Ip Man

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Snafu the Great
Donnie Yen as Ip Man.

If you don't watch Chinese Kung Fu flims, you are missing out on some seriously epic ass-kickings (aside from the Japanese action films). Me, I like foreign films in general.

Ip Man is one of the aforementioned movies.

Ip Man is based off the life of Wing Chun grandmaster Yip Man, and kicker of ass who would later teach Bruce Lee his style. Ip Man resides in Foshan, a city known for its martial arts schools. He maintains a low profile, but will not hesitate to lay the smackdown on anyone dumb enough to challenge him.

Then the Japanese come charging in and pretty much subjugate the Chinese (this takes place during the 1930s, by the way), and Ip Man's skills begin to shine, especially taking on 10 of the Japanese General's top karateka in retaliation for the murder of one of his friends.

Simply put, this movie rocks. And I'm a big fan of kung fu flims, both the classics and the new stuff.

Oh, and in most Asian countries, the family name (surname) comes first, before the personal name.

Ip Man fight scenes


Wei Phoenix
The one with the ten black belts was the greatest, first time he went closed fists too. I believe the only time as well.

Snafu the Great
Donnie Yen (left) and Dennis To as Ip Man.

Shameless bump.

Decided to revive the thread after watching Ip Man: Birth of a Legend.

Ip's Bio

Nationality: Chinese
Other Names: Yip Man (real name), Yip Kai-man
Date of Birth: November 6, 1893
Place of Birth: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
Date of Death: December 2, 1972
Place of Death: Hong Kong
Fighting Style: Wing Chun Kung Fu
Portrayed By: Donnie Yen (older), Dennis To (younger)







Dammit, I wanted to pose the Ip/Twister fight. Ip showed some serious damage soak in that match.

Donnie yen has a bunch of kick ass movies. Flashpoint, Killzone, This one, Dragon Tiger Gate, etc.

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