Creat your own CodeLyoko charaters

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To creat your character you need to follow these instructions:

lyoko appearance:
lyoko powers and weapons:
love interest(optional):
vehical on lyoko(optional):

And that's what you need to make your own charater.Now for the rules.

Rule number 1:
no making charaters that can destroy anything keep it real.
Rule number 2:
You can make a story out of the Charaters here but ask for permission first please.
Rule number 3:
you can make more then one charater if you wish.
Rule number 4:
Have Fun!!! big grin

This is my charater
Name: Ryan Robinson
Gender: male
Appearance: red and black hair, red jacket with a black hood, jeans, black kleats with red laces.
Lyoko appearance:wolf tail, wolf teeth, klets, spikes on back, chain belt.
Lyoko powers and weapons: climbing ability, duplicate, 24 exploding trowing knives
love intrest: none
vehical on lyoko: mini tank
Ryan is an only child and is very quite and smart. His parents sent him to kadic for 2 years. He has very little friends and some people call him a freak. Ryan found out about lyoko when he got taken control of by X.a.n.a and sent to lyoko, fortinantly he was devitualived just in time and remembers everything.

hey can i add a character?

Name: jay hiyashi
Gender: male
Appearance: borwn hair. blue shirt. blue jacket. brown eyes
Lyoko appearance: pretty much a blue wolf with an arrow sign on a shirt. and blue pants
Lyoko powers and weapons: bow and arrow and can use a power called hidden random power.
love intrest: the data from sector 5. exploring sectors.
vehical on lyoko: over scooter
jay is a straight A student in school. but does not talk like jeremy. his parents sent him to kadic because they had to leave the country. jay first found out about lyoko when e ran away from jim. he hid at the factory. he looked through jeremy's notes and started up the delayed virtualization. when jeremy found out jay was intsrtructed to keep the secret

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.