Respect Clubber Lang

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James "Clubber" Lang is a fictional character that appeared as Rocky Balboa's rival in the 1982 film Rocky III. He was played by the popular "bodyguard to the stars" Mr. T, who was 29 years old when the film was launched. The character is very loosely based on a combination of Sonny Liston, Larry Holmes, and George Foreman.

Many of the character's catchphrases from Rocky III have become common in popular culture, and particularly in Mr. T's career.

Popular catchphrases
"I pity the fool." (Clubber originated the phrase, which has since become synonymous with Mr. T himself.)
"My prediction: Pain."
"Dead meat."
"I'll fight him (Rocky) ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, for NOTHIN!"
"Got a LOTTA MO fo you Balboa! A LOTTA MO!"
"I reject the challenge 'cause Balboa is no challenge. But, I'd be more than happy to beat up on him some more."
"I'll Bust You Up"
In the film, Clubber throws a temper tantrum in the locker room before his first fight with Rocky Balboa and refers to the press as "parasites and leeches." Mr. T would use this phrase several times in his career, including in a 1985 interview with David Letterman

Mr Parker
Clubber Lang in real life MIGHT have been able to beat Ivan Drago from Rocky 4.Rocky though would NEVER have been able to beat him in real life.I mean come on,Appollo Creed his nemisis, went toe to toe with him to the wire in his fights,Creed lost to Drago and Rocky was only able to beat Lang because Appollo trained him how to beat him.Lang if he had not taken Rockys bait to keep hitting him,Rocky would not have won.

Lang was strong enough to maybe beat Drago and he would have fared FAR better against him than Creed did.Rocky NEVER would have been able to last 15 rounds with him.give me a break.He wasnt even able to last more than 3 rounds with Lang.He had to beat him in the third round remember? and Appollo and his friend in Rocky 3 were also talking about how Rocky would have to put Lang away early because he would never be able to last more than 5 or 6 rounds with Lang remember?

Drago was stronger than Lang yet Rocky somehow has the strength of spider-man to last 15 rounds with Drago? yeah right. roll eyes (sarcastic) Drago was a superman.Lang might have been able to beat him.but not Rocky. laughing

'No, i dont hate Balboa but i pity the fool'

Even though I can see the George Foreman influence, I don't see the Larry Holmes and Sonny Liston parts (unless it has to do with Liston's own influence on Foreman).

"Don't give that sucka no statue, give 'em guts! I told you i wasn't going away. You had your shot, NOW GIMME MINE!"

As a young guy, i of course hated Lang.
But, the man made good points. He was just doing what he had to to get his shot.

And Lang would have taken out Drago!


psycho gundam
Clubber destroyed Rocky the first time and IIRC that was when he was training dolo cause he was that badass. Clubber with either Rocky's training or Drago's juice would be like fighting Captain america

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