New Krypton vs Marvel Earth (read stips)

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100,000 Kryptonians vs Marvel's earth.

DC Earth beat New Krypton by turning our sun red. In this situation, Marvel's earth doesn't know the weakness of kryptonians (but they can possibly learn it during the course of the war).

These characters are on Marvel Earth:

Asgard and all Asgardians (NO ODIN)...They have access to the Destroyer as well
The Order (Anthem, Aralune, Calamity, Heavy, Mulholland, Supernaut, Veda)
The Eternals
The Hellfire Club
Captain Britain Corps
The X-men
Brother Voodoo
Dr. Strange
Iron Fist
The Avengers (including Thor, and CLASSIC Hercules)
Amadeus Cho (current)
Beta Ray Bill, Thunderstrike, Thor Girl
Alpha Flight
The Fantastic Four
The Hulks (with current versions of each character)
The Defenders (with Silver Surfer)
Atlantis (with Namor leading them)
Dr. Doom (and his army)
The Initiative (with Ares)
The Sentry (NO VOID)

And all the various street level heroes and armies of the earth.

No other pantheons or skyfathers get involved. And neither does Molecule Man. Franklin Richards is too young in this scenario to get involved, so don't include him either.

The Kryptonians don't want to destroy the earth, they want to conquer it.

Marvel Earth.

100,000 Kryptonians is a lot. If the Kryptonians play it smart, and strategically, they can easily win here, it just depends on how much intel they have on Marvel earth. They would need to use all of their powers to their fullest and not hold back at all. The key to their victory would be taking out all the magic users first in a full blown speed blitz. This isn't without reason, as the SS was able to search the entire earth in the time it takes to finish a sentence. Even if your average kryptonian isn't that fast, they are comparable. And 100,000 of them is enough to search the earth many times over.

If the kryptonians fight how Superman usually does, they still have a good chance, but I don't see them winning in the end.

Marvel earth stomps.

the ninjak
616 FTW!

Do the kryptonians have their tech? If so, then this is a whole different story.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.