Coldwater the movie, staring David Gallagher

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o all Movie Lovers

I am helping to promoto and get a large fan base behind

The next big Movie Coldwater staring David Gallagher.

This movie is going to be asome i guarantee you, if you ever saw Sleepers or Stand by me, you will enjoy this movie as well, heck even if you didn't see those movies, you will most likely sure enjoy Coldwater
The movie will take hollywood by storm, thats how much David belives in this project, as well as both Vince and Sean , the many fans of the movie already and more

here is a small description of the movie

COLDWATER is a quiet, close-knit town. Not much to do, everyone knows everyone and everything that goes on.
It's been two years since seventeen-year-old Brad Lunders' (David Gallagher) father died and things haven't been the same since. Brad lives with his "dysfunctional" mother and step-father who, from his perspective, are too mixed up in their own problems to ever give him the attention he thinks he deserves.

Brad and his friends have become famous for causing trouble, which lands them in hot water with the Coldwater Sheriff's Department more often then their families care to count.

To make matters worse, Brad and his friends are framed by some local punks and caught with drugs. The boys are given their final warning in court.

Coldwater's patience is put to the test when Brad instigates a drunken brawl with the local punks and his group of misfit friends. Before they know it, they've been sentenced to Hockley Ranch, a "scare-em-straight" camp by incensed authorities.

The friends soon unite and make a promise that not only leads to many life-changing experiences, but to the shocking climax, with a twist, that will stay etched in your mind.


Vince the writer and Josh in the movie, Sean the director are both in the group, and will answer any questions that you have about the movie, They want your opinions on who you'd like to see in the movie as well. You will find Character descriptions, clips of the script and more, here. Coldwater is set to start production in April of this year, it will shot for about 25 days. Today Sean informed us that , he might post up behind the scenes photos, depending if he has time too during the production of the movie.

also check out the official site SPAM DELETED for more info
there you can find a presentation trailer, noted though that this was made about 2 years ago, before dg even committee to the movie in dec 2001 i think. The cast/ Scenes that is it may not even appear in the finale movie. The cast member who is guarantee to is Vince, who is also the writer played Brad in this presentation trailer, which is dg role in the Movie, Vince Plays Josh.

Jenn a # 1 Coldwater supporter Happy Dance cool Happy Dance

no spaming here

i just wante to know why there is an issue with simpley posting a link, here. I mean last i checked spam was where someone repeatly post something over and over again. I wasnt trying to do anything wrong, simple, helping to promote a upcoming low budget movie, and a place where folk could get first hand informatinon form the director and writer and actors

spam is also promoting something of own interest

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