The best of 2010

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This is it guys! Discuss this year in music. What was your favourite album? What was your favourite song? Which artist/band let you down the most?

My personal favourites this year was probably Snakes for the Divine by High on Fire, Heavy Metal Fruit by norwegian rockers Motorpsycho and Sir Lucious Left Foot by Big Boi

First album that comes to mind is God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise by Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs. Will have to think about it some more though.

Darth Truculent
May seem a bit strange but her:

Ira Losco is gorgeous!

My personal top 3 of 2010:

1. The Black Keys - Brothers
2. The Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt
3. Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs - God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise

Eon Blue
Manners by Passion Pit

High Violet by The National.

I've listened to this album more times than I can keep track of. It's been on repeat since it came out.

Originally posted by Eon Blue
Manners by Passion Pit

Manners was released in 2009, man.

Not been the best of years, in my eyes only The Panacea dropped something that could be considered a ''timeless'' album in 2010.
1. The Panacea - Chiropteran

2. Melvins - The Bride Screamed Murder
3. Four Tet - There is Love in You
4. Kno - Death is Silent
5. El-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3

Darth Jello
Meh, the only albums I gave a rat's ass about this year were I'm Having Fun Now by Jenny and Johnny and Sex With An X by The Vaselines.

Heres my top 30 of 2010:
These songs are the ones i listened to the most this year

1. Wavin Flag by K'naan
2. Letting Go by Sean Kingston
3. Heal The World by Michael Jackson
4. Blood On The Dancefloor by Michael Jackson
5. Empire State Of Mind by Jay-Z
6. Scream by Michael & Janet Jackson
7. Shit On The Radio by Nelly Furtado
8. You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi
9. Onto The Next One by Jay-Z
10. Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
11. No Love by Eminem
12. Baby Be Mine by Michael Jackson
13. Dancing Machine by Jackson 5
14. Your Man by Down With Webster
15. Who Is It by Michael Jackson
16. Whos Lovin You by Jackson 5
17. Your Love Is My Drug by Ke$ha
18. Ridin Solo by Jason Derulo
19. I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown
20. This Is It ( Orchestra Version ) by Michael Jackson
21. Alejandro by Lady Gaga
22. Fire In Your New Shoes by Kaskade
23. American Honey by Lady Antebellum
24. I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman by K-OS
25. BedRock by Young Money
26. Rich Girl$ by Down With Webster
27. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner
28. Fuerte by Nelly Furtado
29. How Low by Ludacris
30. Freedom Of Choice by A Perfect Circle

Darth Martin
My three favorites. Not sure what order.

I only gave time to the Melvins' The Bride Screamed Murder, Godsmack's Oracle, and Cathedral's The Guessing Game. I wanted to check out the new Swans' but still haven't.

All in all, it was just another year in music. Nothing has really blown me away or truly captivated me since 2008.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
The Suburbs
American Ghetto

I like 'em.

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