Shadow Yamoto (Eternal Champions)

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Snafu the Great

Eternal Champions was one of my knucklehead of a cousin's favorite games. It could have been great, but games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat knocked it out of the competition.

The concept was original. A gathering of fighters who had unjustly met their end are summoned to the Eternal Champion. The winner gets sent back to the point of their death in order to change their fates.

I'll bet that Wesker would just love that.

Trivia: Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony sampled pieces of the game's music for their tracks.

But first up: Shadow Yamoto.

Shadow's Bio

Full Name: Shadow Yamoto
Time Period: 1993
Fighting Style: Taijitsu and Ninjitsu
Cause of Death: 101-story swan dive off the Black Orchid Tower
Occupation: Black Orchid operative (formerly); Works as part of the Xperts
About Ninjitsu: Ninjutsu is the feudal Japanese discipline embracing bushido, espionage, commando warfare, occult powers and numerous martial arts practices. Due to many territorial and religious wars, Japanese mountain mystics were forced to develop the are to protect their families.The ninja, the practitioner of ninjutsu is the cultural opposite of the samurai. The ninja not only masters traditional weapons, bit its also adept at using daggers, dirks, darts, brass knuckles, smoke bombs and a variety of poisons.

About Taijitsu: Tajitsu is a system of unarmed combat similar to jujutsu and is a forerunner of modern judo.

Bio: Shadow was the best corporate assassin in the Black Orchid Corporation. She performed many tasks ranging from individual elimination jobs to ending large corporate takeovers.

A true star at the Black Orchid headquarters, Shadow never thought much about the morality of her career until she learned that if a job wasn't completed to corporate satisfaction, a person like herself would in turn eliminate her.

When she realized the peril of her own morality, Shadow found she couldn'tbring herself to kill others. The corporation didn't allow resignations, so they arranged her fall from the 101st floor of the Black Orchid building. This stopped her from telling the world about Black Orchid and corporations like it, with all their dark secrets of hired killers. This knowledge would have had a huge impact on international business going into the 21st century.

Ending (Eternal Champions): When Shadow returned, she quickly avoided being thrown off the roof. She was surprised to learn that her boss had tricked her into coming to the roof. As she rolled to her left, her boss overshot her mark and fell off the building. Shadow immediately went to the police and was placed under protective custody.

After several attempts on her life, Shadow testified about her role in the Black Orchid Corporation. This information saved a great many lives and changed business for the better.

Ending (Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side): When Shadow returned, the first she did was keep herself being thrown off the roof. It was her boss that tricked herto coming up onto the roof.

Her boss was head of the Black Orchid corporate assassin program and Shadow treated her like a big sister. Shadow respected and owed her so much that she emulated her boss right down to her style of dress. Shadow didn't think it was very unusual to meet at this location since her boss didn't like to meet in the open. Shadow had no fear of heights and spent many evenings sitting with her feet hanging over the side of the 101st floor of the Black Orchid Corporation building. Shadow was used to never trusting anyone, but had little worry because she believed her boss to be a coward who had others to her dirty work for her. This misjudgement of her character was deadly because before Shadow could stand up to walk, her boss had gotten close enough to shove her off the building.

Given the knowledge of this attack, Shadow didn't fall prey to it a second time. This time, she quickly rolled to the left, causing her boss to overshoot her goal and end up falling off the building herself. After Shadow waited for the body to hit the ground, she quickly escaped the building.

Shadow knew that there would never be a safe place for her to rest again. She didn't bother going to the police because the corruption and danger would still find her there.

As she rounded a city corner, she felt a knockout dart hit the side of her neck. Shadow was sure at this moment that the dart contained poison and that her regained life had only lasted for mere minutes.

When she awoke, she was in the office of a man named H.Q. who was in charge of the J.A.N.U.S. (Japanese American Netherlands United Security) organization, a special underground political organization that was just being formed. It seems that H.Q. was recruiting four special people for a special project team named the X.P.E.R.T.S.

Given all the enemies Shadow had, she had little choice but to accept the offer and put her special skills toward something more positive than the wishes of an evil corporation.

man I loved some Eternal Champions, I had the original and I still have the disc for the sequel. It's the fighter that really got me into fighting games.

But yeah Shadow trows ninja stars and doesn't afraid of dark champions

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