New look at Sentinel Prime

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Darth Venom
The new issue of Empire Magazine has some images from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which give a new look at Sentinel Prime (i.e. the aged 'bot seen at the end of the film's teaser) and a new look at the revamped Optimus Prime.

Info in the article includes that the name of the Ferrari is Dreadbox, and that Sentinel Prime is "a big brother and mentor to Optimus Prime," which is probably familiar info to fans of the franchise.


Sadako of Girth
Optimus's head looks a bit more G1 to me in that shot.

Good post, Venom. smile

Sentinel Prime is a beast...

optimus and sentanal Prime together will be a treet

Sadako of Girth
The early script leak had Ultra Magnus in it quite prominently.
I think Sentinel Prime will play much the same role in this....I think he was originally gonna be Magnus, like Bay probably recognised rightly that character model in the trailer looked nothing Like Magnus and that that would be met with further derision.
But the 'combining with trailer for body armour' idea seems to had made it, at least.

Sadako of Girth

A look at the leader class figure.

Breaking news from IMDB: Leonard Nimoy has joined the cast to voice Sentinel Prime!

OMG, Leonard Nimoy!


Sadako of Girth

Shame he couldn't have been Galvatron though, coulda de-pussified MegaBaytron that way..

the ninjak
The fight scenes in this look insane though.

Sadako of Girth
Yeah...they looked that way for the last two movies too, by the trailers.... The scenes be on YT within 3 months of it being shown... smile

And if its just action and shiny robots fighting is what you want, War for Cybertron is ideal... it kicks much ass, and it's plot is better than the bay movies too. The makers of the game are making the tie-in game for DOTM too... so that might be the best thing to come out of this, action wise.

the ninjak
Yeah I gotta play that. Heard it has a cool Glam Rock Soundtrack.

Sadako of Girth
This has me thinking about the DOTM plot....will we see the eighties in it?

the ninjak
I hope so. It would open many doors to creative use of the vibe the original cartoon gave.

Sadako of Girth
That would be my hope too, if I do actually end up spending money to see it at any point.

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