A Series of Superman Movies

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I have been thinking about ways to direct and steer the Superman franchise. So far, I think, one could come up with four Superman movies.

The First movie, titled Man of Steel, should be set up about one year after Superman has started operating in Metropolis. At the time, Superman is investigating possible links between the emergence of the metallic man, Metallo and Lex Luthor. In this version, Luthor is a successful businessman whose empire is steadily growing. Under the guise of Clark Kent, Kal-el goes out to interview Luthor concerning his new technological breakthroughs, and the connection between Luthor and the purported terrorist activity of the metallic man. Seeing that Clark might be onto a lead, Luthor sends goons after him to soften him up. Bizarrely, Clark disappears behind a street and in his stead appears, Superman, who proceeds to rout them quickly. One of the goons reveals himself, behind a lead skin alloy to be Metallo, the metallic villain. Superman confronts him and quickly realizes the new power source of the villain: Green kryptonite. Superman, is on the verge of defeat, when the Metahuman police of Metropolis shows up and attempts to rid Metallo of his power source. They are unable to severe the Kryptonite from his body, but they succeed in protecting Superman who soon recovers. Under a barrage of Superman and the agents, Metallo is forced to flee.

Back at the Daily Planet, Clark continues his investigation. With the help of Lois, he finds out that Metallo was actually John Corbin. Also, he starts rounding up possible connections between Luthor and his terrorist activity. He traces Corbin's activity, interviews his connections and realizes that Corbin has been traveling quite a bit around the world, especially to terrorist countries. Later during that day, Superman has a date with Lois. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, a black machine robot falls from the sky and attacks him. It proceeds to pummel him and sends him flying all across the city. Angered, and perplexed at the same time, he flies back and proceeds to fight back. Unexpectedly, the robot makes him bleed and we find out that it is sending a signal into space: Kryptonian detected. Superman is now enraged, he rips off the robot's head and proceeds to melt through its armor with his heat vision. The battle is over, and it seems, Superman senses another Luthor attack. With the fight over, however, he takes time to examine the inner machinery and is perplexed at the fact that the technology looks nothing like anything found on earth.

He proceeds to find out. He confronts Luthor about the attack without showing him the evidence of the fight. Luthor is surprised and retorts of not having any involvement with it. Superman leaves, and Luthor senses perhaps, an opportunity. He orders that Superman whereabouts in the city be followed and inspected as best as possible.

Superman arrives late for his date with Lois. He explains to her what happened. She attempts to connect the incident with Luthor, however, Superman thinks the attack is not from earth, it may be alien. Later that day, he goes into his fortress of solitude and proceeds to analyze the robot with his equipment. Looking into his Kryptonian database, he learns of the alien origin of the material that makes up the robot. He still does not know who is at the origin of the attack, but it is definitely alien. Life on other planets is possible, but where?

A couple of days later, Lois and Clark are out at LexCorp plaza, covering the announcement of a new titanium robot that is supposed to be the future of police guard and revolutionize crime fighting. Clark is surprised that Luthor would so openly divulge his own secret technological advancements and thinks that Luthor is up to something. Luthor gives a demonstration. He enters the robot and asks his assistant to start testing with all sorts of things, flames, lasers and artillery. The robot is impervious to harm, can shoot artillery and is capable of feats of strength. Suddenly, something goes wrong. It starts firing into the crowd and people start panicking. Superman enters the scene and quickly dispatches the robot. At the end, Superman changes back to Clark, he find Lois and notes it weird that such an incident would happen to Lex Luthor, someone who is usually on point as far as technology goes.

Cutting to the next scene, we find John Corbin in Lybia, concluding an arms deal with a couple of terrorists. They are planning to weaponize multiple cities across the world, arming secret terrorist groups that will ultimately plan to overthrow multiple small governments across the world. The ultimate plan is to provide Lex Luthor an opportunity to play the rescuer in a mini-global crisis by providing the means to sell his technology to governments in distress. Corbin goes back to his headquarters and proceeds to go to the airport. He is heading back to Metropolis.

