The Hunters - Ex Generation

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The year is Two-Thousand Ten. It is the year of the Recovery. Not much time has passed sense the Dusk War.. All sides have suffered great damage, but one side continues to force its way through. This group is known simply, as the Hunters. The Hunters live by one thing. "The Truth".

"Events will come and go as they choose despite what we seek to change. Nothing will be true, unless it is Destined to be. This is what we have been taught sense the day that we were born. There are millions of different worlds out there and enough Galaxies to fit each one within. Over this, there are Universe's which hold the galaxies. An infinite number of each.. If there is no end to any such world, then why should there be end to anything? End is inevitable, this is what they told us. But we questioned this. We questioned this an an infinite number of other things and we found the answers.. We found.. "The Truth".
~Unmarked Script

You. You are a child of the New World, a World that the Hunters have made safe for you. But safety comes with a price.. For Ten years, the Hunters have made it their direct goal to protect the worlds from darkness. This pact that they have made has stayed true. Yet.. Things are changing. They can no longer guarantee the safety of everyone. Time has taken casualties. The Hunters must fight to protect all and for ten years the few that stood along the side of the Hunters were enough. In the darkness of night, a shadow flows from the Spirit Realm. The shadow places its feet onto the ground and it begins to walk. He walks through the worlds, one at a time. He finds you.. he makes you this offer...

Join the Hunters, defend the Worlds. Awaken to the Truth.

You are now a member of the Hunters. You shall fight for the Protection that only you can provide to the Worlds. But before you can rush into battle along side the others, you must learn the art of combat. You must learn the style of action, not acting upon but acting for. You are merely a recruit. Will you rise to more? We will soon find out..

Upon speaking to the shadow figure, you feel yourself as if there is no difference. The shadow fades from your view. Everything seems exactly as it was before. Your eyes seem fresh as if only having just been opened from a sleep though you stand where you did before. Was it a dream? you would think. Nearly a week passes now and you go on with your life, seeming as if nothing has even happened. Little do you know.. hell will soon break lose, and you will be at Ground Zero.

With a loud crack the two wooden training weapons clashed. Valter pushed forward, trying to overpower his opponent in the blade lock. But the man fighting him wasn't going to let that happen. The balance was even, the advantage shifting between the two constantly. But the older dragon would triumph in the end because of his superior strength. Valter knew this and decided that he needed a change of tactics. He leapt back and let his opponent's wooden blade slice through thin air. Then he stepped forward again and stabbed towards the slightly disorientated figure. But his blade was deflected as his opponent righted himself and beat the wooden sword to the side with his own: "Nice try Valter but you're going to have to do better than that to win." The tutor smiled kindly but a slight mocking was to be heard in his voice.

Valter didn't miss it and smiled back as he started to circle his opponent once more: "Very well then. How do you like this?" He lunged forward and his tutor easily brought his own weapon around to block the stabbing attack but Valter retracted his own weapon, evading contact and instead brought it up for an overhead slice. The young dragon let his smile grow wider as he saw the look of recognition on his opponent's face. But he wasn't to be stunned for long. The older dragon brought his blade about to block the slice but he was cought illfooted and staggered back from the impact.

Pressing his advantage Valter began a flurry of strikes to finally bring down his tutor. Multiple times he saw gaps in the defense but he payed them no heed, also seeing that attempting to use them would make him vulnerable for a bit too long. He had learned to identify most faints in his tutor's defense while training with him over the years. Finally he saw a gap that seemed natural and struck. Wood struck flesh. Twice. Valter gasped as the training weapon punched into his stomach. "Another tie! This is the third time today! Well no use in destroying our bodies further. Get yourself freshened up and take yourself some freetime. Maybe we'll have another duel later." Vlater nodded at his tutor's words, bowed and left the small arena, heading for the baths situated nearby. He was covered in sweat and eager t wash it off. He turned his head and grinned at the older dragon standing in the ring: "Next time the outcome will be different!" The answer came accompanied by a short laugh: "And that change will be in my favour youngling!"

