Carol Ferris / Violet Lantern Corps Respect Thread

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A respect thread for Carol Ferris and the Violet Lantern Corps also known as The Star Sapphires.

Here a scan showing info about the members of the Violet Lantern Corp.
Their Emotion is Love. The homeworld is Zamaron, the powers, history and weaknesses are also noted in the scan.

A young couple is taking in the sight of Stonehenge when the girl hears the stone calling out for her, this is also the stone left over from Infinite Crisis #6 when The Spectre killed the last Sapphire who was possessed by it.

Carol taking a flight out and she is attacked by the Star Sapphire and takes control over her.

Carol arrives and fights with Hal and his new girlfriend aka Cowgirl while they was having a date.

The Sapphire takes control of Cowgirl!! This also gives Carol the chance to tell Hal about the history of the Zamarons from what she saw while controlled by the stone.

The Zamarons gave Dela Pharon a Star Sapphire as a test, in order to control and protect her world, she killed her mate and the crystals spawned and grew across the entire world.

Carol and Hal against Cowgirl. Carol as a Green Lantern!

The Zamarons arrive to take on Hal Jordan, also to try to make Carol and Cowgirl their new recruits!

Hal tricks the stone.

Back at Zamaron and finally realising the power of the Sapphire having over the host the Zamarons take a page from the Book of Oa! They are also the first ones to being trying to combat against the Blackest Night prophecy.

The Violet Lantern Battery, powered by the undying love of Hawkman and Hawkgirl! The Guardians make plans for a diplomatic mission to Zamaron.

The story of how Miri Riam became a Star Sapphire, from the hands of Mongul.

The diplomatic mission of 3 Guardians, Sodam Yat, Guy Gardner and Arisia Rrab.

Queen Aga'po of Zamaron arrives, the discussions nearly breakdown although they continue to try to remain allies against any threat!

This also shows that the Green Lanterns was allowed to leave!

Miris training and studing is over she is now a Star Sapphire!

Miri in battle, and afterward having a chat with Kyle and Soranik.

Some info of Fatality of the Sinestro Crops and is converted into the Violet Lantern Corps within the crystal! The Corps army is growing!

Fatality saving John Stewart.

Scan showing the 4 Lantern Corps main beings, Parallax, Ion and the Predator, as well as Black Hand!

Miri on her way back stops and talks with the Green Lantern who can speak with the dead.

Krypb is placed in a crystal to heal her.

Carol taking care of business then later agrees to join the Violet Lantern Corps. Also between the Green and Violet the Sinestro Corps have been scattered across the universe!

The Sinestro Corps come to Zamaron and the war begins!

Fight between Sinestro vs Carol. She can hang with the baddest of them!

The war is interrupted by a bigger threat, the Black Lanterns are attacking Zamaron at their worst time!

Miri fights again with Kryb and wins.

With the Black Lanterns attacking their touch they can turn the Sapphire Crystals white and fragile. The Zamarons main concern is for the Predator...

Here Carol try's to slow down a Black Lantern by putting it in a crystal, it does no good as the dead have no emotions!

Hal teachs Carol how to destroy a Black Lantern. Sinestro attacks both of them.

Black Rings head for Violet Power Battery, inside they join with the remains of Khufu and Chay-ara's bodies resulting in a huge explosion so massive everyone had to leave Zamaron!

Carol, Sinestro, Hal, and Indigo 1 taking out some Black Lanterns!

Taking on the Black Lantern Spectre with help from a Red Lantern and Green Lantern, and is still not enough to down the beast!

Miri and Kryb find her babies er undead babies! blink

Miri is warned by the ring of her presence is needed, the tether connects her to the point of interest (point being Kyle).

Wonder Woman commenting on what it feels like to wear a power ring. Taking out Max as well.

Speaking with Aphrodite.

Fatality and John Stewart along with other Lantern Corps members battling the Black Lanterns above Coast City!

This causes Nekron pain, something rarely seen in Blackset Night. And considering how many rings it took to control the planet.

Sinestro while merged with the Entity sees the birth of the Predator!

The Book of the Black.

Taking on Scar, dies for real this time.

Wonder Woman breaks the Black Rings hold over her without help!

All Lanterns attacking Nekron, though not have any effect.

Carol saves Mera.

Hal and Carol having another fight with Sinestro. Carol, Hal and Sinestro all try to take the White Lantern but won't budge.

At Zamaron, Queen Aga'po is powering the battery herself and all the rings as well, this is causing her to age, to stop this they send Carol their finest Star Sapphire to find the Predator and come back to power the battery up.

The Predator takes over Abraham!

Carol, Hal vs the Predator. (mainly Carol).

Back to Zamaron, Queen Aga'po gives her life over to fully restore the power the battery. Before she dies she names Carol the new Queen.

Now Carols main concern is to repair Zamaron and protect the Predator, Hal tries to convince her otherwise but she stays.

The Queen of Hawkworld named Queen Khea (the mother of Hawkgirl) plans to attack the Zamaron Homeworld following Hath-Set's death at the hands of Hawkgirl. Carol and The Predator are there to meet her head on!

In a older comic, a Guardian of the Universe and Zamaron face off to see whos got a greater edge, they both find out they are still equals even though they are opposites.
This concludes the Carol Ferris / Violet Lantern Corps Respect Thread for now. I hope to do one of Sinestro and John here soon! cool

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