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While viewing different things I thought I might like to try this. I know people have tried it already and it turned into a failure but now that Reach is out.

1) Spartan-II's are numbers below 200.
2) Spartan-III's tend to always have numbers above 200 (hence Spartan-B312).
3) You must have a Company. Alpha Company, Bravo Company, etc. Whichever it is, its gotta have Spartan-_XXX.
4) For the most part, Spartan-III's weren't kidnapped, they voluntarily joined after their families had been killed by the Covenant. The time setting is just after the Fall of Reach in 2552.

1) You cannot be a character that already exists: Example: John-117.
2) No Godmodding, you cannot be a god among spartans you are a new recruit.
3) Act as you will, Emile isn't exactly the nicest Spartan after all.
4) Your story cannot interfere with the Cannon: Example: Sussie-G524 snuck aboard Sgt. Johnson's ship and made her way to the Ark to regroup with Master Chief.

One Last Thing!
Remember to detail yourself! Have fun with it! Take in the information and let your creativity flow outward!

Name: Jamie-B314
Age: XXX
Birthdate: XXX
Location: Reach's Atmosphere
Team: Striker Team
Rank: Warrant Officer Grade 3
Weapon of Choice: DMR
Details of Spartan
A Career Spartan, she fought hard in the battle of Reach to defend it from all Covenant Forces. She has mid-length lighter brown hair, blue tinted eyes, darker, and pale skin (A result of wearing her armor most of the time). Towards the end of the battle on Reach, her squad was requested for a joint operation with a group of Spartan-II's that touched down on the surface. Before arriving at the target zone, a fellow Spartan of her squad told her to protect their last beacon of hope. Confusion dwelling at the meaning of this, she felt dazed, but before she could question it she felt his hand press with force against her. With this she had lost her balance and fell out of the pelican, her armor locking up, she landed onto the surface of Reach 3 m's away from the area. Upon awakening at the sight of Marine's preparing to escape Reach via a pelican, she gazed upon a sight of terror as in the far distance nothing but a large crater could be seen. She reluctantly boarded the pelican with the knowledge now that her team as well as a large portion of Spartan-II's were glassed by a Covenant Carrier that was still looming above the area. She is currently in the atmosphere just above Reach, awaiting orders from Command.


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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.