Kandy's Tourney, Round 2 Match 2

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King Kandy
inimalist vs Ambient

King Kandy

King Kandy


First off: Good luck man and lets have fun smile ..

Your Prep:

Starhawk supposed precog abilities actually stems from him remembering his exp. from previous life cycles, it is not what you call true precognition. It is useless in this match...

Giselle spells to transfer bulk information would require for the receiver to have very fast processing abilities otherwise all those info worth several life cycles would overwhelm and overload them. Nether Exodus, Starhawk nor Giselle have this abilities, this spell pretty much backfired against them..

The spell incantation would also require a power source to be of use, in this instant the sigil which cannot be transferred/replicated via spell casting.. Again even if they manage to know the incantation spells it would still be useless since the power require to do so is not there, refer to Exodus and Starhawk...

Another thing worth mentioning about Giselle is that the planet Ciresse where all the story revolves is rich with cosmic energy vastly augmenting her powers however this match does not takes place in her homeworld which means shes not at her usual level and greatly decreases her own power level..

Your Attack Phase:

Starhawks initial attack would be foiled by Tony's energy shield which was put up at the end of prep..

Your actually making it a lot easier for my char. to proceed with the plan, the RT's blast would easy engulf you since your char. actually went head to head against mine; the summons and your characters would instantly be vaporized by a star going nova and by star i meant the RT's..


To sum it all up your prep ended up hurting your characters rather than actually giving you an advantage.. It basically overloaded/fried there synases and top it up they gained nothing... Your Attack phase actually ended up working to my advantage as i didn't have to spent energy and look you up...


Like i say this pretty much is irrelevant since this match never happened in any previous life incarnation of Starhawk therefore he has no awareness of this events..


She look worse off just exchanging view points, so imagine downloading all exp., emotion, view from a being who have leave for more than 5 to 6 life cycle, the mind would reel to all that information heck probably fries it...

Black bolt z
Don't mean to interrupt but do we have judges decided for this match?

Originally posted by Black bolt z
Don't mean to interrupt but do we have judges decided for this match? Use this thread for questions, not match threads.


Originally posted by Ambient
First off: Good luck man and lets have fun smile ..

smile **** ya man, this should be good!




oh, and why isn't Iron Man killed by your omni-directional blast?

Not absorb but access it, I've got a scan from new mutants forever where he morph into an armor around Sunspot and access sunspot mutant powers.. As soon as i've scanned it'll be posted..

He pretty much said a man made star in the scan, he commented on it again in Ironman #31 of him having unexhaustable power source.. Might i also add that the 2 presented in that scan are the smartest beings in Marvel Earth, they are discussing facts...


My research suggested otherwise.. The planet Ciress unusual
position in the Sigilverse allows it to gather great universal energies (cosmic energy) which is then stored in the planet itself. The inhabitant can channel this energies through the use of magic spells and incantation which is also stored within the planets core's advance technology serving as a power source and principal mechanism behind its operation..


The sigil is basically an object that allows its bearer full potential unlock and in Giselle case the ability to channel more energy within her planet.. This is why we see her at her most powerful at planet side..


So technically she is powerless if she is far off her planet.. This match take place on Earth and its a far, far remove from Cirres.. Sorry man but she is technically human in this fight.. lols



RT equals man made star..

Giselle Villard is powerless..

Early work tomorrow so this is as far as im going tonight/midnight..


King Kandy
As stated in an earlier thread:

Originally posted by King Kandy
Future sight during prep is not allowed, because it violates the rule that characters must not know their opponents during prep.

Additionally, it is assumed for the purposes of "timelines" that this tourney operates as if an omnipotent being had plucked the characters out of any and all timelines.

Originally posted by King Kandy
As stated in an earlier thread:

I'm not using it to ascertain information about any characters

Originally posted by King Kandy
Additionally, it is assumed for the purposes of "timelines" that this tourney operates as if an omnipotent being had plucked the characters out of any and all timelines.

So does that mean this is something that Starhawk would or wouldn't have had experienced in past lives?

