The Definitive Screen Batman Look

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Darth Martin
This isn't the best potrayal as far as acting goes. Which Batman in all of the films(and shows if wanted) looked the best? Maybe you think one is the best but not perfect.

I think Keaton looked wonderful inside the batsuit in Batman Returns. When he gets out of the Batmobile and we see the character walking for the first time in the film its pretty awesome.

The Arkham Asylum obviously is closest to the my favorite modern comic book interpration(Jim Lee/Hush) to with the long ears and huge body frame and muscles.

I liked The Dark Knight although I feel the cape should have been longer. This is my minor gripe with all of the movie versions except Batman Begins. I think when not in action Batman's cape should have the ability to encircle around him 360 degrees. Like it does below:
Please don't confuse me, I don't agree with that shows look. I just think that is how the cape should be.

This on the other hand isn't really well looking:

Minor gripe, I know, but still. What's a Batman forum for, right?


Bat-Keaton in both movie is freakin' awesome. So is the FIRST costume of Bat-Kilmer.

I would agree about Kilmer's were it not for the bat nipples.

89 for me

Darth Martin
Why did they do the nipples? Is that a homage to a certain Batman look he's had in the comics previously? What was the inspiration behind that? It was cool on Ozymandias but Batman? No. I must say I can overlook it in Batman Forever when in the black suit. But in Batman & Robin, it stands out....bad.

Bale Batman has the best Batsuit..

Keaton Batman is second..

Darth Martin
Whcih suit for Bale? Keaton?

Originally posted by BruceSkywalker
Bale Batman has the best Batsuit..

Keaton Batman is second..

thumb up

Bale has the coolest suit but the mask is an utter disgrace. The cowl is just awful. It's bloated and padded in the center, and the ears don't point straight up, instead they are short and fat and curve into the center. There is also ugly padding near the bottom sides of the mask to try and make it look like Bale has a strong manly jaw line like Batman... and it doesn't work in the slightest.

I chalk it up to Bale having sharp, angular, effeminate fetures like an elf, which doesn't really fit into the strong, square, granite like features of Batman. /shrug

TAS Batman is perfect.

Originally posted by Darth Martin
Whcih suit for Bale? Keaton?

Bale, the dark knight of course... keaton, bats 89

The movies were doing it well until they started getting nippily with Val Kilmer stick out tongue - but I've come to prefer the lack of yellow insignia. So it might be the Batman Begins suit for me. The Dark Knight suit has an even better shape, but it has a lot of crisscross lines that make it look too techcy.

89 Keaton without a doubt.

Bat Dude
For me, it would have to be the Batman Returns suit. I rewatched Batman Returns, and the suit and car together looked so badass it wasn't even funny.

The cowl is possibly the best in any live action film. The body armor is sleek and well rounded (survived close range gunfire), and the cape is actually functional (hardens into a glider form)

If the cape could wrap completely around Bats like Darth Martin said (for the silhouette look), it'd be the perfect Batsuit, imo.

By now it's definitely Dark Knight. People remember the motorcycle pants

Esau Cairn
Keaton had the best iconic suit whilst Bale had the most realistic in the sense that it was modified from military use.

The problem however is that both Keaton & Bale's versions were too bulky to move, much less fight in.

I always cringed at Keaton's Batman as he could only be shown always walking into battle...he never ran. His costume restricted his fighting skills to alot of defensive blocks, limited punches & very awkward kicks.

Bale's suit gave the wearer more flexibilty but in my opinion, the costume designers could never get the connection of his head piece to neck & shoulders right. In order for Bale to be able to turn his head left & right made his neck look too scrawny & the head too big.

My thoughts would be to create the bat costume using both real props & cgi segments, allowing the body to move more freely.

Remember Spawn's it was cgi-ed & had a life on it's own?
That aspect would be cool for both Batman & Superman on screen, their capes billowing in the wind rather than draped down their backs like a wet towel.

In Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, the knights' armour were all cgi-ed & looked realistic...that's how the Bat costume should be.

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