Clark has found another lead on Corbin's story. He has found out that the man who was once Jack Corbin once volunteered to an independent RnD program to produce mechanically-engineered humanoid of proportionate strength and power. One of the other leads, of course, is that the technology used to develop the program is very similar to the one that Luthor has been using to engineer his robotic guards. In particular, he investigates Titanium dealings in the city and later sets out as Superman to trace their site of operation. Superman bursts into the scene of an abandoned hangar, where crooked criminals are meeting. Soon, he proceeds to ask the tough questions. He is surprised by the resistance of the crooks who have enough firepower to stagger and stun and even hurt him. Superman fights back. Unbeknownst to him, he has been followed. In the midst of the battle, Metallo shows up on the scene , looking to even the scores with Superman. He pummels him and both combatants soon tear the place down. Soon, Superman is down, at the mercy of Metallo who beats him down almost to the point of unconsciousness. Superman is captured and is taken to a secret location.

Elsewhere, in space, a dark, mechanical skull awakes from its suspended animation. The signal has been received, that a Kryptonian has been detected. Light flashes out of its eyes as it sets course for earth. Back at the Daily Planet, Lois is surprised that Clark has not shown up to work. She also attempts to contact Superman with the help of Jimmy Olsen. No sign of him either.
She fears that Clark is in trouble, so she looks into Clark's secret files and finds out what he had headed to do the preceding night.

At one of Luthor's secret lairs, Superman is held hostage, under the exposure of Kryptonite. Metallo who is sure of Superman's impending death, let's Superman in on Luthor's plans. He is fomenting terrorist attacks in Saharan Africa in order to throw the whole Saharan and possibly the Mid-East region into turmoil. He has already foreseen the consequences: pandemonium, political instability and repeated terrorist attempts to make the whole geo-political region unstable. Then, he will step in and help the governments of the world control the situation, using his new technology. That, sounds like a good way to make some money and finally extend his operations on a truly global scale.

We find Lois, at Lex's headquarters. She infiltrates the place and soon finds out about Luthor's dealings. As she sends a message to the Metropolis investigation unit, she is intercepted by Luthor himself. She is now being held hostage at LexCorp's headquarters.

Back at the scene of Superman. Repeatedly, Metallo beats down Superman. Then, he asks about the incident told him to inquire about, the incident that happened in Metropolis a couple of days earlier. Superman will not say a word, but Metallo reveals that Luthor was perplexed as his base has intercepted on that same day, a signal in an unknown language which seemed to have directed to space itself. Is there some alien connection which Superman has yet to have mentioned? Superman, sarcastically mentions a possible connection, maybe even a Kryptonian armada and is then slammed shut by Metallo. Then, his boss calls him. Luthor orders Metallo to kill Superman. Metallo keeps toying with Superman then lands him the killing blow. Superman is left for dead, Metallo frees him from his shackles and soon proceeds to dispose of him for further use, at Luthor's request.

They arrive at Lex's headquarters. Suddenly, Superman awakes, he knocks the Kryptonite out of Metallo's chest and throws it afar. Metallo asks him how he could have managed to live when in fact his heart stopped. Superman says, he has the ability to control his body too and under stress can stop some of his vital functions. Both combatants confront each other, with Superman struggling to gain the upper hand. Finally he knocks the metallic man off him and proceeds to melt him with his heat vision. Soon, metallo is down. Superman throws a hard punch that causes the humanoid's systems to shut down. The Metahuman police arrives at the scene of the battle while the Metropolis police department is just apprehending Luthor. They have intercepted an important cargo of armaments in destination to Saharan Africa. Lois has been freed and charges are being brought against Luthor.