King Kandy
Even if you aren't using it, you still have it. Consider it turned off in some inescapable manner.

off? blink

so be it, just let me note the contingency I had for this:

Originally posted by inimalist
But, should you consider that Starhawk does not have access to this fight, my team is already assembled into what would be the defence formation precog would instruct them to assume. Provided you can get that scan of Warlock absorbing Grail's abilities, you should be faster in attacking than Giselle and Exodus, so they would be fully shielded, as I stated in my prep, guarded behind lines of demons and golems which would absorb a large amount of the blast. Giselle's shields, only known to be broken by a very powerful cosmic being, and Exodus', he has matched Sersi in terms of blocking energy, together should hold, especially given both are hugely amplified. Basically, for the first moments of this match, it doesn't matter whether I have precog

It says he is accessing Sunspots biology and then manifesting it..


You misunderstand what i meant, i was referring to both Starhawk and Exodus after the sharing/exchanging of thoughts or exp cast by Giselle during your prep, you claimed that they (Exodus and Starhawk) would be able to use magic ala Giselle albeit not as verse as her to which i replied this would not be possible since they would need to acquire a similar magical power source as Giselle which she was only able to garner with the power of the sigil and the absorption of the elders of the magic guilds..

Sorry man i didn't see anything in there that disprove my claim, in fact you kinda provided me with proof that this spell is mind blowing given that once activated there would be an all out pour of information exhange..

Here lets take a look at some of the scans you've provided..

Now if what you claim is true that she has full control of the memory being transferred, why then was she not able to limit the info being transfer in her side and save herself the headache?

In here she actually even plainly said that this spells is mind blowing, in other words overwhelming...

Its really quite clear that once this spells is activated, all info is shared at once by the chars. involve..

So think about it? This chars. she used this spells and compare this to the 2 chars. used in this fight; Exodus is practically immortal being alive since 12th century.. Starhawk born 2002 and was still around in 3017 then he had to relive that life again with intact memories and additional new once from 616 timeline.. Taking both memories, exp., viewpoint at once would certainly overwhelm someone who does not possess very fast processing ability, a good way to fry someone synapses.. In these case your characters, (Giselle, Exodus, Starhawk)


Attack Phase

As powerful as the creature is, less that blast contains as much power as a sun going Nova then you've got somethin to contend to, otherwise that shield would not hold up, to top that off we've got a few more RT's at our disposal to unleash..

Unfortunately there would be no enhancement to exodus or starhawk, i've made my point on the above post..

When did Exodus manage to make a psi enhancer? What material did he use?

The golem and your demons would really just be cannon fodder, doubt they would be slowing down the advance of the energy wave produce from the total explosion of the rt's and again ive got a few more at my disposal to empty..

His got the aide of the Q band heck Quazar can almost keep up with Surfer w/ q bands let alone someone enhance powers added to it.. Unfortunately he does not have that option here.. Looking at the scan, it clearly shows Starhawks activation of the q band..

Surviving the sun shows extreme durability perhaps above caps...big grin
either way if he does survive it would be 3 to 1 cause really i dont think both exodus and giselle shield could hold out to that kind of power at point blank range..

Stark tech is always on the upgrade, this is why his coming out with diff. armors almost every couple of issues not to mention in this case its meld with technarch tech, Starhawk would not be familiar with this tech..

I wouldnt be putting him above Grails in speed as both exhibit FTL, heck im putting slight above than him as Grail is as fast as instant teleportation..

I don't think your getting the picture of how my chars are looking right now.. Think of amalgam, they are all in one.. Tony melded with Warlock and Warlock formed a huge/gigantic armor into Grail.

That remains to be proven..

My chars is immune to psi assault Grail/Warlock/Ironman..

I think thats against the rules matter manipulation, if its not then big grin ..

Because he is inside the armor as well, Warlock meld with Tony and also absorbs the prep stage which is tony's lab...

Technarch and Nano tech:
My chars. can also attack you with the phalanx virus or nano virus if in someway you chars can survive a barrage of a few RT's going supernova..



Your prep didn't work out as planned..

Your char. pretty much got too much information in the brain; probably frying then or in mode of confusion which can really F#@k up strategy..

Exodus and Starhawk cannot use any spell if in someway they can grasp the transfer of info. downloaded to their mind because of lack of magical powersource..

No counter to my RT's supernova blast..

Ill address the rest later..





Why my prep phase would work:

I'd have agree on you with that if not for the fact that the 2 beings discussing this new tech is none other than Tony and Reed, the two smartest beings on Marvel Earth, heck the Marvel Universe and to top that off, the conversation was rather serious.. Fact is Reed was scolding Tony regarding his carelessness, there was no room for Tony to joke or take the meet lightly, no room to hyperbole this new tech.. What was said is what is, point fact and that is new RT's = man made star..

