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I recently found myself with some spare time in class (because it's so damn boring), so I am going to start drawing things from a list of images that I've been saving up to draw.

First up, a "mosaic" from the manga "History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi."

This mosaic appeared in one of the releases and the "fans" were supposed to cut up the squares and put it back together to see the "end" result.

Well, I lost some of the pieces and I couldn't find the mosaic, so I had to recreate some of Shigure (mainly, her breasts and belly.) I think I got pretty dang close to the original.

Also, I improved upon the image: improved Shigure's hip lines and gave her a "flesh spill" around her bikini to give an idea of her flesh know...flesh.

I made Shigure's left leg smaller because it was much too fat (out of proportion).

I eliminatd Shigure's squiggly eyebrows as I strongly dislike those eyebrows: I think it detracts from the beauty of Matsuena's character design.

I added a better 'cloth stretch' to Shigure's bikini top on her left side.

I gave the bikini bottoms more of a 3D look because, despite how flat clothing is, it is still 3D. I did this more for my own taste and no really to be "realistic". Also, what I did was very subtle and changes very little of the image. I is most noticeable on Shigure's right hip.

Cleaned up some, but left most intact, the "blotches" of various "grades" of white. For those of you with LCD monitors, you can view the image at an angle (look down towards your monitor) and the various colors of white will show up.

Messed with the clouds, trying out different "fog" techniques just to mess around and create different textures.

I smoothed out the borders and added a thin black border to give it a "finished" look.

Oh yeah, I gave Shigure a better, more shapely, hip line.

I did this all in MS Paint, during class, over the course of 4 class periods. It is my second longest project as cleaning up the "lines" and blending it in MS Paint took friggin' forever. (Prolly 4-5 hours.) I had to work, most of the time, at 8 times magnification and blend sh*t, pixel by pixel.

Next up, I'll draw some of the females from Claymore (I like how dainty and feminine some of the females are from Claymore. I like drawing women and female manga characters, damnit!)

I used a click-able thumb because it is a large image. The original image was over 3000 pixels, x dimension, and a little over 1800 pixels, y dimension. Just click on the thumbnail and when it goes to photobucket, click on the image again when you get the "plus" magnifying glass to see the large size.

I'll post up my Claymore endeavors in a couple of weeks.

Also, I've done cell shaded DBZ images, but they are long gone. If someone has a DBZ image they would like me to draw with modifications, let me know and I'll do it in my free time.

NOTTE: I try to preserve the original artists "style" as much as possible. Some people do not like this, but I think it is okay to do draw with your own style but everyone should at least try to draw, once or twice, the characters they like, in the original art style (just out of respect for the original designs that you "fell in love with."

Here is a picture I drew of Mei Terumi, the Mizukage.

Click-able thumbnail:

When I shade and color the image, I will do the following:

1. Make Mei's eye about 20% smaller.
2. Make her right shoulder come "up" more like she is leaning forward on her left arm.
3. Alter the shadow that falls across her nose to contour to her nose: right now, it is unrealistically falling in a straight line. I know, it's small, but it's something that I would like to get right.
4. Someone give me some suggestions on how to better draw the shoulder/collar-bone junction. I had difficulty there. The entire image took about 30-40 minutes to draw, but the collar-bone portion is what took up the most time: that took me about 10-15 minutes and it STILL doesn't look right. For you suggestion, circle the areas and reference them as I'm a visual person and will understand your suggestion better, that way (please? sad ).
5. Fix some of her hair to make it look "better."

Thank you!

Johnny Demonic
That is the single greatest illustration in history of the world.

Good work, bro.

Here is the colored and slightly shaded version of the drawing:

I made the corrections I talked about. Thanks goes to Johnny Demonic for his suggestions (he's my coworker.)

The fixing of the eye size really changed the overall quality of your work. Nice

tbh, I was basically expecting brown paint smeared in the texture of poop on a white MS paint canvas.

Very impre- this thread is three+ years old.

Even though it's a 3 year old thread, had no idea DDM had some decent artistic abilities.

Originally posted by socool8520
The fixing of the eye size really changed the overall quality of your work. Nice

Wow. Thanks, man.

No problem. I'm not an expert or anything, but you did a great job of correcting the eye and using color to add some depth that wasn't present in your original sketch. I'm straight garbage with color personally, but I can appreciate when other do good work with it.

I had thought about throwing some of my stuff on here but I haven't drawn to many comic characters lately. The latest one was that pic I showed to Q99.

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