In the final scenes of the movie, Superman is having dinner with Lois. He tells her of how he thought he was going to die at the hands of Metallo and of how he would have missed people on the earth. Lois inquires, about any people in particular and Superman simply smiles. The last scene is showing earth, as a meteor it seems, hurtles down towards it. Brainiac is arriving.

The second Superman movie takes place a couple of months after the Metallo affair. Lex Luthor has been indicted, although the chances of him actually going to prison are slim. So he has been keeping a low profile. Lois and Superman have been seeing each other from time to time, and the intrepid reporter finally seems to be totally in love with him. Clark, well Clark can't compete with the attention that Superman is getting. Both reporters compete for the best exclusives, and it seems, Lois is having the upper hand.

In the first scene of the movie, Superman is in his fortress of solitude, trying to figure which out of the known inhabited world in the universe the alien robot has originated from. He is having little luck.

Lois is out in the Mid-East, covering a wave of terrorist activities in the region. The terrorists have been targeting specific sites of governmental power using highly advanced weaponry. She suspects that the terrorists have been using some of the weapons dealt by LexCorp. She managed to grab the assignment and wrest it away from Clark. There, at a reception, she interviews a couple of figures in high command, notably the Quraqi Intelligence director. She is having her own suspicions on the actual involvement of the department in the affair.

Using her own intelligence sources, she hears of a possible plot for the next target of the terrorist wave which is an attempt to seize control of a government facility that contains mass destruction armament. Lois proceeds to alert the authorities, but she has little evidence. So, she sets out on her own to investigate.

Back in Metropolis, Clark hears of the latest terrorist attempts and is surprised to hear of Lois' departure for Quraq. He asks Perry White for a special permission to depart for Quraq and give another angle on the situation. His permission is accepted and the following day he heads for the Mid-East.

As Clark leaves, mysterious robots suddenly shoot down from the sky and land at strategic locations of the city of Metropolis. Soon, they proceed to search out for their prey.

Lois has traced the information to its source. It comes from a sub-cell of the activist group which is located in the country. She heads there under a disguise and sees that the terror group are actually hiding and are being supported by the populace. Unfortunately, Lois gets herself in trouble and is kidnapped by one of the activists. At a secret location, she learns of their plan which is to detonate a nuclear warhead and direct it towards Europe, more specifically the city of Paris. Lois is horrified by their plan. Soon, they proceed to torture her little by little.

Clark arrives in the capital of Quraq and goes to the hotel where Lois was staying. They identify her and he asks about her whereabouts. They say that Lois left the night before for an unknown destination. He reserves a room at the hotel and proceeds to change into his Superman costume, sensing that perhaps, Lois might be in trouble.

The mysterious robots arrive in Metropolis and start attracting the attention of people. They are searching for a mysterious individual, a Kryptonian. One by one, they scour the city tracing the specific bioelectric signature of their query. The city sensing an invasion of some sort starts taking measures to take them out. They are being apprehended by the Metahuman division of Metropolis. Everyone, however, is surprised at the fact that Superman has not shown up yet. Lex Luthor sensing something amiss for the hero, decides to take his place and organizes his own little battalion in the effort to protect the city.

The scene switches to Kansas, in the whereabouts of the Kent farm where two robots have landed. The Kents are terrified and horrified by its presence. They attempt to fend off the threat with little success. Carnage ensues, as the robots unable to find their target proceed to leave, leaving Clark's parents wounded and the farm destroyed.

Superman has been looking at the infrared signature of Lois to track down her whereabouts. He has been having trouble finding her and has hit a dead-end. Switching to his Clark Kent persona, he soon finds out where she was last seen. He concludes that she must have been heading South, in the country-side. He contacts Perry and let's him know of the situation. Lois is missing.

Elsewhere, in Quraq, the terrorists start to plan their attack. With their superior weaponry, they attack the heavily fortified governmental plant. Following the battle, they quickly seize control of the fortifications and proceed to launch the missile.