The one in the scan pretty much is a prototype and really his not going to put a similar RT's as one in his bleeding edge armor till his perfected the resilient sport car, less he wan't the planet to go boom if something goes wrong..

And regarding his resources, you are right he does not have the resources to weaponized his inventions however whatever he left to himself has been focused to mass produced the RT's for the public this pretty much is the focused on the current storyline.. His main factory/lab is used for reproduction/research of this newer version of tech regs, so requiring materials for production of this RT's should be ample supply..

So since Warlock pretty much becomes the whole lab/factory, he can shape/morph anything and everything according to Tony specs, that is his ability and this he does it instantaneously..

His not enhancing the factory, he basically becomes the lab/factory himself by infecting it w/ techno-virus and since his one of the most powerful techno morph in marvel, it'd be child play for him to morph into whatever Tony needs for this process to happen, add that with the fact that the required resources is in hand.. It wouldn't be a problem

That scan actually quite a very impressive feat for Warlock i meant he affected/manipulated Doug's gene's, cell by cell...

His not actually force absorbing those energies but rather the RT is being integrated to his system just like the Ironman's suit syphoning the energies it requires through the RT's..

Also the other thing to consider is that his not trying to absorb energies in those scan which actually making those scan's without any relevancy since it is not what my chars. trying to do..

That you are wrong, perhaps in his earlier showing before fully merging with the symbiote he does not have full control over his energy form however this was not the case later on after the symbiote and Claymore farther mutated him and gain full control over his form..

Merge with Jester..


Merge with Dozer..


Also i might add that Warlock is totally robotic, full technark..

1.) Ill post that later.. Have not scanned it yet..

2.) Actually he didn't even state that he absorbs they're genetic abilities but rather integrate himself with they're natural born abilities which actually function the same way as the wetworks symbiote..


Right but see this is why i had Warlock after integrating with Grail transform into energy.. This now becomes Grail's ball park, inexhaustible energy within Warlock and at his command..

Integrated -Combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole.


Top that off w/ Grail a top tier energy manipulator, he can duplicate any energy field so long as he knows the type..


Should work like a charm..

Warlock teleports Forge, Rahne and Cannonball..



Warlock techno-morph ability controlled by Stark duplicated the RT's tech and makes a few..

RT = Man made Star - is integrated into warlocks system just like Ironmans suit and the RT's that powers it..

Warlock forms a suit of armor and integrate with Grail then transform into energy - Grail take control

Why Inimalist Attack phase would crumble:

You still yet to prove that your shield could take on a super nova directed at it point blank..

What was the most powerful attack that Giselle and Exodus shield withstood?

Doubt they're shield would hold up that long against Grails normal attack blast..


Let alone a star exploding..

Another thing in question to your prep is Giselle sucking energies from Exodus and Starhawk healing..

Healing is in no way similar to rejuvenating ones energies, heck for that matter i have never seen Stakar fully healed someone before..
It might help if we see him rejuvenating someone's energy or healing for that matter..

My point still stands regarding exp. spell transfer used by Giselle.

Even if it does happen to work, what say the material required is in there? The shield helicarrier is a different matter since it already is equipped with psi protection device used by they're psi dev. staff.. Also magic tech far differ than sci tech, there is no one in your char. rooster who has quite a passing familiarity towards magic tech.. Its quite hard enough to believed that Exodus could make psi mutant locator in Giselle moonbase let alone something to enhance his powers, top this off that everything in the base runs through magic.. I'm just not buying it...

All that means is that he has not jump in Q'space, possesing the Q'band alone endows greater physical stat; flight etc.. etc.. auto-enhance you could say..

All i see is FTL, this pretty much an unquantified feat - it could mean that his going faster than before meant going at ftl is as fast as his gone.

So then he falls against the might of an exploding star.. lols

This kind of explosion would cover the whole battle field, you can't out race or hide from it..

You can tell by they're dialogue, Maritza asked what stopped her from porting inside and Grail answered, which means he actually got there not only faster but was able to analyze the force field before she arrive.. Faster than insta-porting, i must say..

His got the speed and processing ability to contend Starhawk's speed..

