Respect Thunderstrike: The Everyman Avenger

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Eric Masterson was mortally wounded by Mongoose after he interceded in a battle between Mongoose and Thor, Instinctively Eric Masterson reached for Mjolnir lifting it over his head at the time not realizing that Thor had given Mjolnir a silent summon. Eric Masterson with hammer ran toward Mongoose in an attempt to save Thor, Mongoose at 1st astonished quickly regained his composure and shot Eric Masterson with a weapon designed to kill Thor. Although fatally wounded he bought Thor the time he needed to regain the upper hand and defeat Mongoose, Thor feeling guilty and admiring Eric's bravery begged his father to save his life. Odin then bounded both god and man to each other as he had done before with Donald Blake. Eric and Thor would share their existence and would become more then just brothers.

Soon After sharing a new existence Thor battled his brother Loki and finally decided to take his life which led to Odin punishing Thor and banished him deep inside Eric Masterson's being, Eric now was free to have a full life with the power of Thor making him feel uneasy in his new role. During this time Eric had taken it upon himself to find Thor leading him to have various adventures and traveling to Mephisto's realm before he finally realized at the end of his quest that Thor had been locked up within his own mind.

Real Name: Eric Kevin Masterson

Aliases: Thor, Thunderstrike, Sparky, The Lightning Kid.

Occupation: Architect, Avenger.

Citizenship: American Citizen

Known Relatives: Marcy Mastersons - Steele(Ex-Wife), Kevin Masterson(Son), Thor(Spirit Brother)

Group Affiliation: Formerly Avengers, Asgard, Thor Corps, Secret Defenders.


Eric Masterson's strength, endurance and resistance to injury are greater than the vast majority of the asgardian superhuman race. He is immune to conventional disease, and highly resistant to injury. His flesh and bones are several times denser than a human's.

As a stand in for Thor, Eric Masterson possesses similar powers as the original Thor only lacking in knowledge limiting the use of his abilities which Thor had gained through life experience.

As Thunderstrike, Eric Masterson possessed abilities superior to the average asgardian once again his limitation was the lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity of his weapon. Thunderstrike never finished exploring the full limits of his powers and weapon.

As Bloodstrike, Eric Masterson possessed the combine power of Thunderstrike and Bloodaxe making him one of the most dangerous beings on the planet.


Eric Masterson was trained in combat by both Captain America and Hercules both taking it upon themselves to train him to not only survive but to also fill in the shoes of Thor and in turn be the Hero they knew he would one day become.


Mjolnir: Eric Masterson for a short time wielded Mjolnir allowing him to summon and control the weather, fly and shoot energy blast. Mjonlir allowed the user to gain the power and physical might of it's previous wielder, Thor. By spinning Mjolnir Eric could open dimensional portals, by swinging the hammer and holding onto the strap Eric could fly as he was dragged behind the enchanted hammer. Mjolnir could also absorb energy attacks and manipulate various forms of energy and redirect it back it's source.

Thunderstrike: Thunderstrike was specifically created and enchantments by Odin for Eric somewhat similar to Thor's Mjolnir as in if thrown it would return back to it's owner's hand, It could also be used for flight by swinging the mace into the air and holding onto it's chain it would drag it's wielder through the air. Thunderstrike could also manipulate energy allowing it to not only absorb energy blast but draw it in from various power sources and redirect and also fire potent power blast called, Thunderblast. the Thunderblast was strong enough to collapse buildings, underground dams. Thunderstrike was also able to track energy signatures.

Bloodaxe: The Bloodaxe was able to transform the wielder who succumbed to it's violent influence similar powers of the Skurge the Executioner. The Axe could teleport the individual through conscious thought, open portals to create various effects from banishing a person's body or soul to the realm of Limbo to creating rifts allowing attacks to come through from supernova flames to icy winds of Niflheim. The Axe could also manipulate the energies that it would release for various effects creating ice structures or blast, altering magnetic forces to repel bullets. the Axe could also slice and remove a person's soul without damaging the body. The Axe would grant it's wielder with the knowledge and skills of it's previous owner allowing the individual to wield the weapon confidently and making them a real threat in combat.

60 sec
Eric Masterson like Classic Thor was saddled by the same time constriction of 60 seconds, if he was separated from his enchanted weapons for that period of time.

Secondary Weapon
Eric through out his career would carry the Bloodaxe as a secondary weapon for emergency purposes from time to time, having taken it from Bloodaxe the previous wielder of the Weapon.

The World Still Needs Heroes:

Kevin Masterson son of Eric Masterson would soon reluctantly follow in the steps of his father having been given Thunderstrike, the mace by Steve Rogers in hopes that the enchantment would activate.

Kevin like his father possesses the same physical and mystical abilities of Thunderstrike but lacks the knowledge and experience to fully utilize his abilities.

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Thunderstrike by spinning his Mace in front of him was capable of blocking incoming attacks whether spikes, bullets or energy blast.

Thunderstrike was extremely durable making him bullet proof Thunderstrike_Vol_1_11_page_17_Carl_Washington_Ear

Survives and shrugs off being run over by the Juggernaut

Takes a multi story swan dive from the side of a building to the pavement cashing through an armored vehicle and creating an impact crater, he is only embarrassed.

Magic Healing:
One of the benefits of changing between forms was that it would magically heal either body when transforming if injured this ability carried from Mjolnir to Thunderstrike.

