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Senator Organa is in his office preparing for the next when a report comes to his attention. A hologram of an Alderaanian man in casual military dress appears when he reviews it.

"Yes, Captain Whit," Organa answers.

"Senator, I am bringing you troubling news from Frantia," the Captain reports. "I am afraid we may have underestimated the pirate problem in this sector."

Organa looks concerned. "How so?"

"Another one of our outposts has been destroyed in a raid. They seized every weapon in the outpost. No survivors. This is the third time this week. We don't have the resources to fight them off."

"I arranged for a supply vessel to bring aid to our colony on Frantia," Senator Organa says. "It should have arrived by now. Have you not heard from them?"

"No, Senator..."

Senator Organa furrows his brow.

"It appears we may need to take more drastic measures against these villains. I will send aid as soon as I can, Captain. You can be sure of that."


Welcome to "Skies Over Frantia," an episode of the Retrospection games. As an episode of this series, "Skies" will be a very personal plotline, exploring events involving the players' characters. Going off of Ushgarak's Star Wars role-playing game, these mini-episodes occur in game-play's past. In this case, the adventures of Jonn Daisuke will be chronicled, prior to his split with the Alderaan Security Anti-Piracy group.

Though not playing by the rules of the Jedi Order, Jonn still carries the strong drive to help those in need due to his Jedi training and the call of the Force. Being an accomplished pilot, Jonn has joined an anti-piracy squadron from his home planet of Alderaan, flying to the rescue when planets on the rim of Republic space are unable to receive aid from the lethargic Senate.

The time period is set in 31 BBY- a year after the events of Episode I, The Phantom Menace. Jonn is on Alderaan awaiting his next assignment when a call for help is issued from Frantia...


Jonn- you are in your quarters on Alderaan. You are not an official Jedi Knight, but having come from that background and being a native Alderaanian has afforded you some perks. Senator Bail Organa, the diplomat representing Alderaan in the Galactic Senate, has pulled some strings to get you a private flat in the capital. Such things are normally reserved for important political or military figures. He feels you are worthy.

It is about midday when you receive a call on your flat's comm unit.

Jonn flicks off the news report on the sectors piracy problems he's watching--his units been mentioned a few times--and answers the comm.

"Hello, Jonn."

The call is from Senator Organa himself.

(You know him best as the man who adopts Princess Leia and has a few cameos in Episodes II and III, played by Jimmy Smits).

He is dressed casually but calling in an official manner. Even from this end of the comm you can sense that he is worried.

"How are you doing today?"

Jonn notices the strain in the Senator's voice
"Senator Organa. I'm well thank you, though a bit anxious to get back into space. What can I do for you, sir?"

"Consider your anxiousness calmed," the Senator says. "We have need of your services, my friend. I am calling on the ASAP Division for help with a pressing problem. As you are only loosely affiliated, I felt it prudent to call you myself and fill you in on the mission."

Jonn knew this call was coming...
"There was another attack in the area?"
Already knowing the answer.

Senator Organa nods.

"You may have heard of the recent attack on Frantia," he says.

Frantia is a forested world that Alderaan is attemptibg to colonize for resources.

"Pirate raids in that area have intensified as of late. ASAP is being sent in to repulse these strikes and fight back in defense of the colony."

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