Either way speed wouldn't be the deciding factor..

It wouldn't be Warlock controlling but Grail, ive explained it in my other post..

It means that they are immune to psionic attack and that they are working as one, an amalgam you could say...

Current Ironman..

his got no brain matter to psionically affect and the hardrive brain function his got makes him immune to telepathy..



You are right about Grail, he is immune to psychic manip/attack his, energy forms and manipulation protect him from that type of attack..

Keeping psionic energy from reaching him..


Warlock also has got some psionic defenses, anyhow it really doesn't matter since Grail can prevent any psionic, heck any energy from reaching them..

Your Shields:
Again i have not seen anything extra-ordinary that even Grail couldn't break, Against the power of an exploding star it will toppled/break easy..



Your shield wouldn't hold an inkling towards the full power of an exploding star..

Giselle vamp. spell against Exodus would prove disastrous against your prep since really to get him back to full power would require not just any normal healing but the ability to rejuvenate one's energy..

Grail is either as fast or faster than Starhawk..

My chars is immune to psionic attack, mainly because of Grail's energy manipulation..

Well if all magic comes from training alone then the story that took place between mystic 32 - 33 contradicted this since practically everyone in that planet has been without magic yet Giselle upon landing within the planet still retain mystical abiliities, she should by all means practically without magic.. Perhaps each races that uses magic within the sigil universe were made and shape differently; able to tap through diff. sources. So what proof have you that dough both Exodus and Starhawk might have learned the so called spell incantation through the memory exchange, that they could also tap into this so called universal energies to make said so spell plausible..

Ill cont. later..

So here is the summary of all my argumentation thus far...

Inmalist Prep:

Giselle casting the Vajra spell - transfer of experience - so as to share her knowledge of spells to everyone..

Thought this spell is powerful and useful there is a big drawback, the more information is transferred, the more it can overwhelm a character without the ability to process so much bulk information all at once *Giselle's life and her training in magical arts*.. This would be problematic for both Exodus and Starhawk since both character have never displayed this trait of ability..

Here Giselle said that this spell is mind blowing *the info. being transfered is more than the receiver and caster can process*..



Another that i also need to point out is the level of power that Giselle possesses in this battle, dough Inmalist pointed out that she can certainly cast spells using her own magical energy reserves, it still is not as abundance as having this magical energies around her like say fighting in her home planet or a planet teaming with natural universal energies, I believed Kk never mention this source of energy present in the battle field thus limiting the power source her spell uses.

Starhawks Healing: - In his prep he uses Giselle's energy absorbing spell *to add it to her own* towards Exodus and have Starhawk healed Exodus at full power..

I don't see this working as: 1st.), Exodus is not even injured but only fatigue. 2nd.) Starhawk have never displayed the power to rejuvenate someone back to full energy. 3rd.) Even if Starhawk can give some of his energy to Exodus whose to say it is compatible as Exodus energy steams from psionic. 4th.) Even if it does work it'll just leave Starhawk drained as his giving his own energies to Exodus..

My Prep:

RT's = Star - Tony and Warlock melds with this, the secret of the RT's unlocked..

Take a look at the scans, notice Reed reaction after Tony mention's RT = Star, " OOOHHHH! " in a somewhat awed facial expression. This certainly is not hyperbole coming from Tony but actual facts, proof is in Reed's reaction..


Warlock Techno-Morph

His ability to infect, adapt, absorb and meld with technology affords him the use of said so tech and control/shape it to any way he likes.. Tony/Warlock full control over the manufacturing plant/lab really speeds up the process in the making of the RT's..



Warlock and the RT's

Warlock/Tony are not force absorbing the energies within the RT's but rather integrating the RT's technology within, a similar way the Ironman suits and the RT's Work..

Grail Energy Form

Upon fully sychronizing with the symbiote and Claymore's power manipulation allowed Grail full control over his form..




Warlock Interface Armor

This armor can interface with Grails only biological aspect, the symbiotes and access/shares the power to turn into energy..





There is just so much holes in Inmalist prep; the Vajra spell and the Vampire *energy absorb* spell can backfire at them once the spell is activated, Giselle is practically reliant on her own energy reserve and that in itself is not limitless.. This prep would most likely do harm rather than good and would greatly depower them once actual combat starts. My prep however technical is plausible, everything is laid out as i've explained above.. It would not only add additional fire power and defenses but also geared up to take Inmalist team out.