Clark switches into Superman. He elevates into the air, goes into space and starts hearing on the known frequencies and at the same time using his telescopic vision to pick Lois' location. In the span of a few minutes, he locates her and crashes down into the place where she is being held. He has trouble dispatching them, as the weaponry they use is able to harm him. Then, using all his might he crashes through all of them. Still, one of the criminals brandishes his gun at Lois and advises Superman to give up or else she dies. Clark hesitates a moment, then the next moment he is found behind his enemy with the latter's gun in his hand. He softly hits him on the forehead. Then, he holds Lois in his hands, battered and bruised. At that moment, two mysterious robots storm in the village, causing destruction as they are coming closer to their target. Superman walks out of the hangout with Lois and a machine scans: Kryptonian targeted.

He engages both robots in combat and quickly melts through them. The second one, tougher and more resilient deals him a mighty punch. Superman is sent flying through then falls hard. He gets up and flies back through the robot, ripping a hole through it. He is perplexed at their presence and seems to remember the altercation with the first robot. Lois coming to her bearings quickly tells Superman of the impending terrorist attack.

Superman and Lois exchange warm words, then leaving Lois in a safe location, Superman flies into space and quickly locates the terrorists' position. From up there, and using his vision powers, he disarms the terrorists with his heat vision and destroys the control launch, as they attempt to arm the missile. Then, he flies off to Metropolis.

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As he arrives into Metropolis, he sees multiple robots scouring the city. They are no longer looking for their target, rather, they are rounding people up. The Metahuman division has been mostly disbanded and destruction is everywhere. Superman going at high speed, engages the robots one by one. Using his immense strength he manages to crush many of them. At that moment, an immense skull shows itself in the sky of Metropolis: Kryptonian found. Brainiac arrives.

Lex Luthor marvels at the presence of Brainiac. He has been intercepting the signals of communication between Brainiac and his robots. He quickly sends his own team of androids to apprehend the threat. He hopes to subdue it one way or another or at least learn what can be learned from it.

Superman flies into the air. At that moment, two powerful rays issue from the immense structure and stun him. Superman is bleeding. At that point, Superman flies even faster, zigzaging around the rays and coming closer to the eyes, he attempts to dent holes into them. He is quickly repulsed by an impenetrable force-field. He tries again and again with his punches and nearly breaks his knuckles on them.

Back in Quraq, Lois is taken among the wounded. The terrorist plot has been foiled, thanks in part to Superman. On her way to the hospital, she watches the news reports of Metropolis getting invaded by Brainiac and sees as Superman attempts to overcome them. Lois quickly gets up from her emergency bed and runs out of the hospital at any means necessary. She phones the Daily Planet office, which has been destroyed by Brainiac robots, and asks to be put on the first flight back to the city.

Back in Metropolis, Superman is being invaded by an army of robots, which seem to be falling out of the air. One by one, he wades through them, then, two laser rays shoot out from the Brainiac ship and finally stun him to the ground. The robots quickly gather around him and hold him. Then, a figure in green armor comes out of the ship. Brainiac.

He levitates and lands at Superman's feet. Brainiac then proceeds to crush Superman between his arms, then let's go of him. Superman lays on the floor, defeated and almost unconscious. Brainiac is a collector. He collects pieces of other cultures, miniaturizes them then destroys them. He plans to collect the Kryptonian, collect his city, then destroy the earth.

Back at Lexcorp's tower. Luthor is studying footage of Superman's battle. He sees the impenetrable forcefield and gets his team of scientists on a way to finding out how to work around it and destroy the ship.

In Brainiac's ship, Superman is being held hostage. Brainiac is making preparations for the miniaturization of the city. He tells Superman of Krypton's history and of how he was actually a program designed on Krypton to assure the safety of the people and serve as a databank of knowledge for his race. Interestingly, Brainiac soon developed a mind of his own and sought to free itself from the confines of Kryptonian culture. In fact, he was involved in the destruction of Krypton as he hid from the general Council the information necessary to predict the coming of the devastating earthquakes.

