Girl gave me HIV.

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Long story, so I'll just write in cliff notes

*Girl ive been crushing on for years
*shorter than me, adorable in every way
*We have sex regulary
*Be together for many years
*Trust her unconditionally
*One day, she sits me down for a talk
*Has a sad look on her face
*She tells me she was raped a few weeks back
*She went to get an STD test and found out she was HIV positive
*We`ve had sex at least 4 times after
*She just tells me now because she was scared of telling me
*Suddenly build up with uncontrollable rage
*Punch her in the face as hard as i can
*She falls down
*Still pissed off, cant even see straight
*Keep punching her as hard as I can
*Gets to a point where her face is a pool of blood
*Blood splashes onto my shirt when I punch
*Keep punching*
*Leave, her parents come home after
*Fast forward a few weeks
*She`s in a face bandage, stitches everywhere
*She told her parents a robber came in and did this
*She didnt want me in jail cause she felt bad
*Suddenly feel terrible inside
*Go to apologize three weeks later
*Ask her sister where she is
*Her sis has tears in her eyes, says she fell into a coma
*Run to the hospital to say sorry before its too late
*Get to her room
*Open the door
*Get on the floor
*Everybody walk the dinosaur


dude, you got laid, Sweet.

You lost me at ****ing you after she was raped.

Nice little jingle, but people typically often don't test positive after only a couple weeks after infection.

The Red
Old meme is old. Trolled. <.<

My god.


lord xyz

you get thorns
Think she will go out with me?

I'm sure she would

King Castle
you best star cleaning house starting with her and her own as revenge and any who might try to stop you.

better to go out in glory then wither suffer and fade

At first I was like "Oh my God, that's like the most ****ed up thing I've ever read".

Kinda felt a sense of relief when I found out it wasn't true.

Also thought it was weird when I was reading it because it said that it was your crush, and you have sex regularly, because I've never really heard of that happening.

you get thorns
I need some digits here!

is her sister cute?

The Pict
What kind of dinosaur is it?

if you punch someone in the face until blood is splashing on your shirt, they're pretty dead.

it might have been the other way around.. I mean if he could hit her hard until she started bleeding,,, the he could have given her HIV

Kosmic King
Actually you would've gotten AIDS. HIV+/HIV- depends on whether you can get AIDS.


Originally posted by The Red
Old meme is old. Trolled. <.<
How come the Mods didnt Rape this. Its still trolling. Even though its a Meme.

I speak from experience and on a serious note.

I used to have sex without condoms. Its true that it feels 10x better to ejaculate inside vagina but... in the back of my mind, I just went for a suicide mission. (and its a fuking mind self torture thinking what if what if all the time)

thank God I am HIV negative and any blood dyscrasias will shorten my life span and prohibit me from mma competitions

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