Originally posted by Ambient
As for psi attack..

My team is well protected beetween Stark tech, Grail energy manipulation and Warlock immunity to telepathic bolt *Still have to scan it but its in new mutant # 75 and he was up against Emma Frost*

I actually don't have that one...

That being said, Warlock has shown selective telepathic immunity to other enemies. Members of the New Mutants (Karma, Magik, the native one who I don't know) have either entered Warlock's mind, or had a psychic effect on him in some way, and Xavier clearly states that he could read Warlock's mind. Not only that, the Magus was twice taken down by psionics.

The majority of appearances would go to me.

Originally posted by Ambient


"can't read a harddrive", not can't be hit by psionic bolts

Originally posted by Ambient

has to be activated, you can't go back and say "oh he was doing it" after you learn I am making a psionic attack, Grail doesn't know Exodus, thus he doesn't know he is a psychic, and the "no prior knowledge rule" means there is no reason you would be using that power.

got it:


he mentions it, but there is no indication that he actually is immune, we don't see any of the pink stuff coming out of White Queen's head

Like what Inimalist is saying, we've been going back and forth, everything we have to say is not something haven't hear'd off before. So I'm just going to make this simple and short..


Why Team Ambient Wins
short and Simple version.

But first a quick recap:

Inmalist Prep

Starhawks healing.

He aims to heal Exodus after greatly absorbing a good portion of his life energy in order to amp Giselle then expects him fighting at top form within minutes after. He fail's to realized that healing is far differ than what his aim, rejuvenation which he has not provided proof of this feat from Starhawk. The question really is: Is healing and rejuvenating one and the same? I would think that it is not but its up to you Judges to decide..

Exodus suppose Tk reassembling magi-tech into sci-tech ala cerebro enhancement mutant locator

This so called enhancement only allowed him to locate more mutants, it in no way showed greatly increasing his powerlevel, add this to the fact that we do not know if the material required in building said so cerebro unit can be found in magi-tech, two completely different form of technology. Very unlikely plausible scenario..

Giselle Vajra spell.

I think i've pointed out quite clearly what this spell drawback. They are going to require a life time of Gisselle's exp. in order for them to acquire what they need to accomplished. It'd be too much for Inimalist team to handle in a short time resulting in an overload of information.. If they so choice they'd be at great disadvantage once actual combat begins..

Giselle power level.

Thought i have not provided scans of supposed Giselle info regarding power level without the high presence of universal energies, i did provide two completely different sources that otherwise tells and support suppose power discrepancy when not in proximity to this form of energy..

My Prep

Symbiotes relation to technology

They merge with it just fine.. Grail's in complete control of the symbiote, all that need to be done is to allow Warlock access to the symbiote..


RT's power = Hyperbole?

Inmalist defense against my prep is to sway you (Judges) that the scans depicting on the RT's power = Star is only hyperbole coming from Stark. This is untrue, the evidence is right there from the words coming out of Reed Richard.. Really he expect to use and relate real science to comics as evidence against my prep phase??? I don't even know how to reply cept. that one is fact and the other is fiction and both governed by differents laws of science..


RT's Supernova

The reason my characters would be un-harm by the RT's supernova is that they are the cause and is the epicenter of the blast. As I mentioned in my prep, the Warlock armor interfaced, accessed and controlled by Grail. This armor in energy form houses the complete power of the RT's and is under the control of Grail. It would be an easy matter for him to release all that RT's energy in the form of a star going nova..

The Attack Phase

What I'm going to do with Starhawk?

Through prep my team gained 3 Ironman armor that was within the lab/factory; it's the Rescue armor, War-machine armor and the current bleeding edge armor all controlled by tony who is now part of Warlock since they've merge and to top that off this armors is infected with techno virus and stored within the newer version of RT's made during the prep, all connected with the armor itself via linkage cables.. This armors can switch between energy form and acts as defense against attacks from Inmalist team.. So not only does my characters have they're shields on (tony activated it at prep) but they also have 3 additional characters, they well serve to occupy or bring down Starhawk either before or after the supernova blast. Starhawk's speed isn't going to matter, all that RT's energy release is going to encompassed the whole Himalayas, there is no escape..