Having heard enough, Superman in a fit of rage, frees himself from the Brainiac constructs and proceeds to pummel him. In a contest of man to man, Brainiac soon proves to be stronger and more powerful. Soon, he overpowers Superman. Superman fights back and doses him with a powerful blast of heat vision that sends his adversary flying to the other end of the ship. With Brainiac down, Superman investigates all the worlds that have been captured. Interestingly, he overhears voices in Kryptonian calling him. He recognizes the individuals inside the bottle, wearing Kryptonian insignias. Superman frees them and promises the other worlds to free them too. On his way, he is apprehended by Brainiac who tells him that the process of miniaturization will soon begin. Superman beats him down again, and taking advantage of the opportunity attempts to override the command but he is unable too.

He flies outside and proceeds to take down the miniaturizing cannon. He is unable to as the force field still protects it.
Suddenly, the Brainiac ship is attacked. Luthor has brought his own team on the site and has figured a way to destroy the ship. His team concentrates its firepower on one side of the ship and another half of the team concentrates on the other half. The force field is weakening but their weapons are not powerful enough. Superman soon understands what is going on and proceeds to attack the ship on one side then in a split second finds himself on the other side and lands a powerful blow that shatters part of the force-field. Hammering again, he quickly penetrates it and proceeds to dismantle the ray. Nevertheless, he fails. The ray fires and Metropolis ends up being miniaturized slowly by slowly.

At that moment, Lois' plane is in the air. She looks down as Metropolis has disappeared and fears the worst. The pilot, is trying to land as best he can.

Enraged, Superman attacks the Brainiac ship again. He pummels it and takes it apart at the seams. Soon, the Brainiac ship is sent flying to the ground. Brainiac walks out, badly wounded, as the destruction of his ship, has damaged his physical shell. Superman beats him down, then walks into the ship. He finds the bottled city of Metropolis and takes it out with the Kryptonian city of Kandor.
He walks to the control unit of the ship, and attempts to figure a way to reverse the miniaturizing ray. He is unable to do it. Then he walks outside and finds Brainiac lying in the mud. Brainiac lets him know that the ray can be reversed but since his ship has been destroyed, there is little that can be done. Superman kneels down and sobs.

The movie opens on the scene of a reconstructed city of Metropolis. Bibbo, a Superman fan walks into the streets and buys a newspaper from a news stand. It reads: The City of Metropolis saved once again, thanks to Superman.

The scene switches and we find Luthor raging at the Man of Steel. Reading through the lines, he proceeds to describe how using Kryptonian technology Superman was able to restore the city of Metropolis to its grandeur, although other worlds remain, bottled inside his fortress of solitude. Luthor, calls his personal bodyguard and walks out of his office.

Lois is sitted in the office, typing her latest exclusive with Superman. Clark is not there however, he has taken a vacation to be with his family, who have been casualties of the Brainiac invasion. We find Clark at the farm, tending to his mother and letting her know how much he cares for her. She is convalescent and is aware of a concern weighing down on her son. Clark reveals how, during Metropolis' final stand, he thought of the only person that really meant the world to him: Lois. Lois and he, or rather, Lois and Superman, had steadily been growing closer to one another. He says, however that, for all his powers, for all his knowledge, he still as yet does not know how to handle his emotions. His mother replies how his father would have been proud of him, and of how she has confidence in him that he will make the right decision.

