in the dark knight how many people did Twoface kill?

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At the end of the dark knight gordon says harvey killed 5 and 2 of them were cops.
but i can only count 3 deaths 1 cop and 2 mob guys.
what am i missing?

what the hell? 19 people view it and no one comments?
i guess they don't know the answer either?

The one cop at the bar, and Maroni's driver for sure. Maroni's fate is unknown, as is the one bodyguard he pulled away to get into the car.

But doesn't Gordon state near the end - "Five dead. Two of them cops."
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We don't really see how & where he got that total.

The cop at the bar, marony and his driver are the sure ones. Ramereze no, she just got hit in the head. I don't know where the other 2 came from.

I only saw 2: The cop at the bar and Maroni's driver. Nobody was left at the hospital, Maroni's fate is ambiguous and I don't remember anyone else.

Were there deleted scenes or something?

"Harvey killed the guy at the bar. Harvey shot Maroni's driver and the car flipped, so it's assumed that Maroni + driver died as a result of the accident.

Dent doesn't kill Ramirez, but I'm assuming that he killed the other two cops (perhaps the same cops that dropped off the envelope to the judge) that were sent to pick up Gordon's wife and kids. Keep in mind that Ramirez said she had called off the two cops that were supposed to pick them up, and this is assuming that they had actually showed up to Gordon's residence with Ramirez in the first place."

Then that would make it 3 cops dead

Unless he gets mistakenly blamed for the cop Joker shot in the hospital but even then how would they know it was Harvey or the Joker seeing the hospital blew up.

As Maroni is getting into his car, Dent snatches a guy. This is very quick and subtle, but you can assume he killed that guy before he got in the car to talk to Maroni.

So, there is the guy at the bar, the guy outside of the car, the driver of the car.

Also, does it ever show the driver? One guy lets Maroni into the car, but I'm not sure if that is the driver or maybe even somebody else that rides in the front seat. It is tough to tell since the guy lets Maroni in the car and the next camera angle shows them in the car moving. So the guy that let Maroni in is either the driver (and he got to the driver seat extremely fast despite letting Maroni in at the back right door of the car), or he is in the passenger seat, or he never got in the car at all. But if he did get in the passenger seat, that leaves us with another option for the body count.

Davis Bloome
I'm pretty sure when Gordon said five were dead, including two cops, he wasn't referring strictly to Maroni. And I'd say Two-Face killed three people, give or take (cop at the bar, Maroni, & his driver).

Bat Dude
He killed the obvious three, and he killed two people off screen, I'd imagine.

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Omega Vision
The part where he kills Maroni was pretty good press for the seatbelt lobby. Apparently just clicking your seatbelt in will allow you to walk away unscathed from a car that crashes and flips over.

^ Well, more damage is usually done on the side closest to the window, so maybe the damage was just camouflaged in his burnt side wink

he killed the guy at the bar and the bar tender rember he went to the rest room and dent came out from the restroom he killed maroni and the driver and the other body gaurd to get into the car i dont know where the other cop came from

I didn't interpret the bartender as being killed. Why would he kill the bartender?

Neither did I.

he may of killed him because he was in between dent and the cop at the bar
dent flips the coin it comes out tails and the bartender is dead
i didnt interpret it that was either but it was an idea that was going through my mind

He killed:
1. The bartender
2. Sal Maroni
3. Sal Maroni's bodyguard
4. Sal Maroni's driver
5. The black woman working for the police department (I forgot her name).

I remember Gordon saying "5 people killed, 2 of them were cops". We already know the 2 cops Harvey killed were the bartender and that black woman. And out of the 3 people that Harvey killed, only two of those kills were shown on screen and one was off-screen. The kills on screen were the killing of Sal Maroni and his driver. The kill shown off-screen was the killing of Sal Maroni's bodyguard. Do you remember when Sal Maroni got into his car and expected to see his bodyguard in the car instead of Harvey?

Doc Ock
He didn't kill Ramirez. The coin came up good side for her. He just knocked her out.

And I still don't believe he killed the bartender, but he did kill the guy at the bar.

Originally posted by Doc Ock
He didn't kill Ramirez. The coin came up good side for her. He just knocked her out.

I remember he shot her.

^ Nope, he hit her.

"You live to fight another day officer."

Ok here is my belief I think Gordon said as a result "five are dead two of them cops" not strictly speaking Dent shot them all. The five dead being cop at bar, bodyguard, driver, maroni, and finally Dent himself. Dent worked as IA before becoming DA and although he was running the political angle might still be considered a cop as he was a part of the police force.

Other option is Gordon believes Ramiriez to be dead cause he didn't know the outcome of her coin toss

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