Ravyn couldn't believe this was real, after her meeting with the dark figure locked abilities were set free and she felt the magic flowing in her veins now. A few weeks had pass since she was first able to cast a spell but she had been working with her magic ever since. Ravyn played with a training in her right hand her eyes were focus on a training dummy she had set up, she took a deep breath and pointed the wand at her target "veneficus lux lucis absentis!" she shouted then six magic light missiles left her wand two at a time and hit the training dummy causing small explosions each time the light hit. Her magic was still weak and she'd need more training but it made her happy. She smiled to her self and walked over to the destroyed dummy but ended up tripping on her shoe lace, she fell and scrapped her knee, she sat and help her knee her jeans were already ripped so she could she the wound. "ow ow ow, I guess I'm still clumsy even with magic," she said before taking her training wand and placing it over her knee. She took another deep breath to concentrate and found the spell she read so many times in the short time she knew about her abilities, "veneficus lux lucis vigoratus!" she said then a white light washed over her knee and the pain was gone and so was most of the wound although it was still there it was less. Ravyn was so excited about the progress in her training and hoped she could get even stronger when she started to train with others.

The Scenario
It had been a week, and Terrin was still thinking about the shadow. It had appeared in his dreams, but it was like no dream Terrin had ever experienced before. The shadow was simply there one moment, where nothing had been before, and spoke as if its words were Terrin's own thoughts. Join the Hunters, defend the Worlds. Awaken to the Truth. And then it was gone, as if nothing had happened, and Terrin woke up. Terrin didn't know much about the Hunters, save that they kept the world safe from...something, but Terrin didn't know what. They were elite fighters that emerged from the Dusk Wars, seeking something called The Truth.

In any case, nothing had happened since the dreams with the shadow, but Terrin still thought about it, evan as he was practicing. Could he really join the Hunters? It would be a great opportunity to test himself and get better, Terrin had decided. For the past week, he'd stepped up his training regimen, placing his targets further away and reprogramming their movement systems to a more random behavioral setting. A few of them could even shoot back now. Terrin hoisted his rifle onto his shoulder, looking through the scope to inspect his handiwork. The targets were moving quickly, changing directions at random points, but not quite quickly enough for Terrin. "I wonder if Hunters can do this," he murmered to himself. Five shots, five hits, and five of his targets were down. "They probably can..." he decided.

The water in the baths was magical. Despite of all the heat around it it was cold, very cold. Valter was one of the few dragons that knew to enjoy the freezing water. Most others preferred boiling water but valter was different in that. His tutor often joked that Valter would have to be frozen in a block of ice instead of being burned in the holy flame as all dragons were when their time in this dimension expired. Valter had laughed along and retorted that his tutor would probably already be a pile of ash by the time Valter died. The two battled with weapons and words alike. It was in a dragon's nature to love battle. No matter if blood was drawn or not.

Slowly Valter lowered himself into the water. It was refreshing and as freezing as ever. He smiled and looked up at the cavern ceiling as his body temperature made the cold water rise as steam. Like everytime, Valter wondered how the water stayed cold over all those centuries and how it always maintained the same level although throughout time, it should have completely evaporated. Valter looed down at a trickle of blood that flowed down his hand. He had cut himself on the sharp rocks surrounding the freezing water. The bleeding stopped as he watched and Valter let the blood burn. He watched the tiny fire calmly. When it died he looked back at the ceiling, completely relaxed.


I remember hearing the window glass in the front room shatter after my father threw me through it in one of his drunken fits he was known for but I couldn't place when the shadow man came. "Was it just a dream after all?" I said to myself huddling for warmth underneath a deserted overpass. It was nearly a week after that day and I hadn't been back home since nor did I ever think I would, there was nothing for me but more hellish nightmares.
Twenty bucks was all I had when I left and now I was down to my last five and my black back pack was only filled with broken dreams and promises and last I checked they couldn't buy food or a warm place to sleep, so for now I was stuck underneath this overpass hiding from the rain and police. Run-aways get thrown back to their failed parents I thought and that was the las place I wanted to be at.
I looked down at my icy cold hands and sighed as they shivered, "what use is magic if I can't even use it to help myself?" I asked the air around me. No I wasn't crazy, magic really did flow through my veins via my moms side of the family but my "mother" denounced magic and never taught me how to use it so now the best I can do is make my hands sparkle, I sighed again as they begun to sparkle.
Suddenly the wind whips around and I could hear words whisper in my ear, naturally I freaked out but then was able to calm down. The words echo'd in my mind so I took a deep breath and repeated the words out loud "incendia adeo meus suffragium." I said and something amazing happened, my hands were on fire! Well of course I did what any teenager girl would do, I screamed my lungs out but after I realized my hands weren't burning my screams became laughter. I had done my first spell and I don't even know how I knew those words and at the moment I didn't care. This was the start of something amazing I thought.

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