The scene switches again, we find Luthor at night meeting at a private RnD laboratory facility. During the battle with Brainiac, one of Luthor's henchmen was able to isolate a sample of Superman's blood. Luthor with his own team of scientists, hopes to use that knowledge for his own purposes. Following one of Luthor's experiments, one of the janitors working at the facility is mistakenly charged with transporting radioactive material from one location into another. Accidentally, he stumbles, and ends up being exposed to the strange radiation that makes up the material. Later that night, he returns home, and starts undergoing a strange transformation, ultimately turning into a bald, green or purple-skinned monster. Rudy Jones, his name, stumbles across the city and creates a great scare. People start running away and alert the authorities. Interestingly, everything Jones touches increases his power all the more. He becomes bigger, more gelatinous and more monstruous. He starts babbling out: Help me, help me.

Superman who was attending a charity event at a hospital, hears of the commotion around the city and arrives at the scene. He finds the Metropolis special crimes unit there also and orders them to cease fire on the monster. Superman inquires into who the creature is, and it answers back: Rudy, Rudy Jones. Superman walks further and proceeds to offer some help. Soon, as Superman grabs the monster, a shock of electricity goes through his body, the monster and the Man of Steel stand together, electrified and in pain. Finally, Superman steps back and soon realizes that the monster has taken his physical appearance. Seeing that, Rudy runs away at super speed. Superman attempts to catch up to him, but Rudy soon shapeshifts and inserts himself into the gutters of the city. Soon, he loses sight of him.

The following day, Clark shows up at work and everyone is happy to see him. Lois inquires about his mother, and Clark responds that she is fine. Lois soon catches up on the news and proceeds to write an article on the creature. Perry White seeing a photo of it, dubs it a Parasite and slams into his office. Soon, the Parasite is seen and he struggles to find his bearings. He asks himself questions and wonders what he is doing under the sewers. He should be instead working at the Daily Planet, on a new story.

Strangely, the scene switches to Central Europe, and the burrows of the earth are shown. Thuds are being heard as all around, the earth trembles on the surface. People all around seem a little alarmed, but soon resume their daily activities.

Atop of the Daily Planet building, Superman is having an intimate time with Lois. She remarks how Superman always seems to show up whenever she is in trouble. She seems to find it almost strange. The two lovers look each other in the eye, and Lois attempts to kiss him. But Superman seeing this, moves back and recounts how their biology is completely incompatible and his enhanced physiology would be too much for Lois to handle. Lois responds try me and Superman passionately kisses her. At this, Lois faints and momentarily loses consciousness. Then she awakes and seems to have no recollection of what just transpired and happily finishes eating her dinner. Soon, Superman takes her to her apartment and wishes her good night.

We follow Superman to Star Labs where he and a group of scientists are conducting a series of tests on him. Superman soon finds out what has been happening since his latest bout with the creature, and even more so since the Brainiac invasion, his powers have been depleting. Then, Superman is taken to see Brainiac's ship. They have managed to access Brainiac's log and using Superman's alien signature, they find out about the origins of the alien and of how he might be connected to an alien energy being called the Eradicator. It all sounds very familiar to Superman.

Later that night, the Parasite is seen again in Metropolis. Superman hears the news of him, but this time, comes prepared. He tries to offer some help to him, but Parasite tells him that he does not understand. He accuses Superman of impersonating him, he claims to be the real Superman and proceeds to attack him. Superman is protected by a suit specially constructed by him to protect him from the Parasite. Using his freeze breath, he freezes Parasite and flies off with him. Superman arrives at Star LABS and brings with him the Parasite. As he removes his suit, Parasite bursts out of the ice cage and grabs Superman by the neck. He nearly drains him completely. Then, standing victorious, he let's Superman and evades pursuit. Superman sinks into unconsciousness.

The following day, Clark Kent is at work and invites Lois to dinner. Later that day, he asks Lois about how she feels about him. She responds that she likes him as a friend but is already in love with someone else. At that point, Clark decides to reveal his real identity to Lois. He tells her of how, he can no longer deny his feelings for her. Clark Kent, is Superman and Lois stands transfixed at that news. And so, he invites her outside, changes into Superman and takes her for a flight. Lois and Superman stand on top of the Planet. She remarks how everything seems to make sense. At this point, Superman tries to kiss her, but she instinctively says no.

