Isabelle (Predators)

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Snafu the Great
Alice Braga as Isabelle.

Brazil is known for many things. Birthplace of Capoeira and Brazilian Juijitsu, Carnival, that crazy little slum in Rio called City of God.

It is also known for producing one of the most hottest actresses to ever grace the screen - one Alice Braga.

With seven men ranging from Adrien Brody to a hulking Russian toting a Gatling gun, she can hold her own on a planet where she is being hunted down by three Super Predators.

Isabelle is the only female of the bunch. A talented black ops sniper working for the Israeli Defense Force, she finds herself bathed in that pesky beam of light faster than you can say 'Beam me up, Scotty,' and dumped onto the game reserve used by Mr. Black and his two S. Pred buddies.

She could count as the opposite of Royce, as she shows compassion and concern for the others. She also has knowledge about Dutch's run-in with the Jungle Predator some two decades earlier. Prior to being dumped onto the game preserve, she had lost her spotter to an enemy sniper, and had refused to help him, since she too would have been killed.

Her compassion nearly gets herself killed by Edwin, but Royce saves her ass and she repays the favor by distracting Mr. Black long enough for Royce to pwn the Super Predator.

But for a chick wielding a big-ass sniper rifle (Blaser L93 sniper rifle), she gets her just dues.

Rogue Jedi

thumb up

Meh (and this is coming from a guy who loves Brazilian girls)

Predators' cast is nowhere near awesome as Predator's cast

She had a nice ass, but I've seen far better looking Brazilian women.

Yeah, sucks the movie was boring and having Predators fighting Predators was lame as hell.
Royce is a pansy next to Dutch.

I thought it was almost as entertaining as Predator.

Brody did a decent role.

Predators tried too much to be like Predator and it failed horribly doing that and i even think that Predator 2 was a better movie.

I still don't know why people still to this day hate on Predator 2 just because Arnie was not in it, i thought it was quite good just not as awesome as Predator. I kinda liked the story of a Predator hunting in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.

Darth Martin
She was cool.

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