Energy absorption and Manipulation:
Eric Masterson could use his Mace to draw power from the City's underground line and redirect it. here he uses it to knock some sense into She-Hulk.

The Thunderblast is potent enough to destroy structures and collapsing force fields and even incinerating individuals.

Flash Attack
Thunderstrike could also produce intense light to temporarily or permanently blind his opponent

Dimensional Vortex
Thunderstrike by spinning his Mace could summon Dimensional vortex to teleport anywhere on the planet or phase through objects.



Thunderstrike by thowing his Mace and holding onto the chain handle would be dragged behind it to simulate flight.

By Stamping his Cane upon the ground Eric could transform into his Asgardian personal Thunderstrike.

The Benefit and side effect of the transformation would also allow whatever he was carrying to vanish and safely stored it was also able to displace large amounts of water.

Return Enchantment:

Thunderstrike if thrown would return back to it's original location, Thunderstrike's hand.

King Castle
Fighting Experience

Eric Masterson is not the novice many people think, he has been training and fighting for years drawing from past experience from when he was Thor's stand-in having fought villains and heroes.

Spiderman vs Thor(Eric Masterson)

Bloodaxe vs Thor(Eric Masterson)

Thor(Eric Masterson) vs Loki

Eric alongside Thor Corps helps fight Zarrko and Loki he is the last to fall showing how much heart he truly has..

Thor vs Thor(Eric Masterson)
Eric fights Thor for the affection of Lady Sif while under the spell of the Enchantress having accidentally hit Lady Sif, Eric Masterson faces an enraged Thor. The fight ends without a winner.

Dargo vs Thor(Eric)

Quasar vs Thor(Eric)

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Thor(Eric Masterson) vs Gladiator

Hercules & Thor(Eric Masterson)

Helps the Avengers fight off Namor and his team alongside Hercules.
Fights off Tiger Shark who is similar to Namor underwater and helps Hercules against Namor.

She-Hulk vs Thunderstrike
She-Hulk is enchanted by Loki making her see an old enemy in place of thunderstrike, Thunderstrike not wanting to fight her easily shrugs off a sucker punch and electrocutes She-Hulk to knock some sense into her.

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Annihilus vs Thor(Eric)

Bloodaxe vs Thunderstrike

In his 1st encounter with Bloodaxe in his Thunderstrike power level, Eric Masterson was not aware his strength had been scaled back costing him an advantage and losing the subsequent battle with a being he was once able to stand against punch for punch as Thor who also had the skills of the original user, Skurge the Executioner.

After his second encounter with Bloodaxe Thunderstrike changed his fighting style not relying simply on brute force but actual skills allowing him to defeat Bloodaxe in their various encounters a being that was in the same weight class as Thor.

Due to his training and innate skills Thunderstrike even developed his own unique style to employ on Bloodaxe.

Thunderstrike is fully aware of the Bloodaxe influence which he has been able to fight of and not succumb to it something the various other host were unable or unwilling to do.

Captain America vs Thunderstrike

Captain America has taken a personal interest to develop and train Thunderstrike's combat skills evident in this training session. It should be noted that select few have had the privilege to have so much single and constant training from Cap then Thunderstrike. His training had become so evident that he would employ Cap's training during battle even noting maneuvers.

Thundestrike on the defensive not wishing to harm Cap dodges his attacks prior to Bucky interfering.

Thunderstrike vs Asgardians
Thunderstrike plows through a caravan of Asgardian warriors one among them being Lady Sif. He easily defeats them.

Ground & Pound:
During the battle with the Asgardians Thunderstrike was able to employ a Ground & Pound creating a ground upheaval.

Car Wreckage

Eric Masterson unlike many heroes always worried about not harming others and using violence as a last resort he was a very compassionate being usually holding back even in battle to prevent from harming people.

Worries about the every day person and the consequences of battle.

Moment with his son


Thundestrike gained the respect of Absorbing Man who word owned Thor on erics behalf.

Thanos vs Thor(Eric)
Although Eric abhors violence and tries to use none violent means when the need arises he is willing to put aside his optimism.

funny as hell

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Thunderstrike initially fought Seth and was defeated as was Bloodaxe.

soon after Thunderstrike battled Bloodaxe one last time and took the Axe claiming it as his own and adding it's powers to his own to face Seth.

With the added power of both weapons he subsequently defeated Seth in combat combining both weapons to generate a blast sufficient enough to incinerate Seth's corporeal body and banishing his soul from the mortal plane.

The Avenger's witnessing this were not aware that Thunderstrike had done this to save humanity from Seth's plan of mass genocide needing him to not just face the Avengers but also Thor.

Bloodstrike vs the Avengers & Thor

Thunderstrike makes his peace with Thor

Very cool. You made this very well. cool

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thx, i did it for laughs. plus, i also liked Thunderstrike

Thunderstrike say's goodbye to Thor whimper

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didn't he fight mongoose

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She-Hulk vs Thunderstrike
She-Hulk is enchanted by Loki making her see an old enemy in place of thunderstrike, Thunderstrike not wanting to fight her easily shrugs off a sucker punch and electrocutes She-Hulk to knock some sense into her.

Great thread, Shadow. Why Loki didn't keep that costume? It's so much better than the classic one.

looks like thunderstrike needs a reboot all those scans are dead now.


Thunderstrike teleports to Olympus owns the Thunderbolt wielding cyclops Arges:

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