RT's Supernova

It really is clear that his got no way of defending against an explosion of this magnitude, saying Giselle shield have withstood physical blows from a so called gods isn't quite enough less a comparable feat is produce.. A lesser version of the Ironman armors have withstood blows against a God (Thor) but it does not equate it capable of withstanding a supernova..

Possibility of Inmalist team surviving the blast

He would like you (judges) to believed that my characters individually is less than there's, for now i'll go with that however i am quite positive that my prep phase is full proof and what I gained from it is more than adequate enough to handle any thing they could throw at.. My team have more than one Rt's at they're disposal, we can afford a few more of those Supernova blast, we outnumbered them and each of they're team members can easy fell from infection of techno or nano viruses..

Turning my construct into teddy bears?

Against the rules, "no offensive matter manipulation" i think. If not well my construct is infected with warlocks technode virus complete control over they're atomic structure so long as there is energy within the shells.. Ain't going to work..



It seems that Inmalist conceded some of his major argument regarding his prep which practically tells us that he too question the plausibility of it all, he concentrated on the individuality power of each of his characters which he thinks is more than enough to take on the combined power and the power gained through prep of my character. He will find it's more than he can chew at, not only did i gain 3 additional characters through prep but also increase each of my characters limitation, this pretty much consign his defeat..

Sorry quick one.. Working tonight.. lol's

Originally posted by inimalist
I actually don't have that one...

That being said, Warlock has shown selective telepathic immunity to other enemies. Members of the New Mutants (Karma, Magik, the native one who I don't know) have either entered Warlock's mind, or had a psychic effect on him in some way, and Xavier clearly states that he could read Warlock's mind. Not only that, the Magus was twice taken down by psionics.

The majority of appearances would go to me.

"can't read a harddrive", not can't be hit by psionic bolts

has to be activated, you can't go back and say "oh he was doing it" after you learn I am making a psionic attack, Grail doesn't know Exodus, thus he doesn't know he is a psychic, and the "no prior knowledge rule" means there is no reason you would be using that power.

Warlock has an adaptive capabilities but really in this scenario it wouldn't matter since my amalgam is alike Grail..

It's just what i said TP wouldn't work on current IM and the shield is for; projectile and physical attacks..

This was the sole purpose of the scan right at the beginning of my ATTACK PHASE, to identify our opponent. Warlock and Ironman are quite familiar with Exodus.. This is how Grail would be quite prepare for psychic attacks..

Warlock scanning for biological signatures..


Here's some quick sketches of near end of my prep phase..

Warlock in the form of a dragon armor forming then accessing Grail's power..



those are pretty sick smile

<<--Will be judging Friday or Saturday.

Running internal monologue as I read through the match, as per my norm when I judge. Below aren't my only thoughts on the match, but they're the highlights. They are typed roughly chronologically as I scroll down, and may not always take into account information that I read later on in the match.

- Grail's an absolute beast, though Ambient's other picks give him a team that will give him a power gap to bridge in most matches in this tourney. They're built for prep though, so this isn't necessarily a problem.
- Ambient needs more proof of the "sun" claim in his OP.
- I'll side with Starhawk's precog from a philosophical standpoint, but not with the others on his team. I can't justify having Starhawk's memories counting toward precog for their own lives. So...I guess that's a compromise between the two stances, but it's the only one that makes sense to me.
- Is there a reason to believe that fanaticism enhances Exodus other than Cortez? I'm most of the way through page 1 and haven't seen it. Rhetorical, of course, but I'm dubious.
- Both of you, check your scans after you post them. A fair number not working, and I doubt they went bad in just a few days since they were posted. I viewed every scan I could, though, and don't feel as though it detracted from the match.
- inamilist shortchanged Tony some, particularly his reflexes are nothing to scoff at these days. I'm always hesitant to attribute constant combat speed to travel speed (though speedblitz-style attacks that don't involve subtlety or repetition are viable by this method). So while I'm ok giving at least Starhawk the speed edge, neither side would be running circles around the others.
- Kandy turned off precog. Lulz. I actually agree with the decision from a hosting perspective.
- I'll go ahead and say that Ambient probably has psi-defense all around. I wanted that to be a bigger deal, but inamilist kinda forgot about Exodus at times. Not a huge factor either way for me though.
- As the match progressed, a lot of the yes/no debates became a bit ancillary to my line of thinking, which was: has Ambient displayed the offense to take out a baseline inamilist (i.e. what I can confidently believe about inamilist's prep/team/etc.)? The nagging doubt persisted, and eventually became the biggest factor in my vote.
- Two words from Reed isn't a feat. Sorry Ambient, just keep that in the vault for future reference. Not too many judges will jump on board with something like that. Without solid showings out of your biggest offensive weapon, we're left with some speculation about Tony's ability (he has so many others, you didn't need to put all your eggs into that basket, or at least a lot of them) and Grail trying to solo with a little amp from Warlock.
- Ambient's tact that inamilist OHK'd himself with the memory transfer was a good one, and I probably would have believed a lot of it. But inamilist actually got a save from Kandy when he turned off all of Starhawk's past life memory stuff, making the OHK defense a bit moot. An amusing and ironic, if potentially heartbreaking, bout of luck for the both of you.
- BADASS drawings! Not the first time you've done such things, and they're always amazing. A shame I couldn't use them as a tiebreaker ( wink ).

