Obi-Wan's ultimate battle: A Duel Story

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As my special 700th post, here's a Star Wars versus story of my own.

Setting: An orbital feul station near Coruscant, 1 month before Revenge of the Sith

Obi-Wan paced back and forth, waiting. Anakin's padawan Ahsoka and Jedi Master Coleman Kcaj should have been back by now. And it was imperative that they get those stolen plans to Coruscant. It would give the Republic an edge in the sieges on the outer rims, which where currently nothing more then one stalemate after another, with no winner in sight. The clones had always done well against the droids but the outer rim worlds where the last strongholds that the separatists had and they where not about to give them up without a fight. But, if those stolen battleplans could reach Coruscant, then the Sepratists might just finally succumb to the relentless clone assault. Obi-Wan sighed. He hoped Ahsoka wasn't giving Master Kcaj too much trouble. She was a good padawan but could be a bit...reckless at times.

Obi-Wan was shaken out of his thoughts by a sudden cold presence. The whole room had suddenly become freezing. Obi-Wan pulled his cloak tighter around himself. It did no good. He was still freezing cold. It was cold in space, yes, but on a heated feul station....Suddenly, the room became darker, a very dark presence was dimming the lights, making it almost completely dark. Obi-Wan could feel the Dark Side all around him. Then he heard a voice. But he heard it in his head, as though he was reading another's thoughts.

"You Jedi claim to have found serenity. And through that serenity you have overcome anger. Such arrogance is astounding. You fools have never faced your anger, and thus you do not know whether you have truly overcome it or not. True calm is only achieved through testing the limits of one's anger and coming out unscratched. As I have done with my apprentice."

Obi-Wan drew his blue lightsaber.

"Who are you?" He shouted, keeping his tone controlled. Obi-Wan was known throughout the republic and the Jedi for his unflappable manner but right now, against this overwhelming dark presence, he threatened to lose it. Then, out of the shadows, stepped a figure clad in black robes and light armor with a cloak over it. He appeared to be a little older then Obi-Wan, and had blonde hair that looked as though it where losing it's color. His skin was pale, and his eyes yellow. This man was of the Dark Side, and without a doubt the one responsible for what was happening. Was he the Sith Lord that the Jedi had been searching for since the Clone Wars began? He certainly looked it, although he looked far younger then Dooku, even though the Dark Side was infinitly stronger in him.

"I am the Emperor. Sidious, some call me."

Sidious...that was the name Count Dooku had given Obi-Wan as the name of the Sith Lord who had orchestrated the battle of Naboo and now the Clone Wars.

"Are you Count Dooku's master?" Obi-Wan asked.

The "Emperor" smiled.

"Many, many years ago. I have since found an apprentice far younger...and stronger."

Years ago? What was he talking about? Was he implying that Dooku had been his apprentice long beore he left the order? And if so, did that mean that this man wasn't the Sith Lord orchestrating the war? But Yoda had said that there where only two Sith at a time. Maybe this man chose not to obey that rule. Obi-Wan wouldn't be surprised. This man did not seem likely to take orders from anyone. Suddenly, another dark figure came out of the shadows. This one was also a human male in dark robes and light armor, but he looked even younger then his master, maybe not that much older then Anakin. He too, had the Dark Side in him, but was nowhere near as strong as his master. His eyes now matched the color of his hair.

"What is it you two want?" Obi-Wan asked flatly, he was now in a battle ready stance.

"Death to the Jedi." The Emperor replied. "The last two we fought where of no challenge to us. My apprentice ended both of their pathetic lives with a simple gesture. Perhaps you will fare better."

A worried look crossed Obi-Wan's face. The Emperor smiled.

"You know of who I speak. The Ongree Jedi Master and his togruta padawan. I can assure you that both they and the plans they where carrying are no more." He turned to his apprentice.

"Apprentice...destroy him."

The Emperor's apprentice took out his lightsaber and activated it. Out shot an emerald green blade.

"I will do as you command master."

The Emperor's apprentice charged Obi-Wan with a blinding fury and brought his green lightsaber down on Obi-Wan's blue one. After a few seconds, the lock was broken. The Apprentice made an upward slash aimed at Obi-Wan's head but Obi-Wan deflected the blow. The apprentice attempted several side slashes aimed at Obi-Wan's torso but these where blocked as well. As a master of Lightsaber form 3, Obi-Wan was a master defender, and his defenses could not be broken so easily. In fact, it was said that a true master of Soresu never lost, he either won, or the fight was a draw. Their defenses where that good.

The Emperor's apprentice began to call even more on the dark side of the force that he had only so recently chosen to embrace. His father's destiny was his own. With his powers now increased as a result of his call on the Dark Side, the apprentice unleashed a rapid series of blows, but these to where deflected. And with each blow that failed to find it's target in the Jedi's flesh, he only became angrier, calling on the Dark Side even more. The Emperor smiled as he felt his apprentice give into his anger. Obi-Wan could see his growing rage as well. It was all over his face.

