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Darth Piggott

Darth Piggott

Darth Piggott
Here is what he looks like

How about control of metal?

Name: Jim Varana
Gender: Male
Race: American
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Weight: N/A
Personality: Cunning, Street Smart, Determined
Abilities (including powers): Jim can control metal in small amounts. He cannot lift a car (yet - he's still trying), but he can rip one apart and make a fully functioning weapon from it. Years of training both in gymnastics and martial arts has made him a parkour level athlete and a competent hand to hand fighter.
A Fold-out riot shield on the left arm, which is normally the size of an arm guard, and can be fixed at any size between it's normal size and its full shield size.
A wrist mounted grappling hook, which can attach to any surface through a combination of claws and magnetism. Also functions as a claw-tipped whip.
Due to Jim's control of metal, he his unnaturally skilled with both weapons.
Clan: Yami No Taki
Bio: Orphaned and taken in by his the Yami No Taki clan, Jim was raised to believe that the enemy clan, Zai Zi You, were responsible for the death of his parents. It was a complete lie, but Jim believed it from the word go, and now uses his talents to try and avenge his parent's murder.

The Scenario
Name: Wallace Wake

Gender: Male.

Race: Canadian

Age: 20

Height: 5'8''


Personality: Energetic, impatient, quick-witted.

Abilities: Ice and Air. Wallace can freeze the ground into a sheet of ice, or create ice by condensing the air around him, and can draw in more air if needed. He can manipulate the wind, boosting his speed and jumping ability, levitating for a few seconds, or even blasts of frozen air and hail.

Appearance: Short brown hair, with blue eyes and a thin frame. He typically wears a blue suit of his own design, which resembles the outfit of a figure shater, and includes wing-like windcatchers to assist in flight/jumps. It's designed for warmth and is lightly armored, providing some resistence to small arms fire.

Weapons:His primary weapons are a pair of sharpened ice skates, which can be retracted into his boots. His fighting style heavily favors kicks and tripping maneuvers to a fault. As a secondary, Wallace carries a .358 Revolver.

Clan: Zai Zi You

Bio: At a young age, Wallace always loved the ice, and would often spend his days skating, practicing techniques and figures. Soon, his abilities presented themselves, and Wallace was chosen to join the Zai Zi You, nominated by a distant relative living in the area. Wallace chose to continue his practices despite the climate, incorporating his abilities into his martial arts training. He became an expert in close combat with his kick based style, and with his power over air was quite a good shot with a firearm. As he learned to control his abilities, he practiced turning the battlefield to his advantage and fighting in many different areas, though he specialized in turning them to icy areas where he held the advantage.

Darth Piggott
Both approved cool

I eat kittens
i have a question. can a character be neutral, or part of the alien race?

Darth Piggott
I didn't plan on that, but I think it would make the story interesting. So yes your character can be nuetral and or part of an alien race.

Name:nate kasuma
Race:japines, from the kasuma clan a clan of ninjas that can use there blood to create wepones born in 1800
Personality: serious when battling but if he knows you he is very fun and caring
abilities: he can cut himself to creat a sword that is light and can easly cut through steel it alsoe has the power to absorb elements example if he cuts through fire his swrod ignights
Appearance:white with brown hair thats alway neat has blue eyes and a dragon birth mark on his back
Weapons:mainly uses a big two handed blade that can split into two blades also uses kunai shurikin and neddles
Clan: nutural
Bio:he come from a clan that after they turn 16 that they must go off and train to become a master of there arts or die trying when he left he drank frome the fountin of youth making it that he whould always stay young (he can still die froom posin and wepons) he has quick reflexs because of living in the jungel wile he was in there he lost track of time and acidently wanderd into this new ara

Sad, I got excited for a second because I had believed I found an RP that was still going when I saw June 29th. Well.. I suppose I may have to rally people.

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