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THE ANGEL OF DEATH is the angel tasked by God with sending the souls of dead humans to either Heaven or Hell. He's not all-too-pleased with his fate to eventually suffer in the lake of fire for the rest of eternity. Luckily for him, though, Hell (a place he goes to routinely) will be burning right next to him and thus easily accessible to him following his damnation.

So, as Christ with his powers architected Heaven, The Universe, and Hell, Death used his own powers to design and create his own sub-afterlife. He calls this world SpiritHold. It exists solitarily as an offshoot of Hell, and so provides a means of the Pale Horse's Rider escaping his torment due in the apocalypse.

SpiritHold, like our own Universe, is a physical-based dimension where spirits, as opposed to roaming independently like they do in Heaven and Hell, are confined to possession of physical biological bodies that are born, grown, and eventually killed as a natural cycle. Quite unlike our Universe, however, SpiritHold contains living inhabitants of species totally unlike anything on Earth. Plant life, natural land formations, technology, societies, civilizations, and some scientific phenomena also all seem to be of the Grim Reaper's original design.

Probably what distinguishes SpiritHold the most, though, is that Death (appears to, at least) leave his supernatural powers dormant, unlike how Jesus possesses sovereignty over the Universe. Whether by choice or inability to actively control his own world and the intelligent beings within, there is no visible barrier or evidence that creatures within SpiritHold cannot tap into Death's stagnant power; they can learn and possess supernatural abilities of their own (a.k.a. "magic" ). The paranormal abilities learned by a number of SpiritHold sentients dramatically affects the structure of societies therein. Whether or not the Angel of Death ever has, does, or will celestially manipulate any number of parts or beings within his afterlife is unknown.

As if this weren't all strange enough, the Grim Reaper does not seem satisfied with merely the implementation of SpiritHold in his plan to exile himself from the lake of fire. After crafting it, he is now killing countless numbers of humans on Earth premature to their divinely-appointed times of departure. He is targeting sinful Hellbound souls in particular, and then transferring them from Hell into SpiritHold - first to be tested through ethereal trials of his own design, then to be determined as what type of lifeform they will be reborn as.

Why he is filling SpiritHold with human spirits is unknown - people from all different walks of life, from all over the globe, none of them saved Christians, all of them killed spontaneously and sent to Hell, ran through experiments in spirit-form, and then transferred to deemed-appropriate unborn fetuses of a different species in a strange, fantastical dimension, all whilst retaining their memories of their previous Earthen lives. It is as if Death has something up his sleeve that goes even beyond cheating the Lord by escaping his doom.

And that is what our story is about.


SpiritHold will be released via posts on my blog, as a series of chapters and short stories. The great thing about this story, however, is that YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE. You can design one or more characters in SpiritHold, a world/region(s) within SpiritHold, or significant historical event(s) that happen in SpiritHold. Any and all contributions can be as detailed (or not so detailed) as you wish. Here is THE CENTRAL HUB where all contributed ideas will be compiled.

I will incorporate created characters into the story as they are killed as unsaved (non-Christian) humans on Earth, sent to Hell, and then taken off-track through SpiritHold's prentry trials (you decide what the outcome of these trials will be in your character's design, and you will see the significance of that outcome when the story begins) before entering finally entering the world of SpiritHold as a sentient species (you also decide what that species will be in your character's design). The characters will interact with created worlds/regions and experience created significant historical events. They will also, as the story progresses, learn more about why they are being held in SpiritHold and what the Angel of Death's plans are. Templates for creating characters are further down below. REPLY TO THIS THREAD TO CONTRIBUTE A CHARACTER!

I will incorporate into the story created worlds and regions within SpiritHold as they are experienced by created characters. SpiritHold, according to ideas contributed, can be however you want it to be. It could be a planet, a series of planets in a space system, a series of multiverses and various sub-dimensions, or anything else. Civilizations, societies, technologies, economies, governments, culture, sports, entertainment, magic, combat, flora and fauna, climate, weather, land and sea, science, and magic can range anywhere from fantasy to science-fiction styles. Templates for creating characters are further down below. REPLY TO THIS THREAD TO CONTRIBUTE A LOCATION!

I will incorporate into the story and describe created epic conflicts in SpiritHold. They can range from anything from an amazing discovery, a war, a kidnapping, a war, a new leader rising to power, a disaster, an invention... anything. In the story, these events will take place amongst the created worlds and will have direct impact on the created characters. These conflicts will drive the story, though the story's ultimate destination is only known by I and will be revealed towards the conclusion of the SpiritHold blog-series. REPLY TO THIS THREAD TO CONTRIBUTE AN EVENT!

Here are the templates for contributing story ideas. Anyone may contribute any number of any combination of the three types of ideas. You can be as detailed (or not so detailed) as you want.

Create a Character template
Create a Location template
Create an Event template

Here are some of my own contributions based on these templates. They don't have to be examples, though - go ahead and apply whatever of your own ideas that you want.

Character 001 by Noban
Location 001 by Noban
Event 001 by Noban

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