"Great..." Obi-Wan muttered. "More trouble."

Obi-Wan kept up his defensive stance as the apprentice continued his assault, his lightsaber swinging around and around in a whirl of green. Obi-Wan retained his calm demeanor and continued to block each blow as it came. First an overhead blow that the apprentice tried to bring down on Obi-Wan's head. Then sideslash aimed at his neck. And finally a slash aimed at his midsection. Finally, Obi-Wan saw an opening, and fired a force push at the Emperor's apprentice. The blast sent him sprawling back, but he quickly got up and retaliated with a force blast of his own. Obi-Wan called on the power of the light side and used it to disperse the blast. The Emperor's apprentice threw his lightsaber at Obi-Wan. The blade spun around and around like an emerald buzz-saw. Obi-Wan ducked it as it slashed at the wall behind him. The blade then flew back into the apprentice's hand.

He ran towards Obi-Wan, and swung his lightsaber at him as Obi-Wan leapt in the air to avoid it. He landed behind the apprentice, and swung around to meet his blade. There was a blinding flash that disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Now Obi-Wan began to take the offensive. He made several concentrated and prescise blows aimed at the Emperor's apprentice. Unlike his opponent, Obi-Wan wasted no energy on superflous flourishes. His determination and prescision paid off. Though the Emperor's apprentice was able to easily see and block most of his blows with little effort, Obi-Wan finally managed to sever the boy's lightsaber hand with a sudden well aimed upward slash that the apprentice did not see in time. He let out a howl of pain as his severed hand and lightsaber fell to the floor. The Emperor glared.

"It is just as well that you took his hand." He said venomously. "I would have removed it myself for this failure. How you won is beyond me. But now, I will show you the true power of the Dark Side."

The Emperor closed his eyes and concentrated. Obi-Wan could feel him calling on the full power of the Dark Side. Then, he opened his eyes, and they where pupil-less with a bluish hue, sparks emenating from them. Suddenly, he aimed his hands at Obi-Wan, and a torrent of lightning was unleashed upon him. Obi-Wan had no time to block the attack nor could he have sucsessfully blocked it if he had seen it. This was the most powerful blast of Sith Lightning he had ever seen, it far surpassed what Count Dooku was capable of. The lightning coursed through Obi-Wan, sending extreme pain throughout his entire body. But as this painful assault was bearing down on him, Obi-Wan called the Emperor's apprentice's lightsaber to him. Obi-Wan activated it as well as his own and criss-crossed them to block the torrent of lightning, calling on the Light Side to aid in the lightning's dispersal. The Emperor was a little caught off guard by this but nevertheless resumed his assault. Obi-Wan stood up, painful as it was, and slowly advanced. The Emperor, seeing how he was not breaking Obi-Wan's defenses, tried a different approach. He ceased firing the lightning at Obi-Wan, slowly called on the Dark Side of the force, and then unleashed it in a massive force storm that began to tear the feul station apart. Obi-Wan could feel the station be torn to pieces by the relentless assault and figured that the Emperor was willing to destroy himself just to end Obi-Wan's life. The Dark Side truly did lead to madness.

Obi-Wan sprinted past the Emperor with the aid of the force. Determined not to let him escape, he fired another blast of lightning at Obi-Wan but he dodged the blast and hurled his apprentice's own lightsaber at him. The green blade grazed the Emperor's side and he grew more enraged. The fore storm now grew in it's lethality and the station was now falling apart even more quickly. Finally, the top part of the station was now gone, and the vaccum of space threatened to suck out all still in the station. Bodies where already flying out into the depths of space. Obi-Wan made his way into his starfighter and attempted to take off, but the Emperor held his ship in place with the force. But one thing the Emperor failed to take into account was his pupil's betrayal. A green blade suddenly popped out of his chest. His apprentice had done the deed. Obi-Wan could hear the boy's voice in his head as he saw the betrayal.'


Obi-Wan was a little taken back by this but could also feel that the dark hold on his ship was gone. Though unwilling to leave the apprentice to die with his master, Obi-Wan saw no alternative and rocketed off as the whole feul station was destroyed. Obi-Wan's ship landed on Coruscant. He knew he would have to explain to the Council everything that had transpired but was unsure what exactly he was going to tell them. Who where those two Sith? They clearly where not Dooku's masters, but then who where they? And why did the apprentice call Obi-Wan master? Obi-Wan was unsure, but somehow, he felt that he knew that boy from somewhere, and felt sorry for him. But, in that moment where he turned on his dark master, maybe, just maybe he had found some form of redemption.

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