In Central Europe, a city of Lithuania is being gripped by earthquakes. The authorities are finally alarmed and attempt to find out the cause of the calamity. Finally, a monster comes out of the ground. He starts wrecking havoc. Back at Star LABS, Superman finally awakes. He had been in suspended reanimation. He gets his bearings and quickly heads out, to the sun and recharges his powers for an extended period of time. As he flies back, he realizes that his powers are acting out of control. He heads for Metropolis and is surprised to find another Superman operating in Metropolis. Superman quickly recognizes Parasite's molecular signature and proceeds to deal with him at a distance. As both protagonists are engaged in combat, Superman sees on a flat-screen television of the news happening in Lithuania. A monster has just surged out of the ground, and is terrorizing the people. Superman sensing the urgency of the threat leaves Parasite, and directly heads there.

Superman arrives and finds a trail of destruction that defies description. He finds the 7 foot tall monster and proceeds to talk it down, saying he does not want to hurt it. The monster looks at him, sneers and attacks him. He pummels him all across the town and throws him into a lake. There, he follows Superman, attempts to choke him and stomps on him. Seeing that Superman is momentarily stunned, Doomsday proceeds to punch him to death. The water ripples above the surface. Then, there is quiet, and then, the monster is seen flying out of the water as Superman follows after him. He intercepts the monster before he reaches it and punches it south, in direction of Poland. As he arrives, Doomsday charges at him at super speed and leaps hundreds of miles towards Superman who is flying in the air. He holds him by the neck, and twists above and onto his back. Then he hits him. Superman hurtles down, and crashes into several buildings of people. He realizes the monster's power and thinks that it might be tougher than he had originally imagined.

Elsewhere, in Metropolis, Lois hears of the news of the earlier battle during the day between the two Supermen. She starts having suspicion and wonders whether she has not been meeting with the one impersonating Superman. Lex Luthor however, learning of the news seems to be made uncomfortable, worried and at the same time content, thinking that maybe, Superman will finally meet his doom.

We find Superman in Poland, Doomsday grabs him by the hair and runs at high speed with him, all across the country, carrying him across the border towards the center of Germany. The army seeing how Superman is having trouble steps in and attempts to help but its artillery is too little to help. At this point, Doomsday punches Superman through multiple buildings and proceeds to throw a tank line at him. The whole area explodes and Superman lies on the floor. Doomsday runs at him and mechanically pounds into him. Superman's face is starting to show lesions. At this point, Doomsday sees a child crying. He looks at him, and leaves Superman on the floor, and heads in the child's direction. Seeing as how Doomsday is about to crush the child, Superman shows up, grabs Doomsday at the waist and flies high into the atmosphere. He wants to take the battle into space. Superman grabs Doomsday by the head and starts pounding into him, and pounding and pounding. Below, people can hear the thuds and see crackling lightning surging around them. Then Superman punches him back and Doomsday hurtles to earth like a streaking comet. Doomsday falls into the North sea, setting up ripples and tsunami waves off the coasts of continental Europe. Superman, completely oblivious to the damage is soaking with power. His whole body is crackling with electricity, as it seems he is tapping into all his powers.

At the Kent farm, Martha Kent interrupts her whereabouts as she watches the news of Superman confronting a creature of unknown origin and of great power in Continental Europe. She only fears the worst and moves up into her room, kneels down and says prayers for her son.

In Europe, Superman's powers are going out of control. Heat beams are crackling out of his eyes, while heat waves are literally radiating from his body. He has become a solar battery causing around him incredible destruction. Doomsday comes out of the water and re-engages Superman in battle. He apparently seems to have evolved the ability to levitate. He flies into space throws his retractile darts at Superman, piercing his flesh and reeling him toward himself. Then, as Superman struggles to free himself and deals him a mighty punch that sounds like a nuclear blast, and sends ripples all the way to southern Italy. Superman ends up in the Atlantic sea. Doomsday follows him and runs with him on the sea floor, all the way to the city of New York.

