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"While Pop Music is simple and everyone should understand it.
The truth is that there is something deeper that drives people to do what they do
and I think that I am one of those people".
-Ray Davies

"Most people listen to whatever music their friends are listening to, based upon that fact alone.
In my opinion this suggests that people of this persuasion don't have any genuine desire or thoughts
not much a life when you can't call your soul your own.
If you like something, then like it for yourself, if someone says to you "Why are you listening to... whatever, that's crap", then you should respond with an honest answer, "I listen to whatever I want, base on what I want", or somethin' like that, you know words to that effect.

Some people wouldn't know Shyte from Sherlock, so don't worry about The Tastless Pilekes.

A lot of people don't listen to the words in a song, they only hum along to the rhythm section.
This is a matter of fact that has been proven over The Globe.
Take for example Lola By The Kinks . This is a song about a Transvestite but the only thing most people remember about it is the Chorus because it was designed to be a hit record and hit records have to be catchy to the audience in order to sell.
Despite this fact there is a small story line in the song but it was not something written from the heart, as stated by the song writer.

When you hear a song that is A subject matter written from the heart, more than just a money making machine, or a repetitive loop, there is almost a Physical and Mental Manifestation inside one's Soul
and that music Transcends across all emotions, as if it was an emotion of it's own.

A song about Love that appears to sound of sadness, can create feelings of Anger and Hate inside
when this occurs there is no Neutral Gear, no Stop or Erase, it will remain long after the track has finished.
This type of music Invokes The Soul, no matter if the music is from 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004 or 4444.

As long a life goes on music will continue and time will be forever"...
-Human Race, Outa Space, Traveller

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