Which dSLR camera should I chose?

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Koala MeatPie
Figured this is the best place to ask, I know their are photographers out there..... in 2003. Still.

After reading many reviews I have settled on the Canon 40D. (Canon due to CHDK, 40D as there is not as much ISO noise past 400 as the 50D and the autofucus, should I ever want on the fly shots, is much better than the XSi (where a percentage are DOA)

The reason for a DSLR is Astrophotgraphy, I need 3200 ISO for certain shots as well as the ability to change lenses or connect to a telescope (eventually).

Right now I am looking at these two ads:



The one on Craig's List seems to be like a great kit, however I am unsure if I can do F stops past 2.8, would I need to purchase the standard 18-55mm f3.5 - 5 lense?

eBay still comes with battery grip, however includes the standard lense, omitting the 1.5 (which would cost what, 700$ on it's own?)

I am leanning on the CL ad, but desire further imput.

Thank you for your time! :-D

PS HA so thats what my Avatar and sig are.

I would say do some research into how much the additional lenses are going to cost you and which adds up to more. For the first, yes, you will need either a standard 18-55mm lens, or a telephoto, for anything more than f/2.8.

An ideal kit will consist of a 1.8/f 50mm macro lens, a standard 18-55mm lens, and a 75-250/300mm telephoto. At the very least. That, however, is expensive as hell. I happen to know this stick out tongue So I'd say shop around for lens prices - I like amazon myself, as you can find some nice deals there, ebay is also awesome. Whatever adds up to the better price is what you should go with. I got my camera on amazon, myself - bundle that came with the 18-55mm lens, bag, memory card, extra battery, and some other stuff...was cheaper than just the camera itself costs most places. So, yeah.

Also, don't forget to include the prices of things like a tripod and - possibly - a remote for the shutter. The second is a bit less necessary if you intend to use the timer for any long exposure shots (which is what I do, as I am cheap).

(I've got the XS - yeah, I know, bottom of the Canon DSLRs, but it's still awesomely amazing. Trying to scrape up the money for decent macro and telephoto lenses; since macro and portraiture is what I use it for the most, macro lens is the priority, as the standard kit lens works fine for portraits. Those $12 macro filter sets you can find on amazon are amazing and is acting as an excellent stand-in until I can afford a proper macro lens.)

Koala MeatPie
Hey! thanks for the reply, I appreciate! I had compleatly forgotten about this thread.

I ended up getting a Canon EOS T2i (550D).
Great pics so far, and hope to get more.

I have a Macro f/1.8 lens 50mm
Standard 18-55mm
And might be getting a Sigma 120-400mm for the shuttle launch this November (VIP tickets, Press / Presidential area, muahahaha, love the internet.)



Long Exposure

Short Exposure:



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Anyway, nice. Also, Infrareeeeeeeeed. I want an IR filter, they make such awesome photos.

Are you shooting in JPG or RAW? Please say RAW.

Koala MeatPie
I snap both at the same time :-D (RAW+ JPEG)
And always HDR - if possible.

As for IR, I bought it off eBay for 10$ and free shipping + 3 weeks anticipation

Citiwide is pretty good - it's where I bought it. I used a 720nm filter.

I'm sure you've read a few guides on how to shoot in IR, so no worries there :-p

I recommend only 2 brands: Nikon or Canon.

Buy the models with still-motion technology, so you can capture even things in motion.

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