Nazi Zombies

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OK, is anyone up for a RP Nazi Zombie? If so here are the rules and what to do:

1. No godmodding. Your character needs food, water, and ammunition. He will not kill zombies by the thousand!
2. No autohitting other players. You can autohit zombies to an extent. But be realistic! If your character is tired, his aim is going to be off. If he's scared (which he will be) his hand might be shaking pretty badly.
3. No making huge plot twists without my consent.
4. No controlling scenes ('I killed all of them, and we escaped and lived happily ever after' etc.)
5. Go with what I say.
6. Be detailed. Be deep. What's going through your characters' head right now?
7. Your characters are humans. They feel emotions. Do they miss a loved one back home? Did they not have a loved one, and are lonely and insecure? Maybe they're the goofball of the group, joking and teasing, but do so to cover their own insecurity.
8. You are allowed 1 main weapon (all weapons must actually be in Nazi Zombies), one sidearm and either 4 frags/4 sticky grenades. Also a knife.(Lets keep this realistic, no ray guns or wunderwaffes or monkey bombs, ok?)
9. If you are killed by the zombies you will become one after a 24 hour period, during which your troop will execute you. It's nothing personal.
10. You do not have to shoot them in the head, but it kills them a lot quicker.
11. Zombies do not feel pain, fear, thirst, hunger, or anything. They seek only to kill you.
12. Zombies have no reactions and are quite stupid. You cannot "scare" one away, and they are rather easily lured into traps. (You can use flares to keep them away for up to 1 minute)

OK, you are allowed 1 character, no more and you can only control his/her movment, feelings etc. no one elses. Here is a my character:

Name: David Clarkson

Age: 24

Sex: Male (you can be female)

Bio: In the British Army, 44th Division who escaped from Dunkirk, missed the action in North Africa due to being hit by a car in England and was in a coma for 2 years. After he came out of the coma, a few months later he was storming the beaches of Normandy, on Gold Beach. He made it to 10 miles south of Berlin in April 1945 before being captured as a PoW. He eventually escaped when the SS officers there abandoned their camp, and David picked up a Stg44 from 1 of the German officers. He also found a Walther.38 and made his way north. He stayed in a house (Nacht der Untoten) when a few days later, just after V.E day, he heard and saw his 1st zombie.

Description: 6ft. tall, dark brown hair, with a face which hasn't seen a razor in weeks.

Weapons: Stg44, Walther.38 and a machete, 4 frags.

Nationality: British

And we are going to have the mystery box and the exact same layout as the house in Nacht der Untoten in Nazi Zombies. Lets try to keep this realistic, and when you run out of ammo, you go to the box. I choose your gun, in th early 'rounds' I will probably give you lesser guns, but as the amount of zonbies increase, you'll get better guns. Most of all have fun!

p.s Sorry for the long post lol. If interested just post on this thread!

You need to read the rules thread first.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.