Love's Transmutation

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*Still in its conceptual phase as a story*

The story is basically as follows:

Set in a futuristic environment.

The primary male character's wife is killed in a tragic accident.

Unable to deal with his grief of losing her, he begins to use experimental cloning technology he had been working on to reconstruct her very being.

His experiment turns out to be a success, and he is able to successfuly recreate her from the very earliest stages of development, i.e. as an infant baby.

The next step is to advance her growth rate and find a way to import the memories of his dead wife into her mind.

However in the meantime he's tasked with the role of taking care of her as he would any infant baby.

And this is where his love begins to miraculously transmute.

While many would say that it's ultimately the memories and experiences that define a person, others would say that it's their genetic makeup.

In this case, our male lead would fall into the latter group.

He sees the infant baby he's been caring for, and his dead wife, as fundamentally the same person.

But where his love for this person was once that of a husband, in caring for her as an infant baby, it has shifted, transmuted, into an entirely different kind of love: that of a father.

His love for her remains, and didn't go away for a second, but it's now transformed into a completely different kind.

How will he be able to look back on his former memories and experiences with a woman who he now sees as a daughter when they were once together as a couple? How would he be able to comprehend the love he once felt when it always remained but has now taken on such a drastically different form? How will he truly feel when his daughter grows up and looks exactly like his former wife? What if they were to share the same mannerisms? The exact same character? What kind of psychological effect does having loved the same exact person, in such drastically differing ways over one's lifetime, have on a person?

And meanwhile, how will his daughter be able to cope when her dreams are haunted endlessly by a woman who looks exactly like her dead mother telling her that her "dad" is not her real father? That he created her in an experiment in the image of her, his former lover?

Such themes and issues is what Love's Transmutation will ultimately be built around.

*For the record, I am fully aware that this skirts the edges of some very weird and creepy themes and ideas.*

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