I love Grail at almost any level (and am a Wetworks fan), and love Tony (though mostly at High Meta), but I think Ambient got a bit outclassed here in power level. Low Heralds can and have bathed in suns (not just Starhawk, though there aren't a ton of them), wrecked cities un-amped, etc. etc. A technomorph (albeit an impressive one) and a High Meta (albeit one of the best) can only do so much, even with their best showings.

Vote: inamilist

Good job to both.

Ok, here we go:

A lot of the prep on both sides seemed a bit sketchy to me, honestly. I don't believe Giselle's memory transfer with Starhawk and Exodus would grant either of them the competent spell casting abilities given the amount of time in the prep, and the scan of the interaction between Giselle and the demon makes me lean a bit into the camp that there could possibly be ill effects on Exodus at least (he is a super villain/fanatic, after all, and those transfers appear to be a two-way street). Then there's the draining and healing of Exodus's psionic powers going into the battle which apparently would have no effect on him for reasons unknown.

On the flip side, giant robot dragon armor made me laugh (I envisioned Warlock turning into the Dragonzord from Power Rangers since his character is a bit of a spazz). I saw no actual proof of the power output of the RTs being equivalent to a sun, and sorry, Reed getting a dumbfounded ice grill doesn't count as proof. Maybe nuclear reactor+, but equivalent to sun/dumping supernovas at will?

Come on bruh.

Inimalist's attacks and posts were a bit more organized and, for me at least, tended to not have me suspend my disbelief as much to buy into what was being.

Ambient. you have a lot of untapped potential in your roster homie. You have the right tools, just need more evidence to back up the plans more fully, and to flesh the plans out in a more structured manner. A lot of it seemed like reaching. Tighten that up and you can make a better showing next round.

Vote: inimalist

Originally posted by inimalist
those are pretty sick smile
Originally posted by Digi
- BADASS drawings! Not the first time you've done such things, and they're always amazing. A shame I couldn't use them as a tiebreaker ( wink ).
How bout I'll post another sketch.. Would you reconsider? lol JK

Originally posted by Digi
- Two words from Reed isn't a feat. Sorry Ambient, just keep that in the vault for future reference. Not too many judges will jump on board with something like that. Without solid showings out of your biggest offensive weapon, we're left with some speculation about Tony's ability (he has so many others, you didn't need to put all your eggs into that basket, or at least a lot of them) and Grail trying to solo with a little amp from Warlock.

Originally posted by illadelph12
Ambient. you have a lot of untapped potential in your roster homie. You have the right tools, just need more evidence to back up the plans more fully, and to flesh the plans out in a more structured manner. A lot of it seemed like reaching. Tighten that up and you can make a better showing.
Dully noted.. Thanks for teh advice..

Alright! woohoo. Thanks to everyone, judges, Digi & Ill, thanks for the time and going through our crazy debate here. Ambient, a really well fought battle here, it could have gone either way smile

ya, almost tempted to retire now, undefeated in the BZ.

and this just in!

scenes from the Egyptian streets, after the crowds learned of victory for inimalist:


listen closely, they are saying inimalist smile

Yah! Goodmatch man, I enjoyed it...

very much so, lol, you managed to totally throw me off, had me backpedaling like crazy

I did make you work hard did i?lols but its okay you won anyway right.. yes

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