At this point, Wayne enterprise hears of the news and decides to send a garrison of its own manufactured robots to the site. The team is quickly dispatched. Various government agencies band together and attempt to take down the monster but nothing works. Back at Star LABS, scientists analyzing Superman's DNA come to the conclusion that his molecular structure following the encounters with Parasite, has become unstable. The team fears the worst, either the prospects of a Superman run amok, or the ultimate design of the Man of Steel, following a state of complete exhaustion.

At the Daily Planet, Perry sends Lois out to cover the news and provide an angle on the developing story. She is intercepted on her way by the Parasite, who changing into and out of his Superman persona, decides to transport her along with him. He has decided to go confront the monster and show that he is the real Superman. The two arrive in New York, where, Superman is trying to make his last stands. He seems to be pulling new powers out of his arsenal. He extends his force field, around civilians and manages to protect them that way. Then, he levitates Doomsday and manages to erect an impenetrable force field around him. The monster is wading, punching while Superman is literally bleeding in his attempt to contain him. Finally, the force-field breaks and Superman falls to the ground. Then, Doomsday takes Superman into the air, levitating, then flying he holds him up into the air and then falls with him at high speed in the center of Metropolis. A huge crater is formed in the city, sending ripples all across Eastern and Mid-Western America. For the first time, Doomsday actually speaks: and now, I take what you hold most dearly. Your beloved home-world, your city, your life. Doomsday is about to deal Superman the killing blow when he is frozen into near-stillness. The Parasite arrives on the site and starts to revel in his triumphant actions.

Doomsday finally breaks through the ice, and still manages to deal a massive blow to Superman, which the Parasite changing into Superman, actually blocks. He then proceeds to pummel Doomsday at super-speed. He punches and punches till he tires. Then the monster looks at him, and sneers. He punches him, straight through the chest and vibrates his arm through his body, almost molecularly decomposing the symbiote. As Parasite dissolves, he tells a recovering Superman that he is sorry, that he only wanted to be Superman, he only wanted to save.

At this sight, Lois looks in sadness and saves. Superman covers her and calling her Clark, Lois attempts to kiss him on the lips. But Superman refuses, he kisses her on the forehead and goes to confront Doomsday. She says in a low voice, Clark.

At this, Superman unleashes a full blast of heat vision in a concentrated beam that almost melts through Doomsday and sends him across the city and landing near the Daily Planet building. Superman arrives on the scene, and at very high speed, seems to be literally punching Doomsday from every direction. The monster roars and methodically punches Superman across his body, brutally breaking his arm, then he punches him in the stomach. Superman seriously bleeds. The buildings in the whole city and surrounding neighborhoods seriously quake. Sensing that he might be living his final moments, Superman and Doomsday move towards one another, and hit with all their might in a blow that explodes into the air, and forming a huge crater between them. Both combatants then fall. A camera that was reporting, is filming the place from overhead. We see fumes and smoke emanating from the place. Soon, one combatant gets up, and in one moment, the assistance is frightened. The figure walks out of the fumes, past a piece of Superman's cape and falls to the ground. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen who had been following them rush to the scene.

The monster, is he, is he stopped? Asks Superman.

Lois replies: Yes, yes you stopped him.

Superman soon fades and his head leans back to the ground.

The picture of Lois crying with Superman in her hand, makes first page in all the newspapers all around the world. Superman's funeral is being carried all around the city. Atop the Daily Planet building, a dark figure with pointy ears is seen observing the proceedings noting, and then, disappears. Luthor turns off the television and smiles, almost without satisfaction. Then, he looks down and sees scientists working in his lab, on a new prototype.

The movie ends with Lois showing up at the Kent's farm. She knows, she knows everything. She consoles Clark's mother.

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