Recommend me some good Books/Audio Books

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So last year when I was still in business school I was so busy that I could hardly find the time to read a book we had to get done by the end of the month. Oh well I'l just take a stroll down to the library and borrow the audio book I thought, lazy perhaps, effective when you don't have time or will power to read? YES. To my surprise I found the ordeal to be very nice.

I would sit back in my soft couch or lay down if I wanted to, have a bit of food there and just relax, it was great!

Now ever since then I have listened to one or two audio books each month, usually on Sunday afternoons when I did not have anything to do, or before bed sometimes.

Now I would just like to know if any of you perhaps knew of any good audio books, or books in general that are good, because I don't fancy reading, I get tired after awhile, but the audio books, oh my thats great!

So what I am looking for is this:

Good audio books (unabridged is preferred but is not necessary)

And if you don't know any good audio books, I would like to get some good titles for following genre's

Adventure (Something really exciting, Indiana Jones style, pirates and the like!)

Thanks in advance smile

Actually, I've enjoyed Kristine Katherine Rusch's "Retrieval Artist" audiobooks from Audible recently. At one time Audible had offered the first one free, and I bought the rest.

I'm not sure I'm a good judge of "well read/performed" though. I've listened to four authors in audiobooks - Janet Evanovich, J. D. Robb, Jean Auel, and Kristine Katherine Rusch. I'm new to the audiobook thing.

Oh, actually, the first book I ever listened to was the first "Nursery Crimes" novel by Jasper Fforde. I thought it was hilarious, but YMMV. Seems like people either really like his humor or really don't.

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