long as I can remember.

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